Mother Wants Answers After Daughter Dies In Collision

FRISCO (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s still difficult for Melanie Hooten-Davee to talk about the violent crash that killed her nine-year-old daughter Macie.

“My heart is broken,” she said. “Macie was the happiest kid you ever encountered. She never knew a stranger, and she literally always had a smile on her face – ever since she was a baby.”

She and her two daughters were driving home along State Highway 121 access road near Spring Creek on June 8 when their 2005 Dodge Stratus came to a stop in the center lane toward the top of a bridge.

The road has no shoulder and no safe place to go. Frisco police say a tow truck slammed into her from behind.

“The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital,” Hooten-Davee said.

An accident investigator hired by her attorneys estimate the truck was going 50 miles-per-hour. Macie was sitting behind her mother in the part of the car that took a direct hit. Her 12-year-old sister Dagny was sitting in the front.

“It’s been very traumatizing for all of us. She was the last person with Macie when she was alive, so she has definitely been hit very hard by this,” Hooten-Davee said.

Earlier this month, tow truck driver Reza Shyebem expressed sorrow for what happened. He said he didn’t see the car until it was too late.

“Because the car was in the center lane and completely stopped. No lights. No nothing. No city lights. No hazard lights,” he said.

But Hooten Davee insists “my lights were definitely on, and my hazards were engaged.”

Video supplied by her attorneys show that when police reconnected Hooten-Davee’s car battery, the headlights, tail lights and hazard lights were engaged.

“There was a lot of traffic. People saw us. I don’t understand. It doesn’t make any sense to me how everyone else saw us, but he didn’t,” she said. “I have to face the rest of my life without my daughter. I have to face knowing that I’ll never get to see her growing up – every single day for the rest of my life.”

Dallas-based Dadash Towing and the tow truck driver did not respond to requests for comment for this story.

Police said they won’t file charges against Shyebem because he wasn’t impaired or speeding, and he tried to get out of the way.

Hooten-Davee’s attorneys say they will file a claim with the towing firm’s insurance company, and – if necessary – file a lawsuit.


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  1. Rick says:

    So Melanie Hooten-Davee is blaming the towing company for car breaking down in the middle of the road? REALLY?

    1. 2sister says:

      I see no where in the article where she is blaming the tow truck company for her breaking down. She is asking why their driver didn’t see her. She apparently had her hazard lights on.

      1. re: 2sister says:

        Did you even read the article??? “Police said they won’t file charges against Shyebem because he wasn’t impaired or speeding, and he tried to get out of the way. Hooten-Davee’s attorneys say they will file a claim with the towing firm’s insurance company, and – if necessary – file a lawsuit.” So the attorney knows he’s not getting anything from the driver, so of course he’s to advise his client to go after the company…they have insurance and will probably try to settle.

    2. 2sister says:

      I realize that she is suing the tow truck company. That still doesn’t change the fact that she isn’t blaming them for her breakdown. She is suing them because their driver rear ended her. Apparently, her hazard lights were on, because the article says that they were engaged when they reconnected the battery.

      Are you saying that she was suing the towing company that she called? If so, the article mentions that the truck that rear ended her was a tow truck.

    3. 2sister says:

      I realize that she is suing the tow truck company. That still doesn’t change the fact that she isn’t blaming them for her breakdown. She is suing them because their driver rear ended her. Apparently, her hazard lights were on, because the article says that they were engaged when they reconnected the battery.

      Are you saying that she was suing the towing company that she called? If so, the article mentions that the truck that rear ended her was a tow truck.

    4. joe says:

      First off why would you let a 12 yr old who has just gone through a traumatic experience like that get on here and read peoples comments about this story??? Secondly, putting his house up for sale isnt something he would do if he was trying to flee the state….he would just leave. Im betting a cell phone had a part to play in this terrible accident and luckily they will be able to prove if he was on the phone or texting at the time. If your car stalls/breaks down in the middle of the road, get out of it and to a safe place especially if cars are already having to swerve to avoid you.

      1. izonlyme says:

        Dear Joe,
        Not trying to be rude, but if you don’t understand why a 12 yr-old is online, you must not have teens in your home. We are trying very hard to keep her offline, but she feels it’s her duty and just won’t stay off. That’s why I’m trying to field as many responses as I can – so she won’t have a reason to be on. This is a sacrifice I am making for the family. I really don’t have time (and have many other more important things to do with my time) to play games with people who haven’t given thought as to who might be reading these, just need to gripe at someone, just have to put someone down, don’t have all the facts and are not making the effort to learn them before posting hurtful things. And when I say “games”, I do mean it. There has been very little in the way of constructive criticism, and even less in the way of understanding. It seems everyone just wants to gripe and put the family down. And I still haven’t seen one single word about Mr. Shyebem, the tow truck driver, other than SYMPATHY. I also want to say that we shouldn’t have to remind people that a 12 yr-old could be online. I would think, wrongly apparently, that the people leaving comments could be a bit more conscientious about what they say, as they do leave the impression that they are adults who would know better. I guess not. Secondly, I have not been advised on the matter of whether Mr. Shyebem is skipping town, or what he’s doing. Third, if your car stalls or breaks down in the middle of the road – yes, you should move it or get out of it ASAP. That’s what Melanie was doing when they were hit – trying to get the car out of the middle of the road. I do not know when or if other vehicles swerved to go around them, but I think even you realize that there may have been a vehicle directly behind her, or one coming up immediately after the stall. It’s pretty sad to hear everyone ASSUME that she just sat there like an idiot.

