No To Starch – USDA Changing School Nutrition Guidelines

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s getting harder to find white potatoes in your child’s school cafeteria these days. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is reducing the amount that can be served.

The USDA is mandating schools serve only one cup of starchy vegetable per week, beginning in the 2012/2013 school year. Fort Worth ISD Spokesperson Clint Bond says the new nutrition standards include more than just potatoes.

“The new guidelines define starchy vegetables, rather than just potatoes,” he said. “They also define it as peas, corn, white potatoes, lima beans, that kind of thing.”

The move shouldn’t be too drastic for Fort Worth schools since Bond says they’ve already been reducing the amount of potatoes and other starchy vegetables they serve. “We’re seeing certainly a concerted effort to make sure that there are healthier choices in the cafeteria.”

While the changes call for the eventual elimination of items like the white potato and flavored milk, it also adds more whole grains, green and orange vegetables and fresh fruit to menus.

Most North Texas school districts receive USDA lunch subsidies and are therefore compelled to follow the mandate. “Even though they’re called ‘guidelines’ there’s little room for moving around within them,” said Bond.

For many Fort Worth kids, the meal they get at school may be the most substantial one they receive all day

This is the first time USDA school meal standards have been raised in 15 years.


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  1. C Bauer says:

    Well, this will certainly help the farmers in Idaho, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana, etc. “We’re seeing certainly a concerted effort to make sure that there are healthier choices in the cafeteria.” Look, I’m all for greens, citrus fruits, and whole grains, too, but are they really healthier items than peas, corn, and potatoes? It depends what nutritional needs you need to target. Any of those are better than that nasty rectangular pizza I remember, or the “chicken fried steak”. Idiots. Next thing you know, the government is going to tell me how much my morning BM should weigh.

  2. Lucien C Maryle says:

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    1. C Bauer says:

      Lucien C Maryle: Sooooo…. Peyote? Bacardi 151? Insanity? All of them?

  3. Kim Dar says:

    Lucien C Maryle what the heck are you talking about? It doesn’t matter what they serve in the lunchroom, because most of the kids (even those on the free lunch program) will throw most of it in the trash. I doesn’t taste good and until it does we are spinning our wheels no matter how good it is for them, Personally I love lima beans, corn and potatoes, but that is not all I eat. What about the nasty spaghetti they serve? That would be a great thing to remove from the menu. Pure carbs and it runs their blood sugar up. I don’t know what the answer is except to make food that looks & tastes good and then the kids will eat it.

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