2 More North Texas Teachers Accused Of Having Sex With Students

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Earlier this week a Kennedale High School teacher was arrested and now two more North Texas teachers have been arrested for having sex with their students.

Christian Flores, a 27-year-old North Garland High School teacher and coach, turned himself in to Garland police after a warrant for his arrest was issued for having an improper relationship with a girl under the age of 17.

Flores is accused of having improper contact with the girl on a number of occasions. “Over 20 times, approximately 25 times,” said Garland police spokesman Joe Harn. “And at the time of the incident the student was 16-years-old.”

Police and educators in Garland are concerned there could be more victims. “They think there may be a possibility, yet they’ve not turned up anyone as of yet,” said Harn. “However, that’s one of the reasons we’ll let the public know, let the students know. Where as, if that has happened we’re asking that those students or parents come forward.”

Thursday night April Alexander, a 26-year-old former high school biology teacher, was arrested in Irving. “During this investigation we learned that Mrs. Alexander, it was alleged she had sexual relations with a student, who was one of her students at MacArthur High School,” explained Irving Police Department Spokesman John Argumaniz.

The teacher and student, who was 16-years-old when the relationship started, allegedly had sex more than 25 times.

According to Argumaniz, Alexander resigned from the school in November of 2010.

Both Flores and Alexander have bonded out of jail.


One Comment

  1. Frederick Larrabee says:

    “The Flores is accused of having improper contact with the girl on a number of occasions.” THE FLORES? Was that a typo, or is he called THE FLORES, like Jeff Bridges’ character was called THE DUDE in The Big Lebowski?

  2. John Chakarian says:

    Unbelievable,I suppose these are more examples of how Americans are so’civilized’?

    1. Frank Scalaginto says:

      John,some fool who calls themself”From Texas”attacked your comment so I had to put him in his place since you werent here to defend yourself.Go and read what he wrote if you ever come back here just for a laugh:)

      1. John Chakarian says:

        Wow,I just read his comment and yours Frank.Let me thank you one more time for what you said.Are you Italian?Your name looks like an Italian name but whatever your nationality is you have knowledge and intelligence and thats all that matters in the long run.Maybe I should have explained my words so it wouldnt have drawn such unwanted attention and criticism.I do not come to this site very often nor do I usually post comments mainly for what happened today.Take care of yourselve Frank and stay a good person.

  3. Pablo Cervates says:

    OK…this behavior is wrong on many levels BUT it should not be felonious behavior for a teacher to have sex w/ an 18 year old student. Abuse of power? Revoke teaching credentials? Sure…but making such behavior a felony does not reduce the occurrence and basically just makes other felonies appear less serious. This law is just another legislative knee-jerk reaction to declining social mores

    1. Frederick Larrabee says:

      Pablo, as opposed to the earlier story about the skank teacher who took on five students at once who were all 18 or older, these students in question were NOT 18, or even 17, for that matter.

  4. From Texas says:

    Any you are from where John?? from a place that its ok to rape women, have multiple wifes, blow things up, kill innocent people all for their “cause”?? At least I can educate my children on these types of preditors…there is no reasonable explanation for those Idiots over there praising Bin Laden!! So YES John…American with all it’s problems, which are mostly from Illegals in our country, is STILL a PARADISE to other places especially the Middle East!!!

    1. Frank Scalaginto says:

      Allow me to retort From Texas.I may not be John Chakarian but your words are those of a fool.You dont have rape in America?Try an average of 95,000 reported rapes per year over the last 10 years in America on for size.You dont kill innocent people in America?Try an average of 15,000 murders over the last 10 years in America on for size too.you dont have multiple wifes in America?The highest divorse rate and cheating is in America.You dont blow things up in America?You want to rethink that thought?How common are school shootings,work place shootings,mall shootings etc…. in America?How many parents murder their children in America?How many husbands or boyfriends beat and abuse thier wifes or girlfriends in America?How many children are sexually molested a year in America?How many domestic violence cases occure a year in America?I get my facts and numbers from the Fbis stats on cime in America so if you want to argue you can argue with them.You are a person who claims to be Christian and at the same time screams’nuke Iraq,nuke Afghanistan,nuke Iran,nuke North Korea,nuke Mexico”im willing to bet as well.Thats not very christian of you ‘From Texas’.Walking around calling yourself a christian does not make you one.’Paradise’?Hardly that you need to wake up.

