By Selena Hernandez, CBS 11 News

WAXAHACHIE (CBSDFW.COM) – In the heart of Ellis County, sprawled across 2,200 acres of land, you’ll find Calvert Farms.  “We primarily grow cotton, corn, wheat and this year – we’re growing some sunflowers,” farmer Lee Calvert said.

The farm is home to cattle, crops and in recent days, concern.  “It’s basically like it’s July here – the water has turned off.”

Lee Calvert is a fifth generation farmer who toils and tills the land. He says his number one enemy this summer is mother nature.

“This year it’s been abnormally dry – it’s hurt the yield on the corn, it makes it not worth as much, not as valuable,” Calvert explained.

His 350-acres of corn has bore the brunt of the scortching sun and dry conditions. Calvert’s farm, along with the rest of Ellis County is now under a burn ban. The parched conditions are so bad, commissioners here, had to enact the ban which runs for the next 90-days.

As Calvert walks his corn filed, he quickly points out how the heat has stunted the growth of his stalks and the ears they produce.  Calvert’s only hope now is that the heavens will shower him and his land with mercy.

“Around here, we don’t irrigate – you depend on the rainfall for your income,” Calvert said. “If it doesn’t rain – you don’t make any money.”

The burn ban will run thru the 4th of July holiday. Commissioner will still allow the sell of fireworks, with some stipulations. No rockets with sticks or missles with fins will be sold. No one will be allowed to light the fireworks within the county limits.