The Mavs are on a record roll when it comes to Vegas odds.

Had you have gotten in on the action early with Dallas back on April 8th, you would have banked nearly $200,000 grand in your bank account!

In fact, a guy by the name of R.J. BELL of points out just HOW good the Mavs have been to gamblers while winning 15 straight games against the betting spread!

He says: “The Mavericks’ streak began quietly on April 8 with a meaningless 11-point regular-season victory over the Clippers. If a gambler wagered $11 on the Mavericks in that contest and rolled over the bet on all 14 ensuing Dallas games, he would have cashed out $179,387 after Dallas’s win on Tuesday against the Thunder.”

Just another reason I LOVE being a MFFL! (Mavs Fan For Life)

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