      2. rd says:

        izonlyme – if you or any other parent can’t keep a 12 yr old off the computer in your own house, you need to give them up for adoption. “Just won’t stay off?” How about getting any computer out of her room and into the common area, with a password that she doesn’t know? “Sacrifice” would be making sure she’s not on the computer no matter what kind of temper tantrum she throws. Be a freakin’ PARENT. It’s not anyone’s job to make sure a kid doesn’t see something inappropriate for kids other than the PARENTS. If they don’t like what she sees, THEY need to KEEP HER OFF. I would have never DARED to tell my parents that I was going to do something against their wishes. But then again, parents today are more interested in being their buddies than protecting them as parents should.

      3. izonlyme says:

        Dear RD,
        So kind of you to put me in my place. But then, you know better, don’t you. I expect you know far more about me and my life, and far more about this family and their life, than we do. It’s just lovely that you’ve had such a perfect life, in your perfect little world. Too bad not everyone has your infinite wisdom.

  2. truthiness says:

    other cars saw her. he did not and, as i read, he was in quite a large tow truck, which, i would assume, would have a cab that is raised up higher in traffic, enabling more of a view of other cars around them. but thats just me going off of, you know, facts.

    1. 2sister says:

      I thought being lifted up higher actually could hamper someone’s view in some cases.

      1. izonlyme says:

        Dear 2sister,
        Please forgive me if I get a bit snippy here. I was up all night trying to help Dagny with answering comments. Most of the comments left last night were cruel, wretched, and insensitive. Dagny is 12. She’s ttraumatized. She feels it her duty to defend her family. And, as any teen would be, she’s defiant and determined in her belief that it’s her responsibility to stand up for her family. In response to your question, I have had opportunity to ride in a large tow truck cab. The only way your view would be hindered is if you were a peanut on the ground directly in front of the engine. A stalled car in front of you would be easily visible.

      2. 2sister says:

        My condolences to the family.

        Thanks for the information. I wasn’t okaying what happened. When I asked my question, I was thinking about the accident where the monster truck ran over a woman. He was intoxicated, and had an illegal amount of lift to his truck that interfered with his visibility. I was just wondering if this could also happen with a tow truck or a semi.

      3. izonlyme says:

        Thanks 2sister. I would think that the only thing hampering the monster truck driver was being intoxicated. Height is always an advantage.

      4. 2sister says:

        Actually, the monster truck driver’s visibility was hampered, and he was drunk. The investigators determined that. Apparently, you can buy lift kits, but Texas only you to lift a monster truck so high. The monster truck that ran over the woman was lifted over what was allowed. I guess that being raised up high in a tow truck is different than being raised up in a monster truck, because the aren’t designed the same. Of course, because the monster truck driver was drunk, he most likely didn’t take precautions to compensated for the lack of visibility.

      5. izonlyme says:

        Well, I suppose there are exceptions to every rule. I would still say, though, that the true impairment wasn’t height, but drunkeness. You know, your story about the monster truck makes me wonder (I think I’ve been dealing with too many insensitive and misguided people here on this comment page, so forgive my moment) – makes me wonder if on a comment page for that story, were the comments left all about how stupid the woman was to be in the way of the monster truck. Were those comments bashing her, the victim, instead of the drunken driver? It just makes me wonder because I still don’t understand why so many people leaving comments here seem to think poor-pitiful-tow-truck-driver who was unfortunate enough to run into a stupid woman’s car. Isn’t that sad?

  3. izonlyme says:

    I doubly ask how on earth could Mr. Shyebem NOT have seen them? Sure, it was dark. Sure, the bridge and surrounding area are not well lit. But it’s not like the he had just crested a hill to discover a stalled car in front of him. It’s not like there wasn’t room for him to go around them. Sure, the police say he wasn’t impaired and wasn’t speeding. But was he even paying attention? I want to ask all of you readers to please speak up on behalf of Macie’s family. Speak up on Macie’s behalf. If you have questions or concerns about this horrible accident, please make them known to Jack Fink at CBS 11 Dallas/Ft.Worth. Please don’t let this terrible tragedy become just another statistic. Please don’t let Mr. Shyebem be held as NOT responsible. He is responsible, should acccept it, and do the right thing.

    1. dagny says:

      Thank you SO very much. The truth needs to be heard. Hes been lying, he put hi house up for sale, hes trying to get away. I think the possibilities of him texting or talking on the phone or very high. We had hazard lights on. He was raised up from everybody. And it wasn’t completely dark outside. My family is willing to go through a long fight in court to get this set right.

      1. izonlyme says:

        You have my full support, Dagny, and kudos for having the courage to respond to these comments. It must be hard. I totally agree totally with you. I think Mr. Shyebem is lying. I’m sorry it will cost your family a long hard battle to prove that, and I pray Mr. Shyebem is not allowed to skip-town on you. The only thing I feel toward Mr. Shyebem is disgust. As for the people leaving comments saying your family is to blame, I can only think the same, disgust. Sure, Mr. Shyebem will have to live with what he did for the rest of his life, but I ask, “Is that enough?” Do all of you people think Melanie, Dagny, and Macie’s father think that it’s “enough”? Would you think that it’s “enough” if YOUR daughter had been killed like Macie was?

    2. Interesting Fact says:

      According to the earlier comments, “The skid marks that WERE there were from an SUV that swerved about 2 minutes before the impact.” So other cars were NOT seeing them as easily as is being led to believe. Interesting.

      1. dagny says:

        If they couoldn’t see us then they wouldn’t have swerved. They would have hit us.

  4. dagny says:

    “Because motorists have a duty to drive with reasonable care, rear-ending other cars – even cars that are stopped on the highway – is a failure to maintain that duty. It may be that the driver of the wrecker did not anticipate coming up on a stalled vehicle; in either case, the fact that the wrecker “slammed” into the girl’s car points toward inattentive and negligent driving.” That paragraph is from another news report. I agree with it completely. Negligent driving is what it was, and it will be proven.

