Dallas Superintendent Hinojosa Likely Heading To Georgia

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It appears Dallas Superintendent Michael Hinojosa will soon be leaving the top spot at DISD.  On Thursday he was named the lone finalist for the Cobb County School District Superintendent job in Georgia.

Cobb County is the second largest school district in Georgia, with 106,000 students, and sits just northwest of Atlanta.

After the Georgia district made their announcement Hinojosa addressed the DISD board, saying he’s accepted the finalist offer.  He says he plans to take the job in two weeks following board approval in Georgia.

The ball ‘started rolling’ two weeks ago when Cobb County contacted Hinojosa and it is believed he interviewed for the position last Sunday.

Sources tell CBS 11 News that other school districts had approached the Dallas school leader and he had turned them down. But his older son reportedly lives in the Atlanta area and is about to become a father, making Hinojosa a grandfather.

KRLD’s Matt Thomas Reports

Just nine months ago Hinojosa said he was staying put and his name was “off the market” after losing his bid to lead Las Vegas-area schools. It was then he signed a three-year contract extension with the DISD. That extension will probably come into question if Hinojosa is indeed planning to leave.

Rena Honea with the Alliance AFT and says the possible move comes in the midst of a huge budget shortfall for the district. “That’s one of the most troubling parts because, obviously his attention has not been focused directly on Dallas ISD and what is best for our students and our district,” she said.

Lew Blackburn sits on the Dallas School Board and says, while the news comes in the midst of a difficult time, he supports Hinojosa. “Most superintendents that are doing a good job are sought after and some of them after a few years, five or six years now for Dr. Hinojosa, start to feel like maybe it’s time to go on somewhere else and see if I can duplicate or replicate the successes.”

Blackburn did admit the news is a distraction from “developing our budget that we have to get done by next month.”

Hinojosa became the Dallas superintendent in May 2005 and currently makes $328,000.

According to the Cobb County School District the announcement of Dr. Hinojosa’s selection as finalist begins a state-mandated 14-day period for public comment and input from the community. The Board’s next scheduled meeting will take place Wednesday, June 8.


One Comment

  1. B. S. Williams says:

    Have him buy OUT his contract!!! Why sign a 3 year NEW contract and then go on job interviews!! His heart has not been in this job for a very long time….and the education results show…..poor! poor! No wonder private schools are increasing in numbers….

    1. anita says:

      the first thing I thought of when I read this was, “boy, you got yourself into a lot of hot water and now your going to run away from all the problems that DISD is left to face”. This school district is absolutely the dirtiest one around, and we have to say we paid out the wazoo to a greedy poor minority….haha

  2. John Gleason says:

    Obviously this guy doesn’t want to stay in Dallas. The school board needs to fire him and find someone who isn’t shopping for the highest bidder. HE is a fool with money in his eyes not educatiing young people.

  3. CJ M says:

    Let him go!

  4. PM says:

    I don’t blame him why stay where you are constantly criticized, the political environment is overshadowing education…. I would leave too.

  5. mtntexas says:

    Why would he go to Georgia? He can still be extradited from Georgia.

  6. William Pontius says:

    HE NEED TO PAY BACK ALL MONIES HE WAS PAY TO STAY! Gosh he is a LIER! Just when he signed a three contract! Make SURE HE PAYS EVERYTHING BACK PERIOD, then buy him a BUS TICKET OUT OF DALLAS!

  7. Hoo says:

    The Hino…what a guy. Did his best to leave Dallas last year, and probably paid that Georgia school district to give him a job! Pitiful. Let’s find someone to lead DISD who is interested in education rather than feathering his or her own nest.

  8. Paul Simon says:

    His head was never in the game and he’s been lying since day 1. What a joke. Who’s responsible for writing his contract. They should be fired. This jerk’s going to Cobb County and will get his pension from Dallas to boot. Making more money than just staying put. This has been his plan all along, and the board members should all resign.

    What a disgrace. This jerk reminds me of Romer who headed up Los Angeles ISD. Same game plan. Did nothing, left the ISD in shambles, in debt, and walked away with a boat load of $$$$.

  9. Kathleen Leos says:

    Crisis is an opportunity. Dr Hinojosa’s departure to another school district is an optimal time for the Board of Trustees and the Dallas community to examine the annual goals set in attaining student achievement and how close the district is to achieving its goals. It can be a defining moment for the governors of the district to use this metric in developing a profile for the next superintendent. Dallas students, teachers and community can reach its academic pinnacle with knowledgeable leadership and a strong partnership developed among the board – administration and community. We believe in the Board’s commitment to find the best academic leader and support their continued efforts to provide a quality 21st c education for all students and their families in the Dallas metroplex!

