North Texas School Districts Cutting Bus Service

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – State lawmakers in Austin remain deadlocked on education funding, but school districts are running out of time, and must make decisions on spending – chopping budgets just to be safe. The latest casualty in some districts is school bus service.

The Burleson Independent School District has already elected to eliminate all busing and the Keller Independent School District may soon follow. Now, the Northwest Independent School District as opted to axe busing for any students who live within a two mile wakling distance of their campus.

Some parents are seriously concerned about this decision. While school is not in session now, the Clay family is trying to figure out how their kids will get to class in two months. “I would sleep a lot better at night knowing that my kids are going to make it home to school and home safely,” said father Trae Clay.

The Clay family has kids in first grade and third grade at Peterson Elementary School, but come August, they will no longer be able to ride a school bus each day. They live less than two miles from the school. “It takes about 30 minutes to walk it,” said mom Amanda Clay.

But the school district is facing a $9 million shortfall, and cutting bus service will save $1.5 million. That is the equivalent of 24 teachers, explained Lesley Weaver with the Northwest ISD. “Had we not been faced with state budget shortfall, and what’s that meant for school funding across the state, we wouldn’t be looking at this decision,” Weaver explained. “We wanted to make sure we were looking at reduction that directly didn’t effect the classroom.”

Of course, there are exceptions to the bus rule. Routes that are deemed too dangerous, such as those with no sidewalks or along busy roadways, will still be able to receive bus service. But the Clay family and the school district have different opinions about what is dangerous.

Trae and Amanda both work, and do not have time in their schedules to take the children to school every day. The kids will have to cross a busy Golden Triangle Boulevard in their trek to class.

Trae Clay asked, “What’s the price of a child being in the hospital because they got hit by a car?”


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  1. too late??? says:

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Things like this are going to pop up more and more. Too many people didn’t think the school finance problem was going to affect them. Yell at your legislature, NOT your school district!!!

    1. rich says:

      Somebody quit there job and raise there children or sell their home and move closer to the school or pay higher taxes. Maybe inconviense yourselves and change your work scheduel.

    2. Donna Reaves says:

      what are we suppose to do about getting our kids to school we have 1 vehicle and my husband leaves before my kids have to go to school. I dont have any way to get my kids to school. help!!!!

  2. FYI says:

    Your congressman gets paid a minimum salary of at least $170,000 + bonuses, + allowances. Then they get over a $1,000,000 for staff salaries. The average teacher salary for Texas is $41,000. So in a budget crisis, who do we naturally go after…the people that make the least amount of money. Districts know they can’t operate without teachers, so they have to make cuts like these.

    1. Gumby Rules says:

      Agreed, they are all well over paid.

      1. Gumby Rules says:

        Of course the state of Texas legislatures only make $7,200 per year.

        Check out:

    2. junior says:

      Take away all funds for illegals and not only will we be able to afford busses, but should be able to give teachers a well deserve raise.

    3. James Billington says:

      Agreed. How about taking back just 1% of the tax breaks millionaires and billionaires get. That would more than pay for school buses. Typical republican response. They are just plain evil.

    4. Jaice says:

      I so agree. Our government is so personally rich but they would not consider lowering their salaries and their allowances. It goes all the way to the President and his family. They fly off for a weekend in AirForce One and it has nothing to do with his job. We the people have sit back and let these crooks walk all over us and our children of the future are the ones going to suffer. Sad situtation and sad that America is not a free nation anymore.

      1. tooblessed says:

        Why didn’t you cry about this when Bush took all those personal trips with his family, Jaice?

    5. FYI 2 says:

      It appears I may have Googled too quickly and picked the first website that popped up. I mistook the US legislative salary for the Texas legislative salary. Sorry, I didn’t mean to mislead anyone.

  3. ilvrw says:

    I believe we need to REQUIRE the legislature and senate to reduce their salaries and staff significantly. They also need to redo their pensions as well as they get entirely too much for what they do. In a budget crunch, let the LEADERS lead the way.

  4. Gumby Rules says:

    OK, my initial previous post was lost.

    Ever hear of carpooling Trae and Amanda Clay, since neither of you have the time to take care of your kids or bring your kids to school? That is what we did in my grade and middle school years. Seveal parents got together and helped each other out. A few dollars a week for gas expense (of course gas was $0.25/gal then so adjust for inflated costs).

    Only time there was a problem was when one of us -read me/I- acted up and had to stay after school. But then there was he11 to pay for misbehaving in school causing problems when I got home.

    1. 2sister says:

      Yes, they might be able to carpool, but that could depend on their situation and the situation of the other parents, For example, do most of the other parents also work? Do they also have kids at the school? Are the other parents willing to do a carpool? Would the other parents only be willing to do a carpool if it involved swapping out who would take and pickup the kids.

    2. Elspeth says:

      Are the other parents registered offenders? And by the way, who the F r u to say they aretn taking care of their kids. They are working not on welfare. Or maybe they should quit and go on the dole? Moron

  5. Susan A Pitman says:

    I’d like to pipe in here and point out that Michele Obama Let’s Move Campaign has a section that’s trying to get more kids to walk to and from school.

    My kids walk to and from school. My personal opinion is, if there are sidewalks and it’s a half hour walk or less, let them walk it. Busy intersections–there are three big ones in my neighborhood–that’s what crossing guards are for.

    If there are NOT sidewalks, I would definitely understand concern; not just for road-safety, but things like mud and holes that kids can trip and twist their ankles in when trying to walk across open, grassy areas.

    1. less is better says:

      Why are you spending so much on shoe that your children cannot walk in . Save money on medical bills and taxes walk your children to school that way your children get exercise and so will you

  6. ivan says:

    i dont know, maybe it us just me. but back when i went to school, i had what is called a BIKE. it was a 30 min walk, but about a 10 min bike ride. half the time, twice the fun, no carbon footprint either….like i cared back then. i rode a bike starting in 3rd grade. why is that a problem now?