    1. Susanna says:

      Wait…the driver hit the car by accident…did the first car RUN OUT OF GAS by ACCIDENT? So sad, really..not being properly prepared (gas in car..) for a trip on the highway, at night, on a busy road. Regardless of whether the lights were on and flashing, that will not PREVENT a car from being is just a warning that there is trouble. Too many drivers do NOT go the speed limit and can NOT slow down when there is an emergency. If the tow truck driver was SPEEDING, that may be an issue. We are all taught in Driver’s Ed to make sure your vehicle is properly maintained and in the best shape/condition EVERY TIME you drive it. Unfortunatley..running out of gas is NOT being properly prepared and will not bring back the child that was killed. Two issues..1st car ran out of gas…2nd vehicle possibly speeding…who is to blame???

      1. izonlyme says:

        Dear Susanna,
        Please let me point out some things to you. One, it is not a crime to run out of gas. It is also not negligence. It happens to many of us, through no fault of our own. Have you ever started a trip with adequate gas in your tank, but then had extra stops added that were unavoidable, and then found yourself pushing empty in an area with no gas stations? Two, carrying a gas can with gasoline in it in your vehicle is not a very wise accident. Had Melanie been carrying a gas can full of gas, for emergencies, in her trunk, what do you think would have happened when she was hit? Please remember that she had just run out of gas. She was just getting out of the car to push it to the side of the road when she was hit. If you want to place blame, how about placing it on the doorstep of the man who hit her? I simply can’t understand why you people are so ready to excuse the tow truck driver and blame Melanie for something that WAS NOT HER FAULT. Just because the tow truck driver wasn’t imparied and wasn’t speeding does not mean he wasn’t negligent. Have you considered that maybe he was busy talking on a cell phone, texting on a cell phone, or just plain not paying attention because he was too busy hurrying to his next call? Yes, he was on his way to his next call when he hit them. Please get things back into perspective.

  5. TheRealTruthHurts says:

    Melanie is to blame for the death of Macie. She RAN OUT OF GAS, and with her two children in the vehicle… There is NO excuse for this type of pure negligence. WTH!?!

    1. dagny says:

      If you are running out of gas on the highway with no exits… HOW THE HELL ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO GET GAS!?

      1. Ryan says:

        I am deeply sorry about this tragic accident, but you should not have been stopped int he middle of the road. You ran out of gas, you stopped in the middle of the road, just because a few cars missed you does’nt mean everyone was going to, this is a tragic accident that is it, NO reason to sue, i don’t think you will win.

    2. izonlyme says:

      I take it you have never ever run out of gas yourself. How can you be so incredibly insensitive?

      1. Susanna says:

        NO ONE SHOULD EVER RUN OUT OF GAS…… I am 55+, been driving for 40+ years…and I have NEVER run out of stupid is that???? (My ex-husband..MBA from SMU..3 times he ran out of stupid..from a dude w/ a Master Degree..) Besides, letting the gas level get below 1/4 tank is bad for the valves and brings up sludge. Most vehicle manufacturers tell you in the MAINTENANCE manual to NOT let the gas level get below 1/4 tank. Furthermore a DODGE STRATUS is very fuel efficient..gets 25+ on the highway .(.I drove one for 10 years.) That car can be on “empty” for 50+ miles, but why risk an accident????

      2. RussP says:

        The blame game going on over this tragic accident is pretty disgusting and the only one to benefit from a lawsuit will be the lawyers; the child is not coming back. But in answer to never running out of gas, no it should never happen to a safe, competent driver. You fill up way before you get to the point of possibly running out on a trip, at least before getting below a quarter tank.

      3. izonlyme says:

        Dear Susanna,
        Being 55+ years old, you should, by now, be able to realize that one cannot prepare for every emergency. You, yourself, state that your husband ran out of gas more than once. You seem okay with that, yet you are here, berating an innocent woman and blaming her for the death of her daughter when it WASN’T HER FAULT. It doesn’t matter how much mileage a car gets. When it runs out of gas, it runs out of gas. And you cannot pick where that will happen. It isn’t a crime to run out of gas, and it isn’t always avoidable. Please grow up and stop blaming an innocent woman for the tragic death of her daughter. If you want to place blame, how about placing it on the tow truck driver who hit them. Has it occured to you that perhaps HE was at fault? I think it’s very immature to take the attitude you have taken.

  6. TheRealTruthHurts says:

    Try not running out of gas in the first place. This goes back to your earlier comment “motorists having a duty to drive with reasonable care” i.e.: not running out of gas!!!

    1. dagny says:

      Like I said, we got low on gas on the highway, which had no exits at the area to get gas.

      1. Cheryl Cheney Fox says:

        Blaming serves no purpose. In our society the blame game has become the norm. First off while i have never personally run out of gas and I make every effort to never let that happen, others don’t always have the money or for whatever reason find themselves out of gas.

        This is a tragedy for all involved. All parties need to accept their responsibility in this. For the driver for not making sure she had enough gas, the tow truck driver for NOT paying enough attention, for not pulling the car off the road.

        As sad as this is and as much as I hope no one ever has to suffer through something like this, we need to realize kids die, people die, that’s life! And for god sakes don’t line your pockets with a lawsuit (which is why everyone on here is angry). Period.
        I am praying for all involved.

      2. YRofTexas says:

        Dagny, sorry, what I’m to say will hurt. I apologize for that now as I present my argument.

        Your mother simply has to bear SOME responsibility. When the gas meter on the dash is down to 1/4 or less, you get the quickest gas possible. Before it is critical, at night, out of the way….I never let my gas volume go under 1/4 of a tank because I am RESPONSIBLE for the care of my disabled husband, and I can not allow us to run out of gas, get a flat tire (we have a towing company acct), poor battery, insufficient oil changes. We can not be stranded with a dead car anywhere! I take extra measures to assure that we are as safe as possible.

        Also, why didn’t your mom pull over to the slow lane/right-side? That would have been another protective measure.