    1. Buster Spiller says:

      I agree Kathleen!

  10. silverdragon8448 says:

    Let him leave – should have done it last time.

  11. Paul Simon says:

    Hey hino, go be with your mejo. LOL!!!

  12. Paul Simon says:

    We believe the board should be fired for putting up with this CHUMP since 2008. Clean house and start fresh for the entire future and success of DISD.

  13. John Patterson says:

    School superintendents are slime. They don’t care anything about teachers or students. All they care about is how fat they can make their wallets. Too bad that the school boards don’t get a clue and stop putting up with these job-hopping opportunists. Oh, and not to mention a salary approaching a half million a year? For what? And why do taxpayers have to fund his lavish lifestyle and primal greed? It’s just staggering how many billions of dollars we’ve dumped into education, and all we have to show for it is fat-cat administrators and Democrat-voting teachers’ unions.

    1. Me says:

      His salary is 328K…where does the million dollars com from.? Learn to read…. Typical democrat basher…

  14. relieved says:

    How do you spell relief? B-Y-E!

  15. Cole Younger says:

    He needs to pay back some money he received to stay not too long ago …He has messed you DSID now he is going to run ……nobody will miss him ………

  16. John Paul says:

    Good. Now The DISD can go after a Good Admin. without regard to Race. Don’t let the latinos run this program, all they want is a free lunch.

    1. Buster Spiller says:

      John Paul, it would be ideal if the Trustees would hire without regard to race. But we’re in Dallas, Texas. EVERYTHING is done based on race and that’s why the school district, city, and county operations experience the challenges they do. Let’s see what happens…

  17. Mike says:

    When times are tough Hino gets going – good ridance you 2 faced coward!!!

  18. Mike Sutton says:

    Those of you that are complaining are being unrealiistic. You would go to if the money was right and the family situration made it a win win. So shut up your crying, you are just jealous.

  19. Paul Simon says:

    Jealous! I’m outraged as a parent and taxpayer. Sutton, your way off base. Your a CHUMP as well.

  20. COWBOY20206 says:


  21. Superman says:

    Let’s hire Michelle Rhee! It’s time to get someone in there who will make sure the kids are getting an education.

  22. Don Wall says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that every time we hear talk of the crises in education, we do not hear a discussion about the disparity in salaries between the administrators and the teachers.It mirrors the same spread between corporate executives and corporate workers. And don’t try to tell me that the pay is to keep “talented” people. The so-called talented people on wall street almost cratered the global economy. I tend to think it is the ame for Texas education. Let’s reward the front line troops and give them the tools and supplies they need, taking that money from the huge administator’ salalries and perks. There are a lot of capable people out there who would- and could do Jinojos’a job for less.

  23. William Pontius says:

    First he is a LIER! Face it. HE need to forget his money and give it all back to the DISD. Why did they hire and contiune to SUPPORT A LIER! Also leave his position open and use his salery to pay the TEACHERS, plus cut the saleries of other board members to pay the TEACHERS!

  24. earl says:

    Typical, School Admn. Spend DISD into a hole,leave and go elsewhere >
    What an AH !!!

  25. Paul Simon says:

    Hey Don “Juan” Wall –

    Get your facts straight. Wall Street didn’t crater the economy, it was the likes of Barny Frank, Dodd, FreddieMac, and FannieMae. Wall Street took advantage of the government’s stupidity and made a profit. Nothing wrong with that.

    US government’s as bad as they come (next to the DISD).

    Hino has been playing Keno with the DISD Board since 2008. It’s all about the $$$$$ signs.


  26. G.J. says:

    340,000 dollars + a year salary? That’s wayyyyyyyy too much ,especially in times of budget crsis When the DISD School Supt makes more than The US Vice President, something is very ,very wrong with this picture.

  27. RussP says:

    Since budgets are so tight; let him go, leave the position empty and evaluate whether the position is really needed. If it is, go ahead and post for a new super but maybe at a more realistic salary. Is this job really so hard that it pays almost as much as the president of the US ($400,000)?

  28. GMT says:

    Breach of contract, let him go with a boot in the backside and NO money. He signed a 3 year contract knowing that he had no attention of staying. Dishonest as they come.

  29. William Pontius says:

    First he is a Lier! He is leavin, let him leave NOW, what is he going to do for 2 weeks sit on his HANDS, He SHOULD PAY All money back to DISD because he sign that he would STAY, and now he want to LEAVE! BYE BYE and have him pay back all salery he got. THIS MAN IS A LIER!

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