PONDER (CBSDFW.COM) – Veronica Kronvall knows all her neighbors. In a small town that’s usually something people do, but that doesn’t mean she likes all of them.

“I could take a stone and hit that curtain,” says Veronica Kronvall who lives in Ponder. Her new neighbor is Devon Energy and it is drilling for gas a mere 400 feet from Veronica’s fence.

She says she moved to the small sleepy town because she wanted to get away from city chaos, but now when she looks out her window all she sees is a sound barrier that’s gone up and which surrounds the pad site. “I see something that makes me sick to my stomach. Scares me,” explains Kronvall “I feel invaded and being robbed of my quality of life.”

Melissa Holt lives near the pad site too, and she doesn’t like her new neighbor either. “It’s a constant reminder what could happen,” says Holt “My biggest fear is of course if an accident happens and where that leaves us.”

According to the city ordinance a gas well can be built within 300 feet from any home. That’s the size of a football field.

The homeowners are also angry because city ordinance doesn’t require a public hearing or notice before a drilling permit is approved. “We are behind the cuff,” says Mayor Scott McCarty, “We need to review this we are going to review it. It’s on the next months’ agenda.”

Mayor McCarty understands the homeowners’ concerns. The drilling ordinance was written in 2003 and he says it will be changed.

For Holt and Krnovall it’s still not too late. “I would like it to go away and never allowed this close to homes,” says Kronvall.

Before the drilling begins they just want their sleepy little town to wake up. A spokesperson with Devon Energy out of Oklahoma City tells us safety is a priority. They will be drilling two wells on the same site.

The spokesperson also say that they’ve met with homeowners to address their concerns.