        Crucifying the tow driver is not the answer. Try to forgive him, as he bottom-line answers to God, and forgive your mom for not keeping a full tank in the car, and pulling over to the side of the road, when she obviously knew that her gas supply was getting critically low. This is a good example to: 1) put the flashers on the car, 2) move to the slow-right lane, and 3) get off at the earliest exit, even if it means following the side streets to locate a nationwide or independent gas carrier. Some Krogers & Sams stores sell gasoline.

        PS – kind of off topic – I had a healthy brother who was born & immediately died. It determined his death was caused by full negligence of the hospital doctor & staff. It was 1954, at a time when a lawsuit could have easily taken place. My parents chose to NOT sue. Why? Because we had some family members who worked with the delivery, and my parents did not want to inflict further pain on them, as Tommy’s death was pain enough for all.

        Your family, the tow truck driver & his family, the tow company are ALL hurting over this. All have suffered. I still miss never ever having met my brother!

      3. izonlyme says:

        Dear YRofTexas,
        As a friend of the family who is trying to help them through this terrible tragedy, there are a few items you need to be aware of, and you should have taken the time to find them out before you left your hurtful comment. First, Melanie was in the prodess of getting out of the car to push it to the side when they were hit. Two, there are NO gas stations within a reasonable distance from where the accident occurred. Three, running out of gas is not always avoidable. Four, I agree that not crucifying the tow truck driver is not a solution, but neither is crucfying an innocent mother who lost a daughter due to someone else’s negligence. Again, I simply cannot believe that you people are so ready to FORGIVE the tow truck driver, unequivocably, and CRUCIFY the innocent mother. Five, yes, everyone is hurting. But quite frankly, I think the mother of the lost child is hurting far more than the tow truck driver who is not only getting off scott-free on responsibility, but is also being FORGIVEN in lieu of CRUCIFYING the mother. I think you need to review the interview and the video that goes with it. If you pay attention, you will notice that Mr. Shyebem’s comments confict with proven facts. Have you considered the fact that possibly, just possibly, he was negligent?

    2. Captain Obvious says:

      @therealtruthhurts your nothing but a cowardly troll hiding behind a computer so why dont you do tha good folks out in texas a favor and stfu!!!!

  7. izonlyme says:

    I can’t believe you people. Do you really think that when you run out of gas that you have a choice in WHERE your car is? Is running out of gas a crime? Why are you blaming Melanie for this accident? Is this how your mother taught you to behave? Do you honestly think Melanie, or any mother, would deliberately set herself up to kill her child? You may not realize it, but you are sending these insensitive comments to the young girl who watched her sister die. Grow up and show some courtesy!

    1. dagny says:

      Thank you. Thank you so very, very much.

      1. izonlyme says:

        Dagny, if it takes staying up all night long to put these insensitive people in their place, then I’ll be meeting sunrise with a hot breakfast in-hand. Again, I commend you for being brave enough to answer these people. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to read their comments. I’m right here with you, for as long as it takes, and I’ll stand up to anyone who needs it. And by the way – if anyone else wants to leave a comment attacking Melanie and her family – you just come attack me.

    2. Susanna says:

      $10 worth of gas would have saved a life. Those 2.5 – 3 measly gallons of fuel would have given the driver 50+ miles to find an EXIT with a GAS STATION. After all, there are gas stations on 121, and all around in a 50 mile radius.

      I am so sad for the driver and the family who lost the child/sister. This DID NOT have to happen at all. Two “wrongs” (running out of gas, speeding) do not make a “right.” The message to ALL prepared, have plenty of gas in your vehicle.

      1. Marine0311 says:

        SHUT THE F UP…. i hope your car dies…then gets smashed by a TEXTING tow truck driver….then you get blamed for having your car without gas….
        BTW i said nothing about you or anyone else getting harmed in the smashing….but you deserve one.

        i am just amazed and ashamed at everyone blaming the mother…and to think…i and many like me, fought for you to have this freedom to bash a grieving mother and daughter/sister. wow how American …

  8. Sy Orangemen says:

    50 -50 blame..both of you were at fault

    1. izonlyme says:

      Dear Sy,

      If your child was killed in a drive-by shooting, would you say it was a 50-50 blame?

  9. Sy Orangemen says:

    your arguments don,t make sense… event (running out of gas and stalling in middle of road) led to another event (tow truck hitting car) without first event second event nevers happen…thats why police not filling charges because they would have to file against both drivers..explain how you compare accident to homicide?

    1. dagny says:

      You cannot blame us for our car dying suddenly. There was no way to get gas. At all. So you cannot blame my mother for not having a full tank when there was no way she could get one. You see?

      1. Susanna says:

        Running out of gas is the reason for the car trouble, which could/should have never happened. However sometimes the on-board computer chip/module fails and it will casue a vehicle to go into a full, dead stall. That is weird and totally unpredictable..running out of gas..not the same situation.

    2. izonlyme says:

      Sy, sorry for the delay – having trouble getting this comment to post. Running out of gas can be just as unavoidable as having car trouble. I believe Mr. Shyebem is lying to avoid accepting responsibility. Review this interview and watch the video. His comments conflict with proven facts. I believe he simply wasn’t paying attention. As such, I would call that homicide.

      1. Sy Orangemen says:

        manslaughter at most…didnt realise 12 yr old was posting ….maybe not healthy for her to read what adults say….not commenting anymore…12yr old on internet at 3 in morning kinda strange to me

    3. izonlyme says:

      Sy, call it manslaughter, call it homicide, call it an accident. The fact remains that a nine year old girl was senselessly killed. Yes, Dagny is 12, and she is Macie’s sister, and watched Macie die. Why is she online at 3am? Because she no doubt watched the news broadcast and has been online since, defending her familiy. It may not be healthy, but it’s how she’s coping. I don’t think it’s strange at all. I think it’s admirable.

