Argyle Horse Rescue Group Works To Save Neglected Animals

ARGYLE (CBS 11 NEWS) – The next few days are critical for a horse named Honey Boy.

An animal rescue group in Argyle adopted the severely malnourished horse last week, but the managers of the ranch say they are not sure if Honey Boy will survive.

“He’s so severely neglected, he’s about 700, 800 pounds underweight,” says Bob Williams, CEO of Ranch Hand Rescue, a non-profit organization that takes in farm animals suffering from neglect and starvation.

The horse’s hind section is caved in, the shape of his ribcage is showing through his coat, and he has lost many teeth.

“Honey Boy is one of the worst cases we’ve ever had,” says Williams.  “We have to grind up his food.  We have to soak up his hay and all of his food because he can’t chew it.”

Williams says in the last four days Honey Boy has started to become familiar with the staff.  “He knows he’s loved.  He has his dignity back and we’re going to do everything we can to help him, but it’s still up in the air.”

Williams compares Honey Boy to another horse at Ranch Hand Rescue named “Chance.”  Chance was brought to the ranch last July severely malnourished.  Today he is healthy, his weight is normal, and he’s up for adoption.

The employees of Ranch Hand Rescue hope they will have the same success with Honey Boy.

The ranch includes all types of farm animals; donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs, and llama.  A staff of four people run the ranch and Williams says the non-profit needs donations to keep going.  Visit their website at for more information.


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  1. Beverly Fyfe says:

    What has happened to the criminal owner of this horse? This is bubbaland Texas where laws having to do with animals are archaic – but surely this kind of abuse/neglect is against the law? What about the horse that has been there for one year – Chance? Who owned him previously and are they in jail for abuse?

    1. Jim says:

      Calling Texas “Bubbland” in the context you did is offensive and irresponsible. Abuse and neglect of animals is NOT legal or acceptable in Texas. If they got custody, it’s because Law Enforcement is involved and either the owner voluntarily gave up custody or the owner is being charged and processed. That part isn’t RHR’s concern once they get custody. Although, watching an owner drive off handcuffed in the back of a Sheriff’s car I’m sure is sweet victory. The courts generally do not go easy on them. It’s a hard and long process and RHR can’t do it without support, although they do it anyway worrying about how it’s be paid for later. Cases like this can run into the $10k+ range in Vet care and tedious rehabilitation. Dietary rehab alone is a huge undertaking. On the bright side, most horses, even in dire condition, respond to the love, care and support they get. They are truly amazing, strong animals.

      Support them if you can.

  2. Steve says:

    Why are there so many animal abuse cases coming out of Brownwood and the Brownwood area ?

    1. Jim says:

      I suspect is has a lot to do with Law Enforcement taking reports and acting on them more seriously. This happens all over the state, and the country.

      1. Steve says:

        How can small town rural media outlets help bring these cases of neglect to the attention of the locals? Many rural and compassionate residents often have to rely on “outside” media outlets to find out what is going on in there own community.

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