115950781 8 Cuban Touts NBA Championship In Perot Legal Fight

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – An NBA championship can provide fame and fortune. In Mark Cuban’s case it also provides legal ammunition when fighting a lawsuit claiming mismanagement.

Last year, the Dallas Mavericks original owner, Hillwood Investment Properties, which is headed by Ross Perot Junior, sued the Mavericks current ownership, Dallas Basketball Limited. Perot still has a five-percent ownership stake in the team.

The lawsuit maintains that under majority owner Mark Cuban’s stewardship, the team’s debt climbed and didn’t have enough revenue to pay operating costs.

That was last year and a lot has changed.

The Dallas Mavericks are still basking in the glow of the franchise’s first NBA championship.

In a legal brief filed with the court Wednesday, Cuban’s attorney makes sure everyone doesn’t forget. It starts with the title of the legal brief, “World Champion Dallas Mavericks And Radical Mavericks Management’s Motion For Summary Judgment”. The term “world champion” is used seven times in the three-page court filing.

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To rub salt in the wound, on page two is a picture of Cuban, with the Dallas Mavericks, hoisting the NBA championship trophy.

On the final page, Cuban’s attorney asks that the “Court grant summary judgment in their favor on all Hillwood’s claims and award the World Champion Dallas Mavericks and RMM such further relief to which they are entitled (although they are quite content at the moment)”.