Wylie Family Brings Home Adopted Russian Teen

By Arezow Doost, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – There was an emotional homecoming at DFW International Airport on Thursday night for a Wylie family coming back home after a special trip across the world. The Jensen family returned to North Texas with a new addition.

Cheering could be heard throughout the airport. The Jensen family just arrived in Texas from Russia, with newly adopted daughter Sasha. “It’s just the end of a long journey. It’s good to be home,” said mother Kerri Jensen.

Even though Sasha is 13 years old, the family said that it was still like having a baby. They waited nine months to bring the girl to their home. “We cleared customs in Chicago. She was declared a citizen in Chicago,” said father dan Jensen. “So, getting a stamp in your passport that says she’s a citizen of the United States… incredible.”

Sasha had been living at an orphanage in Russia. Some other young ladies adopted from that same orphanage were also at the airport on Thursday night to welcome Sasha to the United States. They have all been here for several months.

The one person who Sasha could not wait to see was her new big sister, Beth. “I am overwhelmed,” Beth said. “I have been looking forward to this for a long time. I’m just very excited she’s home!”

The Jensens said that they have big plans for Sasha now that she is part of the family. But first, they just want to get her home and settled into her new room – something that she has never had before.

Buckner Adoption and Maternity Services helped the Jensens with the adoption process. They have helped more than 250 children find homes in the last several years, with a majority of those going to North Texas families. The agency said that there is a big need for older children, like Sasha, to be adopted.

If children in Russia are not adopted before age 16, the Russian government considers them ineligible for adoption.


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  1. MaryP says:

    . Much happiness and God’s blessings to this family.

  2. StaceH says:

    Why is this even a newsworthy story? I wish them well, but what will truly be newsworthy is when the large amount of American teens and younger children living in the foster care system are adopted in large numbers.

    1. Michelle says:


    2. Carlynn Jensen says:

      we are all people, it doesn’t matter where you come from. she will be loved and thats all that matters. God made us all, and I love my new cousin very much.

    3. hoovermover says:

      this was news worthy becuase they are amazing people with an amazing passion

    4. 2sister says:

      I see nothi9ng wrong with adopting both locally and abroad. Also, many of the American kids who are in the foster care system may not even be adoptable.

    5. M.R. says:

      childrenn in america, even fostor chidren, have a chance. In russia if not adopted by 16 children have no chance to make their own dream or have the goverment pay for housing, and college, or anything else. its prosititution or drugs. I think local adoption should be encouraged but changing the life of one human is certianly a newsworthy story.

  3. JY says:

    There is a HUGE need for kids to be adopted in the U.S. but, there is also a LOT of red tape.

  4. celeste gale says:

    I’d rather live in Russia that Wylie!!

  5. WMK says:

    Adopting a child iin America is so hard to do, especially adopting an older child. I know the Jenson’s, and they had their heart set on Sasha years and years ago. I’m so happy for them, and thankful Sasha is finally home where she belongs!

  6. DW says:

    All children, no matter where they are from, deserve the chance to live in a family. Thankfully, there are agencies like Buckner and Dillon who help children both here in the U.S. and in other countries to find forever families. If you have a heart for adopting, I hope you will call Buckner. There are many more precious older children, like this sweet girl, waiting here and around the world. Over 120,000 children are waiting in the U.S. and over 126 millon orphans are waiting across the globe. This story is wonderful in giving a voice to all the children whom are most often forgotten.

    1. Lindsey says:

      Great reply. Very well stated.

    2. RussP says:

      While it is great what the Jensens have done, it would be nice if those wishing to adopt would take care of the 120,000 kids here before going overseas to find a child. The old saying “charity begins at home” applies well in this case.

      1. Vanessa says:

        We adopted a child from Russia because GOD TOLD US TOO! When you know it’s your child what does it matter where they are from? I work in the ‘system’ here in Texas and most foster kids are not eligible for adoption! And domestic adoptions can be interupted at any time or age! Once adopted internationally, its a done deal and nobody can take your child away from you. ‘charity’ is worldwide, not just at ‘home’.

  7. Rosemary Morice says:

    Great response DW.
    I am certain that those folks that are criticizing wouldn’t dream of opening their homes and hearts to adopt or foster a child where ever they come from.

    1. Vanessa says:

      you are right about that!

  8. JCS says:

    To read a story like this and condemn the adopting family shows a moral failing. Simply put, it’s unChristian to value a child more because it’s American.

  9. D.D says:

    We should all be very excited for this family. There is one less child in the foster systems today because of this family! so thank you to the Jensens it is not an easy task adopting a child no matter where they come from. God calls us all to different things. and the Jensens were called to Sasha. Why dont we ask our self what our calling is! Maybe some of you that are so outraged that we still have so many children here to adopt should really be asking yourself if your missing your calling…. are you suppose to be opening up your home to one of these children that are right here. and not judging why or what they did!

    Thank you to Sasha for being so strong coming to a different country and embracing us! we are so glad you are here!!!!

  10. TTS says:

    How awful are some of these comments! Unless you are willing to open your home to a child who is not yours, biologically, or go through the expense and red tape of adopting, either in the US or abroad, it would be best for you just to keep your opinion to yourself. I personally know this family and the years that they’ve waited to adopt. They are loving, gracious, and very giving and should be commended, not bashed. Because God has directed their every step, I pray that they will be blessed beyond measure for opening their home and their family to Sasha. Many congratulations to the Jensen family and for those who oppose, maybe your time would be better spent reaching out and helping someone in need and not complaining or criticizing those who do!

  11. Mitch says:

    God bless the Jensen family. We just brought our new 7 year old son home from Russia through Buckner 4 weeks ago. The process and now our son being home has been a huge blessing for our family. I would encourage anyone with thoughts of adoption to do as we did, and seriously investigate both domestic and international adoption, and to allow God to lead them down the path that is right for their family.

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