Texas May Soon Make Fracking Chemicals Public

HOUSTON (AP) – Texas could soon become the first state to require drilling companies to publicly disclose the chemicals they use to crack tight rock formations in their search for natural gas.

Legislation approved Sunday night in the Texas House could prompt the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other states to make similar rules. The governor hasn’t indicated whether he’ll sign it.

At issue is hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” The contentious technique allows oil and gas companies to permeate tight shale formations and release once out-of-reach minerals. Drillers pump millions of gallons of chemically laced water into the ground to break the rock, allowing natural gas to flow.

Many companies refuse to say what chemicals are used, arguing it could harm their competitive edge. Others fear the chemicals could taint groundwater or soil.

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  1. darrell says:

    competitive edge my arse! the oil and gas industry has few if any secrets within its own ranks. fracking is nothing more than legalized dumping of toxic waste to avoid the cost of proper disposal and avoid government standards for handeling toxic chemicals used and created in within their industry.

    when was the last time you were positive that something any oil or gas company told you was true?

    does anything else really need to be said about “what” fracking is?

    i dont think so!

    1. Earl says:

      Isn’t it great that experts can post here to keep the public informed. However, I cannot find a post anywhere that says that they do not want the electricity, plastics, gasoline, oil, pharmaceuticals, textiles and thousands of useful things that are made of petroleum. From that I gather that people want these items, just not from a gas well in their back yard. Fracking has been used sucessfully for more than 60 years, long before EPA. People gripe about fracking where primarily water plus chemicals are injected into formations seperated from the surface by thousands of feet of solid rock when they have sewer with it’s toxic e coli within inches of their drinking water in the slab of their house. I believe what oil and gas companies say about as much as some people who just don’t want drilling in their area and are looking for any excuse. Although I grew up in the oil patch, I have never worked for an oil company.

  2. The True Cost says:

    Did you see this new video of Gasland director admitting he didn’t show the full story – http://youtu.be/e9CfUm0QeOk

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