    1. dddddddd says:

      Ever notice how people drive these days. Drive by a school and watch how they drive around kids.

  7. Barbara Bates says:

    When I was in school in another state many, many, many years ago, we paid 50 cents/week to ride the school district bus. why not place a charge on the public bus especially for those families where both parents work.

    Walking to school has dangers beyond the route and intersections the children have to navigate. I would be much more concerned about who was watching my children and what their ulterior motives might be.

  8. les says:

    susan gumby and ivan : iagree with you 100% . my bike and my feet got me everywhere when i was a kid . parent’s need to quit behig paranoid .

  9. bill says:

    When both parents decide to work, they have already made the decision to put their kids second and let somebody else deal with getting their kids to school because they don’t have time in their busy schedules.

    1. Kayla says:

      We all wish there were more funds for schools but when times are tough we all have to do more. The state educates our kids , parents should take responsibility for getting them safely. Teachers are needed more than busues

    2. 2sister says:

      Bill, there are also situations where a parent is a single parent or both parents have to work to put food on the table. I agree that some people could get by on just one income, but it depends on what kind of job the parents have. Since we don’t know their situation, we shouldn’t judge.

  10. Time to Pay the Fidler says:

    Deal with it working parents, your parents did.

  11. CenTex says:

    My school district just did the same thing, cut the bus service if you’re within 2 miles. It doesn’t phase us since I already make the time to drive my son to school every day. I’d let him walk, but he’d have to walk along a busy road with cars whizzing by at 50 mph. Maybe in our next house he can walk to school

  12. Ana says:

    The situation sucks. And there may not be much that can be done to remedy it, but there are options for dealing with it. There are carpool options. Take turns with other parents dropping the kids off and picking them up from school. We did this when I was a kid.

  13. Raven says:

    In my area, all students that live within two miles of their assigned school, must walk or use private transportation. It’s been that way for well over ten years. While there are sidewalks in most areas, they’re not present in all. This is nothing new and many parents like myself, have had to deal with the problem for years and so did our parents.

  14. oldman69 says:

    nobody to blame but the fools who voted to put these bozos in office-if you’re a good repub. and voted these people in then you deserve EVERYTHING they do to you.

  15. Marc says:

    Use the summer to teach your kid(s) to ride a bike and rules of the road…

  16. Paul says:

    I bet no one even considered a pay cut for the legislature!

  17. Mariann Lewis says:

    What until the entire school school system is cancelled. Expect for Special Needs of course. No School Buses what so ever not even for field trips. It happened in Southern CA, Escondido area. It was interesting planning a field trip. The parents with mini vans and suv’s had to drive and carry 300,000 insurance so they can drive other students. It’s on the docet people. make your plans now.

  18. bwol says:

    The two mile busing rule has been in effect in our school district for years. We have not had a problem. We just had to rearrange work schedules. Parents that expect someone else to “parent” their children or want the school to do EVERYTHING for their child are part of the problem with the school issues

  19. T says:

    In my district if you live closer than 2 miles, you pay $270/yr per child. It is worth for my child’s safety.

  20. mtntexas says:

    You can’t do that…most of the illegals sell dope / drink in bars until 4 am and are used to going to sleep after the school bus picks up their 27 kids and they wake up when the bus takes their kids home. You want El Presidente of Mexico lecturing the City Council the way he chattered to Congress? We have a responsibility to educate and feed the growing anchor bambinos until their fathers get out of prison or they join their fathers there. If we have to raise taxes or borrow from China… for God’s sake let’s do it!

  21. brntbree says:

    I moved to a small town in west Texas in September 2007. The children that live in city limits here are not entitled to a bus ride and it has been that way since I moved here. Some of the children live up to 6 miles from the school and can’t ride a bus, even kindergarteners. I don’t personally have children in school, but I pay alot towards school taxes, over $2k a year from my city taxes go strictly to the schools. Seems like some of that would help with providing a bus for the kids, even if its just the elementary school.

  22. LoveWisdom says:

    There’s a lot of “back in my day” talk, but anyone can see that the world is not what it used to be and yesterday is not the same as today. We have to take more safety precautions. $1.5 million is nothing compared to the lives of people. People are saying it’s not up to the school system to care for the safety of your children, well then it’s not up to your neighbor either. If this is the situation, then work places should work with parents and allow them an open window to drop their kids off. That way they can take care of their own children, the school system can save their $1.5 million, and parents can still work for a living.

  23. kim says:

    “Trae Clay asked, ‘What’s the price of a child being in the hospital because they got hit by a car?'”

    That’s YOUR problem, dude. Teach your kids how to get to school without Darwinizing themselves.

  24. jj124 says:

    Why cant the Clay couple put their kids in early morning daycare? The daycare opens much earlier than the school begins accepting children and they will have safe/consistent transportation? Many working parents utilize this option everyday.

  25. Kelli says:

    I understand that if you live within 2 miles you need to walk to school. But what about those children who live 6,7, miles from school. Or have to cross busy highways to get to school? I have a solution. Lets cut all transportation to football games, band, choir, UIL and athletic competitions? I know they pay a fee for some of the activities, but using a bus is cost on some level. And do we really need more than one coach for sports? C’mon…one person can do that. And if we can teach our kids to not get run over crossing IH35 we can teach them to not get hurt by not wearing a football helmet.right? Heck,lets just cut sports and extra stuff all together! People, we are only asking that our kids have a way to get to school and back home safely. I’d rather have my tax dollars go to that than some kid playing football, who c’mon will NEVER make it to the to NFL. EDUCATION comes first, and getting our kids there is number one priority.

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