      1. re: izonlyme says:

        If you don’t know the difference between the terms homicide and manslaughter. Then you shouldn’t use them.

  10. Darii says:

    omfg, Stop putting the blame on my friend, Dagny and Her mother. It’s pathetic. She jsut lost her NINE year old little sister and you guys blame them for running out of guys, YOU people are sick for blaming them. It could be 50/50 but we werent there! so stfu, and grow up.!

    1. izonlyme says:

      Well put, Darii!

      1. Justice is Just says:

        wow and to see you encourage such language from 12 year old..something tells me that KARMA may have been involved..

    2. izonlyme says:

      Justice is Just,
      No, KARMA wasn’t involved, and neither were you. And while you are putting down other people’s language, (among other things) you might think about cleaning yours up first. To knock someone else’s language when you, yourself, can’t even type right just lowers you to the supposed place where you think they are. In case you haven’t been paying attention, which I doubt you have – you’ve been so busy spouting your mouth off in an effort to put as much blame as possible onto the shoulders of an innocent woman, her daughter, and her friends, you have yet to type one single comment that isn’t rife with spelling errors. As for KARMA, dear, you’ve been putting plenty in the bad-Karma bank tonight. Maybe you’d better shut up before the debt is more than you can pay. And while you’re at it, maybe you should go swig some more liquor before you write your next piece of wisdom.

  11. Kevin says:

    So, if “Because motorists have a duty to drive with reasonable care” and assist, as you quoted, then why didn’t anyone stop to assist? Not only can the tow truck driver be blamed, as well as the driver of the vehicle (didn’t check the gas gauge before embarking on the trip, therefore not realizing the potential for running out of gas in the middle of the road existed, etc, etc), but you could also probably blame other drivers for not stopping to see if they could help. Yes, it’s sad that a person is dead in this situation, but sometimes an accident is just an accident. You can’t sue everybody.

    1. dagny says:

      We saw the gauge on the highway and we were on the way to getting gas but we didn’t make it over the bridge.

  12. izonlyme says:

    While we are all bashing Melanie for running out of gas, I want to ask how many of you have ever started a trip with enough gas in the tank, had extra stops added that you couldn’t avoid, and found yourself in a place where a gas station was not available?

  13. izonlyme says:

    I would like to ask why no one is blaming the tow truck driver, Mr. Shyebem? Why is everyone determined to excuse him in favor of blaming the mother? Any Comments?

    1. dagny says:

      I think we beat em.

      1. izonlyme says:

        Maybe we did. I’d be happy with “taught them some manners” and “showed them they are focusing on the wrong person.” I’m very proud of you for standing up for your family. You are a good girl, and very brave. I’m going to make sure your mom has my phone number, and any time ANYONE wants to come beat up on you, you just pick up the phone and let me know – day or night, no matter how late. You go tuck into bed now. You’ve done your sister proud. Sleep tight, sweetie. I’ll keep the vigil for you. Hugs and kiisses, ME

  14. dagny says:

    Do we know you personally? Just asking. You were very defendant.

    1. izonlyme says:

      Yes, Dagny. You’ve even spent the night at my house, in Mesquite. I wasn’t able to visit with you much because I was recovering from knee surgery (so sorry for that.) I’m sending your mom an email right now, so I can make sure you have my phone number, I mean it when I say I want you to call anytime you need some help. Okay?

      1. dagny says:

        Okay. Did you ever happen to see Macie’s old cellphone?

      2. izonlyme says:

        Is it a Samsung?

  15. dagny says:

    Yes. Its gray and bulky also

  16. izonlyme says:

    Got your answer on my email. Yes, sounds like the phone I just recently found stuffed in my recliner. Why don’t you give me a call and we’ll say a proper good night.

    1. d says:

      I dont have your number.

    2. izonlyme says:

      Battery must be dead. Check mom’s email and you can call me on my phone instead. We should move this conversation off this comment page. Okay?

      1. izonlyme says:

        I can’t put my number up on this comment page. If mom’s asleep, ask her in the morning and call me then. Okay?

  17. dagny says:


  18. izonlyme says:

    ‘Night sweetheart. Tuck into bed now. Talk to you soon. Hugs and kisses, ME

  19. fred says:

    Its NEVER just one persons fault – There are always a number of things that when and IF they come together you have an “ACCIDENT” Its easy to blame the last element of this travisty, but not appropiate neither short or long term, its counter productive and does nothing to prevent this from happeing again.

  20. geronimo says:

    I watched an investigator photograph the scene with a remote controlled helicopter last week. There are no skid marks prior to the impact point and the tow truck hit the car dead on. Evidence shows he DID NOT try to swerve. Suspicion is he was texting and never saw the car.

    1. dagny says:

      The skid marks that WERE there were from an SUV that swerved about 2 minutes before the impact.

  21. izonlyme says:

    Many thanks Fred and Geronimo for not slashing poor Melanie as so many others did earlier. And thanks for waiting until young Dagny was off-line. She was very brave in trying to defend her family by responding to these posts, which I am sure cut very deep. Please post your questions/comments to the “Got Questions” page on this site. The family needs all the help it can get in making the authorities wake up and listen.

  22. izonlyme says:

    Oops – that’s the “Get Answers” page.

  23. Howard Hilmer-Tyson says:

    It’s tragic that this young girl lost her life in an accident that shouldn’t have happened. My heart felt condolences got out to the family.

    I spent the better part of ten years as a tow truck driver here in Dallas back in the 90’s. Some of the major accidents I worked on in them years could have been prevented. A similar accident happened on south bound I-35 between Royal Ln and Walnuthill Lane in the late 90’s at 3am or so in the morning. An 18 wheeler had stalled out in the middle lane just over a hill. A man in his compact car went under the trailer of the rig that had its hazard lights on also. I never heard i the driver survived after he was care flighted to Parkland Hospital.
    The driver of the 18 wheeler had left the scene before the emergency teams and police arrived and couldn’t be found.
    Sometimes there isn’t anyway to avoid an accident like this, especially at night.
    My years of experience as a tow truck driver working these types of accidents in both Dallas and Irving tells me that.

