David Rancken, 1080 KRLD

GARLAND (1080 KRLD) – The warning sirens blared overnight as severe storms pounded Tarrant, Dallas and Denton Counties this morning. If those storms had hit in Garland, chances are you wouldn’t have heard them due to a neglected system that is in serious need of repair.

The Garland City Council has voted to find out what’s going on with their sirens. They have 19 of them and only 3 of them actually work at all, and many haven’t for years. Garland City Councilman Rick Williams says these sirens are really just a money pit and they’re only useful for people who are outside.

KRLD’s David Rancken spoke with Rick Williams:

The City Council has to decide if they’re going to spend a million dollars to replace the broken ones or just take them down. They already Twitter for emergency alerts and also use the Code Red system for automated phone alerts.