Plano Police Arrest Teen Girls For Murder Of 67-Year-Old

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) – On Wednesday Plano police discovered a 67-year-old man dead from apparent head injuries and later arrested two teenage girls for the crime.

Officers went to the house in the 7400 block of Alma Drive after receiving a welfare concern call. The deceased man was later identified as Paul W. Halperin.

Officers arrested Lakeisha Jean McWay, 19, and Shaniqua Shuntay Shelton, 18, in connection with the death. McWay is from Dallas and Shelton from Pleasant Grove. Both teens have been charged with Murder and are being held at eh Plano City Jail on $500,000 bond each.

Halperin’s body was taken to the Collin County Medical Examiner’s Office. The police murder investigation continues.


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  1. Lester Mount says:

    Is that Pleasant Grove, Texas?
    Who checks these articles?
    Pleasant Grove is a neighborhood in Dallas, not a town.

  2. theoracle says:

    Jesus Christ, when will you get here?

    1. Jason says:

      Soon…do not languish

  3. Felicity says:

    Pleasant Grove, known affectionately as “The Grove” IS a neighborhood in Dallas, but used to be its own town. I formerly taught school there; the writer of the artlcle is just being specific to this certain area of Dallas.
    More to the point, I’ve read over the years many crimes that occurred due to the fact that some of the criminal elements ride the DART Rail to scope out potential locations, a bit of a distance from home. I guess this is definitely the downside of the rails and may be the case in this instance.

    1. J. whitaker says:

      How did the DART Rail System become involved? We write and talk just hear ourself.

      1. Felicity says:

        Because a new DART Rail stations has recently opened in Pleasant Grove and by informal scientific observation, I’ve notice over the years that when a new station opens at one end of the line, a crime of serious magnitude seems to occur at the other end. I’ve been reading the Dallas Morning News for years and this is somewhat of a pattern. (We write to hear OURSELVES; I sure you do too.)

    2. hlndel says:

      I keep reading this article over and over and I have yet to see any metion of the DART Rail system being a factor in this story. I believe that there are plenty of people even in 2011 who are looking at the color of the ALLEGED offenders and not the character. I have raised 2 children aged 20 and 18, never been in trouble with the law and still raising 2 more children aged 14 and 13, still no legal problems there and guess what, we have lived in some pretty rough neighborhoods. So in ready the articles of crime, please be less judgemental of the race that these individuals are a part of and more focused on maintaining safety in your own home.

  4. VugVee says:

    Sure hope these two get everythign they have coming to them!

    1. Buyerbwear says:

      Me, too. I’m thinking the death penalty would be reasonable — for both of them.

  5. Mike says:

    Mr Halperin’s body was discovered Thursday, not Wednesday as in the first sentence.

  6. david says:

    18 and 19 are not “girls” – they are adult women. Their behavior may have been immature but they are adults.

  7. Kathy says:

    It does not matter the color of their skin, they committed a hideous crime and should be punished. How care what their names are. Get real people things happen all over the city. No one place is better than the other.. I have lived in what you call the Grove and I have not incountered any problems except the City Council person that does not do his job. It not the city its’t thewhole state of Texas they let any and everybody in this country. A lot will be said because these young ladies are black

  8. cc says:

    these ladies need to get the death penalty because they gave that man the death penalty,it doesn’t matter what color they are. they committed a crime, don’t try and make this case about has nothing to do with the fact that they took someone life and they knew what they were doing.

  9. Prayer Warrior says:

    Evil dwell in the hearts of mens and womens not the location. Evil is everywhere because it is carried in your hearts. You can live in the finest community and terrible crimes will be committed through the poorest community. Just stay prayerful about everything.

    Prayer Warrior

    1. Lou C. Fihr says:

      Oh, shut up. By the way, your “lord” is a dead rabbi.

      1. Cheryl Cheney Fox says:

        Really? Is this what you do all day?? Sit on line write comments to get your daily fill of insults?? Prayer Warrior did nothing to you. I think it is funny folks like you get on line because you are in real life a poor wretched soul who probably is too scared to voice your comments to what few friends you may have. GO get a life!

  10. carlos says:

    Give them 30 days in jail and a public flogging, It was a innocent mistake.

    1. Suprised says:

      An innocent mistake?? Do you know something the rest of us dont. I live near the victim–have met the victim several times.. Nice guy. This is very sad and you say it is a mistake–please share so the ones that dont understand (the ones who live close by) can make sure to not make a mistake and end up loosing our lives.. Please share! You are an idiot

  11. c says:

    the apartment complex is 2 miles away from the nearest dart bus stop, i’m not sure why you mention dart….also this is not a poor area of plano

  12. Dart Rail says:

    Vague article. Why isn’t there more information about the victim? Was this random, any motive?

  13. TexasKit says:

    This sad event is just now being reported. I would prefer that we remember that in this country a person is innocent until proved guilty. It certainly doesn’t look good for these young women, but it would be best to wait to reach a conclusion as to what happened until all the facts are reported.

  14. schrodinger says:

    And to think, when I saw the tagline on Yahoo, I was saying to myself, “Don’t tell me… let me guess. Their names are ‘Lakeisha and Shaniqua’.” No joke. I even said it out loud to my spouse.

    Gee, how did I ever guess?

  15. mr tone says:

    its in gods hands these are ppl i knew very well an was just over ther a week before this happened never would of believed it if i didnt see it for my self but even though they might have did something horrible that dont give none of you the right to judge or make any type of ignorant comments

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