    Once again my heart goes out to this family.
    Now please everyone please stop bashing the mother of this child that lost her life in this accident.

  24. Texaschic423 says:

    Is anyone checking his phone records to see if he was on the phone during the time of accident?

    1. izonlyme says:

      Thank you for your saying what a lot more people should be saying. It would be very nice if you would ask this question to Jack Fink at CBS 11, who did the interview with Melanie.

  25. Brandy says:

    Alot of yall keep bashing the poor mother – if you have never lost a child then you should really stfu. You dont know what her life is like just like the next person doesnt know what yours is like. I have ran out of gas many times before – EVERYone doesnt ALWAYS money for gas – alot of people in this world live check to check. She could very well be a single parent struggling……..My sympathy goes out to you Melanie – do not listen to what these rude people are saying….people are always quick to say things before even thinking or putting themselves in your position and if they havent had that specific event happen then like I said before they need to stfu!! You dont have to justify anything to anyone – dont fuel their “tiny” minds. You have alot of people praying for you – stay strong for your daughter. = )

  26. Truth hurts says:

    Hellllloooo people, she couldn’t afford gas…hence the law suit. Sorry for their loss, but money won’t bring her back.

    1. dagny says:

      Ass. She can afford gas.

      1. NN says:

        Then sweetie, go look your mother in the eye and ask her why she didn’t fill up the tank before getting on the highway and putting you and your sister in this situation.

      2. sara says:

        You do realize this is a twelve year old. WTH is wrong with you?

    2. hathatforshore says:

      i think you need to stfu with your comments if she were my child when i got through with them and you ya would be in the poor house when i got done i hopw they sue for every time they got wont bring her back make an example out them to hopefully prevent it in the future

      1. hathatforshore says:

        @ truth hurts you know people like you that live in this world ya are a waste of human space and to the air we breath when you find yourself in that situation dont forget you reap what you sow so stfu hope they sue those ppl for time they got

  27. les says:

    did you ever think of getting gas before starting out !!! ???? i think the wrecker service should sue you for creating a road hazard and destroying their truck

    1. izonlyme says:

      Dear Les,
      Did you ever think about using your brain before you made your cruel and insensitive accusation? Guess that just proves that YOU weren’t very prepared either. May I ask how it is that you personally KNOW that Melanie didn’t get gas prior to starting out? Do you KNOW every thing about her personal life? I think Melanie should sue you for defamation of character. By the way, Les, you are guilty of assumption. Do you know what that makes you? An Ass.

  28. Texaschic423 says:

    I find it sick that people on here are arguing with a 12 year old. She is 12 for goodness sake and she just lost her sister. Y’all are like a bunch of bullies. At the end of the day, a life has still been taken. Be respectful of what comes out of your mouth.

    1. RussP says:

      Perhaps the mother should be monitoring what her daughter is doing online?

      1. izonlyme says:

        Dear Russ,

        Mom is still very ill and her ability to monitor her daughter is minimal. Dagny is very traumatized by the accident and feels it her duty to defend her family. As I have said to others, I am a friend of the family – when comments last night turned cruel and insensitive, I stepped in to help Dagny. Again, she’s 12. No one is going to convince her that she should stop defending her family. Her mother is still so ill that she can’t keep watch 24/7. I’m here to help with that. Your concern is appreciated, and your comment is a valid one. I hope you better understand the situation now, and if you don’t, feel free to let us know. I will do my best to answer back.

    2. sara says:

      A bunch of bullies? More like sorry losers who would never say these comments to the face of a 12 year old who just lost her sister.

      1. Justice is Just says:

        to all of you defending the mother and the dfamily and making excuses for this irresponsible lady..she said in that video that Dagny is traumatized, really, but she is online talking like this and answering back like a defiant child?..that is not defending her mother or family or anything, what she is doing is making excuses for her mother not being responsible. First, by having two young girls out at night, then by not being responsible for having gas to go to and fro from her destinations, and then and most IMPORtanTLY..not getting herself and the girls out of the car and to a safe location on the side of the road..this was the service road and there are a few business in either direction along that path of road..who in their right mind would place themselves in such STUPID jeopardy as to sit in their car in the middle lane? Really?…She needs to take responsibility for her actions and face the fact that she put both Macie and Dagny in harms way with not being responsible in so many ways..She seems to be a gold digger.. Really and attorney already?…Most personal injury attorneys take 33 plus for cases like this, so the only way that attorney is going to get anything is go after the insurance company and then a lawsuit..sure why not, clog up the courts with more frivilous lawsuits..sure hope that case comes to my court room, because I will gladly reprimand the mother and she will walk out of my court room owing the tax payers for being stupid…
        What I find intersting is that Dagny is more concerned with Macie’s cell phone, how nice, her sister is killed and she is wanting to locate her cellphone…
        Also, who are they to say what the tow truck driver saw or didn’t see?..they weren’t in the car with him..and if he was on the phone or texting, that is not against the law to do so. So before you ignorant folks want to open your mouths think…and from what I can see the tow truck driver is more visablly traumatized then the mother with her crocodile tears and Dagny online. He has to live with this also and that seems more upsetting then Melanie getting a lwayer already and trying to sue. There is a reason why there are going to be no criminal charges brought, but there may be some brought against the mother under the laws of the road…has Dagny or any of you read those?

  29. Brandy says:

    Agreed Texaschic423 – some people get on here to lash out at others and talk mess cause they have their own problems that they cant deal with……..

  30. geronimo says:

    Whenever you rear end someone, it’s ALWAYS your fault. The reason for the car being disabled is irrelevant. How do you know for sure the tank was completely empty? Could the fuel lines have vapor locked due to the extreme heat?

