Education Advocates Rally Outside House Chamber

AUSTIN (AP) –  A loud group of parents, teachers and education advocates rallied outside the House chamber in the Texas Capitol to protest a state budget that will cut $4 billion from education.

The protest Saturday came on the heels of a budget agreement announced Friday that will likely result in massive state layoffs.

The House, made up of mostly fiscal conservatives, has been urged by Gov. Rick Perry not to use the state’s Rainy Day Fund. Teachers and parents are outraged that lawmakers would lay off educators instead of using more of the fund.

The message Saturday was intended to be loud and clear to members of both chambers: Texans will remember the lawmakers that voted to cripple public education and vote them out in November.

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One Comment

  1. Hemroidious says:

    Talk about misdirected protesters. The sign should say ” Invest in Illegal’s education “. They should be protesting against the millions of “Anchor Babies” being born here from illegal aliens. They are the majority in public schools. It is time for school vouchers to be given to legal Americans who have paid for their children’s education. Let the illegals get the kind of schools that they pay for. Our public schools are doomed otherwise.

    1. Hemroidious says:

      Maybe the protesters should move to California and see how that works for them.

  2. John Langley says:

    I feel sorry for all you that voted for this idiot back in office. We will be in 47th place or lower in 2 years due to this cut back. When there’s money sitting in that nice little account that they WONT TOUCH……… Oh and no way will we raise home owner taxes to help the budget… Answer this brain…. how are you going to MAKE MORE MONEY to again pay the teachers we will need. You are a IDIOT… He’s killing us…. He’s doing all he can do to keep his pay check.. He will retire a millionaire….. and laugh as he walks away. If you cut one more teacher……. you should be removed and someone with a real brain should take your spot like maybe that 14 year old girl that is losing her teacher…. She has more brains than you’ll ever have….

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