DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – As temperatures eclipse the century mark, several area energy companies want to ensure that North Texas residents have working air conditioners. They may even pay to have it inspected.

Temperatures rapidly soared with the onset of summer, and so have the calls to inspect and fix air conditioning units, officials said.

“It’s cheaper to do preventative maintenance than it is to wait for it to break, then go for a major outlay of cash to get a new system,” said Dallas resident Dave Hall, who has his heating and air-conditioning units serviced twice a year.

Raymond Romero, a tech with Quigley Air Conditioning and Heating Repair, said savings often exceed even the amount saved through maintenance.

“Probably save 10 percent off their bills, running at maximum efficiency just by keeping it clean,” Romero said.

What many may not know is that some electricity providers offer customers incentives to make sure their systems are operating efficiently. For example, Oncor offers a $50 coupon to get a tune-up for air-conditioning units.

Those who qualify have to live in Oncor’s service area, and must use one of its service providers to do the tune-up.

It’s a limited program, but spokeswoman Ashley Burton says the company will have to publicize it more.

So far, only a handful of their 7 million customers have taken the company up on the offer.

“This program just opened up in the spring, and we have had about 12 sign up so far,” she said. “Like I said, our goal is 500, that we’d really like to get more involved.”

Some interested parties just didn’t know about the offer. Hall said he likes the idea, but, “The answer is no, I didn’t realize it.”

CoServ offers its customers a $150 rebate on tune-ups of their air-conditioning units.

To qualify, residents must use a licensed professional, and have had CoServ conduct a free energy audit.