By Arezow Doost, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – There was an emotional homecoming at DFW International Airport on Thursday night for a Wylie family coming back home after a special trip across the world. The Jensen family returned to North Texas with a new addition.

Cheering could be heard throughout the airport. The Jensen family just arrived in Texas from Russia, with newly adopted daughter Sasha. “It’s just the end of a long journey. It’s good to be home,” said mother Kerri Jensen.

Even though Sasha is 13 years old, the family said that it was still like having a baby. They waited nine months to bring the girl to their home. “We cleared customs in Chicago. She was declared a citizen in Chicago,” said father dan Jensen. “So, getting a stamp in your passport that says she’s a citizen of the United States… incredible.”

Sasha had been living at an orphanage in Russia. Some other young ladies adopted from that same orphanage were also at the airport on Thursday night to welcome Sasha to the United States. They have all been here for several months.

The one person who Sasha could not wait to see was her new big sister, Beth. “I am overwhelmed,” Beth said. “I have been looking forward to this for a long time. I’m just very excited she’s home!”

The Jensens said that they have big plans for Sasha now that she is part of the family. But first, they just want to get her home and settled into her new room – something that she has never had before.

Buckner Adoption and Maternity Services helped the Jensens with the adoption process. They have helped more than 250 children find homes in the last several years, with a majority of those going to North Texas families. The agency said that there is a big need for older children, like Sasha, to be adopted.

If children in Russia are not adopted before age 16, the Russian government considers them ineligible for adoption.