    For those of you blaming the mother, if the ignition had failed and stopped the car, would you still be blaming her?

    That tow truck company and driver better get ready to bend over and take it hard. I hope that lawyer takes everything they have for hiring such a negligent driver.

    1. chnk22 says:

      they’ll just counter sue…blaming mom for being neglegent and lawyers will be only one paid

  31. D214 says:

    This is a senseless tragedy on all sides.
    Poor woman for losing her nine year old daughter, poor daughter for watching her sister’s life end, poor little girl who was crushed to death, and even poor tow truck driver who through whatever reason killed a little girl.
    It is a tragedy, and the people who were involved will carry this image of horror with them for the rest of their lives.
    For anyone who thinks that this is something to make light of let’s get one thing clear, it is a sign of absolute cowardice and lack of humanity to throw proverbial stones at a woman and a surviving daughter who have suffered such a horrific loss as this.

    To Dagny, since your family may be facing a lawsuit it might be a good idea not to let yourself get too worked up by the idiots that post things that make you upset. In fact this could be a trick from the tow truck people to entrap or twist the information that is relevant that you may unknowingly reveal. My best advice is to stop posting.

    My prayers and the prayers of many others are with Dagny and her family. Nothing will replace the loss of Macie, but there are resources in place within our society that will assist in helping everyone involved move forward with their lives. One of these resources happens to be the law, and it is in Melanie’s best interest and the welfare of her surviving daughter to seek legal counsel and representation in this matter.
    Even the jerks who are posting such ridiculous statements would do the same if they were to find themselves living out Ms. Hooten-Davee’s nightmare.

    1. RussP says:

      You’re absolutely that this is a tragedy and should not be made light of. What I don’t understand is why Ms Davee felt the need to make this a public issue by going on television and letting her daughter post about it online. Can people who have become addicted to media no longer seperate private from public? Isn’t this something most would discuss with those they are close to? As soon as she chose to make it a public matter, she opened herself up to public opinion.

      1. izonlyme says:


        Thank you for your comment, and thank you for keeping it tasteful. I cannot answer you as to why Melanie chose to give an interview. I can say that she didn’t hunt the media down to do it. I suspect she has fallen victim to media pressure, and hoped this would alleviate the pressure. As to why Dagny is online defending her family, as I said before, it’s her way of coping. She’s 12. She’s hurt. She’s devastated. She feels wronged. Wouldn’t you?

    2. izonlyme says:


      I can’t thank you enough for your kind and considerate comment. I am a friend of the family and am attempting to intervene on their behalf so that Dagny, and her mother, do not have to wade through hurtful comments from people who are assuming they have annonymity and can say whatever they want without hurt to others. I appreciate your thoughts and value them, and will certainly pass them on. Again, thanks for being so considerate.

      1. RussP says:

        Dagny may feel this online argument is helpful in some way but too many kids have ended up doing stupid things because of comments made about them online. If her mom is too upset to monitor Dagny’s online behavior, at least pull the internet plug for a while.

      2. izonlyme says:


        Thank you for your kind comment,concern, and good advice. We totally agree with you about the problem of children trying to respond to comments such as those posted here. Yes, the plug has been pulled, and I am fielding responses to comments for the family, hence why there are so many comments from me.

    3. Justice is Just says:

      I wouldn’t be living out any nightmare like that woman..I would have gotten my children out of the car and out of harms way to a safer place on the side of the service road..hence not being a sitting dumb duck..people have a right to their opinion and I beleive that is why we have the justice system, so that justice is done with people of our peers..even in civil court..Melanie is too blame much more then the tow truck driver, if she had been responsible in any aspect that lead up to that, then he would not have been in that position. This is not a simple rear-end and no it does not always lead to that person being blamed. It is based on the laws of the road and what privledges come with having a valid license to operate a vehicle on the roads. Parenting and Driving that night did not seem to be working together. Melanie may be traumatized, because she knows she is to blame for her daughter’s is just a shame that her being irresponsible caused another man and family to have to suffer..that is the tragedy

  32. Sy Orangemen says:

    had good friend who hit a car that ran stop light with infant in car..infant was killed…although it wasnt my friends fault ..he blamed himself and his once promising life spireled out of control untill he killed himself….at one point the people who infant was killed tried to talk to him because they were aware of his depression and told him it was thier fault and that they forgave him…he chased them down the street saying thier mistake had ruined his life..horrible scene….tow truck driver has to live with this burden rest of his life..RIP dino

  33. Idontgetthis says:

    A good lawyer would tell his clients to NOT discuss the case with ANYONE….especially on a public forum with records that the truck company will subpoena and most likely try to use against the family…When I was rear-ended last year, (by a cellphone yakker), I was told not to discuss it except with family and him…WTH??

    1. izonlyme says:

      Dear Idontgetthis,

      Thanks for your comment, which carries considerable wisdom and consideration. I am sure the family’s lawyer has instructed them to avoid media and public comments, but try telling that to a traumatized 12 year old who feels it’s her duty to defend her family. I am a friend of the family, and am interceding for them here on this comment page. I’m doing this because I literally couldn’t stand the disgusting and hurtful comments left last night be people who didn’t realize that young Dagny might be listening. As I have mentioned to others, she traumatized and feels it her duty to defend her family. She’ s only 12, and as you can imagine, feels she knows best. Thank you for your consideration and advice. It is greatly appreciated. I’ll be sure to pass your comments on to the family.

