Judge Orders North Texas Torture Suspect To Hire Lawyer

WEATHERFORD (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – A North Texas man accused of torturing a woman for nearly two weeks on a deer-skinning device has been ordered to pay for an attorney or face a county lawsuit.

Jeffrey Allan Maxwell was arraigned Wednesday on one aggravated kidnapping count and two counts of aggravated sexual assault. He didn’t enter a plea.

Maxwell allegedly carried out the torture after his former neighbor spurned his advances.

Judge Trey Loftin denied the 58-year-olds claim of poverty, saying he has assets of nearly $200,000, and made a very direct accusation. “At this point, since it’s been some time, the court feels that you are obstructing justice by not hiring an attorney,” Judge Loftin said to Maxwell.

“You need an attorney don’t you?” Judge Loftin asked Maxwell. “Yes I do,” the defendant said. The judge then asked, “Why have you waited to get one?” Maxwell responded, “Because everybody I talk to wants cash”.

Parker County Assistant District Attorney Jeff Swain explained Wednesdays court decision. “The judge decided to appoint him a lawyer in the interest of justice and required Mr. Maxwell to assist his attorney in freeing up some of his assets to reimburse the county.”

During the arraignment Judge Loftin made several things clear. “You will not slow down the judicial process. You will not slow down justice in your case. You will not slow down your right to a jury trial or your right to try it to the court,” he told Maxwell.

In March, the same judge denied Maxwell’s request for a public defender.

Authorities say the 58-year-old man abducted his former neighbor from her home near Weatherford on March 1, then drove her to his Corsicana home about 100 miles away. Maxwell was arrested there March 12, and the woman was rescued.

Maxwell remains jailed in Parker County with bond set at $500,000.


One Comment

  1. Troy McClure says:

    He should hire Lionel Hutz.

  2. John Chakarian says:

    Take this monsters photo down from this site!Every time I pass by this story and see his face I feel my heart beating with so much hate it feels like its going to explode.I cant imagine anyone else wants to see his face either so take it down!

    1. Brandy A says:

      The world doesn’t revolve around you, sweetums.

      1. John Chakarian says:

        Sweetums?Well Bless your heart as they say in Texas lol!

  3. UNCLE CRACKER says:

    Call me and my family racists or whatever the new label is but we stay away from colored people. we also do not touch hot stoves or put our faces up to pit bulls. all for obvious reasons.


    1. John Chakarian says:

      Uncle Cracker,what do black people have to do with this story?What is the reason for your racist words?That man doesnt look black to me so do us all a favor and keep your stupidity to yourself.

    2. Hill Country German says:

      Uncle Cracker, there’s not one black person mentioned in this story. The creep in question is a middle-aged 6’3″ white guy.

      By the way, I used to be into all that BS. National Alliance, Tom Metzger. “88” “14 words”. All that garbage. It eats away at your very being and is perpetrated by those who take advantage of weak and frustrated people. Get away from it now before it consumes you.

    3. Reeper says:

      Good call Judge and if he doesn’t start doing right fine him every day he doesn’t for our cost of having to pay for his jail cell. Wishful thinking.
      John my pictures are turned off and I only bring them in when I want to see them. What is even worse for me is he looks familiar like I’ve seen him before shopping locally and they have questioned him about a missing local girl. Can’t say it beyond a shadow of a doubt though.
      As for Uncle Cracker I won’t follow your link but seems someone else did. The proper name for a racist is White Trash-your definatley no Uncle of mine, LOL.

  4. schrodinger says:

    Do we no longer have the right to defend ourselves pro-se in court? I’m not saying that it’s the SMART thing to do in all cases, but I thought it was our RIGHT to NOT have a lawyer (if one wants to be an idiot…).

    Having said that, I was also ordered to hire a lawyer in a misdemeanor case many years ago, under penalty of contempt. The guy did absolutely nothing for me that I couldn’t have done for myself. In fact, I probably could have done a better job on my own. I was out $500 for some chump that never even met with me until the day of trial, never returned my calls, nothing– but he was the only one I could afford. I was denied a public defender/court appointed lawyer. I did get deferred adjudication and an ultimate dismissal, but I could have done that much myself.

    Texas hasn’t moved out of the days of the “Star Chambers”.

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