FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Landing a job is getting harder for many, so some North Texans are looking for more than just career counseling.  They want a unique type of guidance and are starting to turn to ‘Job Psychics.’

Pat Cox considers herself a job psychic.  She says she can see your dream job.
“Conversations acts as a tool for me,” says Cox, who is from Fort Worth “Information starts howling at me whether I ask for it or not.”

Cox’s background includes career counseling, but she’s now adding job psychic to her resume.  With the economic downturn she says she’s helping guide North Texans down the right path.

Cox doesn’t gaze into a crystal ball or read tarot cards.  Instead, her tool is intuition.  “It’s a sixth sense when you know things and there is no way we can explain how you know.  It’s how animals function normally.”

Susan Braddock turned to her.  She is a biochemist and was laid off twice last year.  “She has helped me look outside of that conventional what we normally do,” explains Braddock. “We worked together for me to get in touch with the things I loved doing when I was young.”

Braddock’s loves included cooking.  She started making healthy Southern and vegetarian meals in her kitchen for friends a few months ago, and is now getting ready to move to commercial kitchen.  “I love what I do I have never worked in my life I have never been so tired,” says Braddock. “If the universe wasn’t going to find me a job I decided to go find my own.”

She credits Cox for helping guide her.

If you’re interested in having Pat Cox help you find work, you can find out more about her on her website.