    2. Frank Scalaginto says:

      Oh and one more thing’From Texas’tThe name’Chakarian’appears to be an Armenian name and if it is Armenia is not in the middle east nor is it a muslim country.Armenia happens to be the first country to practice christianity but you are too ignorant to know of those things.Armenians do not go around shooting up their country,blowing up their country,rape,kill innocent people for a’cause’either but again you are way too stupid to know that as well.It would suit you well to know what you are talking about before you post your stupidity all over the internet to be read by the public.You are a fool.

    3. Fernando says:

      “From Texas”…I don’t recall Timothy McVeigh being an ILLEGAL guy, neither were John Allen Williams (sniper in Washington DC) or the mom who drowned her five children or the guy who crashed the plane in the IRS offices in Austin or what about the drug dealers recently caught in Flower Mound…all Americans!!…There’s Bad and Good people in every Race and Color, Stop blaming others for our problems, have you heard we reached the maximum public debt allowed? Are we going to blame the Chinese because they borrowed the money? It’s time to look what are WE doing wrong here if we want our country to continue being a paradise as you called. By the way..How illegal immigration is related to this NOTE??? And please show some mercy for those who come here because is their last choice to get some kind of a good life. The same goes for you “John Ch” you can’t judge an entire country or culture by taking few bad examples…good and bad people come in every race, color, religion, etc….we are humans and we are not perfect.

      1. John Chakarian says:

        ?First let me say thank you to Frank Scalagintio!I do not know you sir but you know what you are talking about and thanks so much for coming to my defence. For your information Fernando I wasing judging anyone.I was born and raised in America and hapen to love my country.I also served in the United States Army for 4 years did you?When I made that statement I did so because every time something occures in another country people claiming to be Americans always write comments as if nothing bad ever occures in America.I wasnt “judging”anyone. As for you”From Texas”I could say alot to you but why bother.As Frank told you I am Armenian and Armenia is not even considered a middle eastern country since it is located in east Asia and Europe.As Frank also told you Armenia does not have terrorists running around it it or the other silly things you had to say about”where I am from”.another thing is the world is bigger than what you watch on your television or read on the internet so maybe you should educate yourselve before you make comments about things you know nothing about.

    4. Essy says:

      From Texas you are so Ignorant! All Texans are not this Ignorant I promise!!

  5. luke says:

    I find it very interesting how many of you think this female teacher should not face criminal charges because of her looks. The problem is not that the boys that laid with her had a good time, the problem is that she is not fit to teach and has no moral line between right and wrong. What else might she condone in her classroom and what disease might she spread. She was clearly in the wrong because she was the one in authority. So you think if it was a fat ugly man and a little girl then we should fry him but let her go free……. right?

  6. KC says:

    I fail to see why this has turned into an anti-American blog. This behavior is considered completely in appropriate by any human being with any amount of morals. Hence the reason why these people are being prosecuted. There are bad people everywhere and there is no reason to start bashing Americans as if their behavior represents the morals of which we stand by.

  7. We'll See says:

    It’ll will be interesting to see how the male is punished compared to the female. Seems like similar cases, just the offenders are of different genders…didn’t mean to rhyme

  8. Deigo says:

    the female teacher is HOT!!! my teachers never looked like this when i was growing up smh

    1. les says:

      i agree she’s a doll . make’s me wish i was a teenager again . the kid that got that deserves a medal .

  9. Nothing says:

    Well if you think about it these people probably have no where to go other than jail to work out there personal issues. Meaning these child predators have no where to go and talk something like this out or work something like this out and if you do bring something like this up in america god forbid. Wake up people this problem is bigger than you think. I agree We’ll See woman fought equal rights and got it, now the punishment will be nothing for her.

  10. TOOTHPICK says:

    I agree with Nothing. Next time you walk into a grocery store with your teenage daughter look at all the men eye groping your teenage daughter, and i have seen these old bags around here eye groping them teenage boys too. Also im sure the clothes you let these kids wear now a days does not help either. WOW CHRISTIANS

  11. DoubtingThomas says:

    Does anyone else find it interesting how many similarities in these stories about now, 3 teachers .. all in one week? Wonder if this could have anything to do with the end of the school year fast approaching? Kids can be spiteful .. we know that from other articles where a teacher/bus driver/parent/etc. has been cleared.

  12. alex sanders says:

    Teachers are paid to teach (not act out their sexual desires). The institution of education, k-12, does not need the addtional distraction and the burden of legal costs for such transgressions.

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