  34. izonlyme says:

    I, and the family can’t thank you enough for your concern and for your comments of wisdom. I would like everyone posting a comment to please remember that a traumatize 12 year old girl who WATCHED HER SISTER DIE may be online reviewing your comments. PLEASE bear this in mind if you are inclined to blame anyone. I, and her family, are doing our best to keep her offline and away from the hurtful things that have already been said, but again, she’s 12. She’s determined to defend her family. And her heart has already been hurt more than you can imagine. Comments of concern and consideration are greatly appreciated. I am a friend of the family and am doing my best to monitor and respond to comments, but I am only one, and you are many. So I must ask you to be the responsible adults I know you can be, and remember – a devastated young girl may be listening. Please be kind. Thank you, from all of us. If you have questions, please feel free to address them to me. I will do my best to answer as promptly as possible – but I cannot be here 24/7. I will get back to you as soon as I can. In the meantime, please be respectful. Your comments are appreciated and are passed on to the family.

    1. Katherine Giron says:

      Your words has touched my heart we will all miss maice and I am also a good friend of Dagny and our poor missed angel Macie and I thank you for standing up for her family :’)

  35. Katherine Giron says:


    1. izonlyme says:

      As you can see from these two posts from Katherine Giron, hurtful accusations are just that, hurtful – and they hurt more people than you realize. Many of you who started out blaming the mother with cruel statements have since toned your words down, and I can’t thank you enough for that. This is a time to be supportive of the victim, not the culprit. If you do feel you need to make accusations and say hurtful things, direct them at the person who killed poor Macie, not her surviving family. Again, our thanks to all of you who have been kind enough to understand the family’s grief.

    2. Justice is Just says:

      Wow, a best friend with a mouth like that..your parents must be proud or are they just as irresponsible as Melanie was for putting Macie in harms way and having her killed?..Dagny may only be 12, but she sure can run her mouth for being so traumatized..she is not defending her family, she is simply making excuses for her mother’s actions and that is what is worse that her best friend and family friends are online posting in the same defense. STUPID…I hope the tow truck company does get all this posts and present them as a defense…I for one will print them off and forward to the tow truck company just to show that not everyone is falling for the traumatized wah wah wah act..if you are truly a best friend of Dagny, then tell her to own up and face the truth..her mom killed Macie, not the tow truck driver…

      1. izonlyme says:

        Wow, you really are cold and heartless. You know what? I’m printing off all your comments and am going to use them against you to substantiate my request to see you dis-barred for life, STUPID. Ever heard of freedom of speech? Oh, wait, that must only apply to you – another one of those laws made up in YOUR courtroom.

  36. the almighty dollar says:

    A tragic accident for sure. I just don’t understand how making money off your daughter’s death will change it? It sounds like something that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I think what’s just as tragic is a woman who is able to sue someone else and make money off of it. People these days just don’t want to accept any responsibility for their own actions. Somebody else did this, somebody else did that. I am disgusted with the way the lawyers and their clients have this attitude that the almighty dollar is the answer for all. It’s a terrible accident. Take time to grieve. Let your daughter rest in peace.

    1. izonlyme says:

      Dear Almighty Dollar,
      Just what makes you think Ms. Hooten is trying to make money from her daughter’s death? I think that before you go making unfounded accusations, you should look in the mirror and take a reality check. Ms. Hooten, who was also injured in the wreck will not be able to work for some time. The tow truck driver, Mr. Shyebem took this away from her as well as her daughter. Just what do yoiu think she’s going to do to support her family? Perhaps her lawsuit is, (1 to recover lost income, and more importantly, (2 establish the truth about who is to blame. It appears Mr. Shyebem isn’t accepting his responsibility for his actions, so just what do you expect this woman to do? Spend the rest of her life in financial and emotional ruin? Make her surviving daughter suffer as well because some almighty-better-than-thou-woman thinks she should just let it be? Do you have ANY idea how much Ms. Hooten, and her surviving daughter’s lives have been ruined by this man’s actions? Can you even begin to imagine? This isn’t about making money off your daughter’s death. My god. Of course it’s something that shouldn’t have happened in the first place – and if Mr. Shyebem had been paying attention as he should have been, it might not have happened. But it did. A life was lost. Other lives are irreparably damaged. Why shouldn’t Ms. Hooten seek renumeration? As for your statement about people not accepting responsibility – well dear, that’s what the lawsuit is about. Instead of punching Ms. Hooten in the gut, as you seem so eager to do, perhaps you should go punch Mr. Shyebem instead. He’s the one not accepting responsibility. Once again, I simply don’t understand people who are so eager to berate the victim and cry “poor pitiful” for the culprit. I am disgusted with the way YOU have this attitude that the almighty answer is to lay blame at someone’s door who doesn’t deserve it, and then to sling arrows to make you point.

  37. Rabbit31 says:


  38. izonlyme says:

    My, my, my! But it’s certainly getting hot on the old comment page tonight! Sssst! Ouch! Such burning stinging words! Justice is Just is getting madder and madder and madder, and I’m sure it won’t be long before this self-proclaimed “judge” will simply explode! Stay tuned! I’m sure Justice is Just isn’t finished, not while there’s still liquor in the bottle! Drink up! There’s nothing more impressive than a sloshed and biased judge!

  39. seriouslybaby says:

    No one is perfect & sadly, tons of people are killed DAILY due to negligence/distractions. Unfortunatley this time, a nine year old child was taken from this world. In October I lost my 21 yr old brother-in-law in a car accident. He was in a construction zone & pulled out in front of a truck that he could not see due to construction equipment being in the way. His girlfriend was killed instantly (leaving behind 2 young children) & he passed 12 days later in surgery (leaving behind a 3 yr old little girl). Her family will not have anything to do with our family due to their loss & they completely blame my brother in law & us for her death. We continue to pray for them, because we know they are going through the same things that we are. In this case, both parties have to live with what has happened. It is such a tragedy in both cases. I will lift both parties up in prayer & pray for peace & comfort for Melanie, Dagny & the tow truck driver. Even when being negligent/distracted, i’m sure that guy never expected anything to happen & i’m positive he feels horrible about what happened. Accidents do happen & my heart just breaks for all parties involved!! Rely on God in this time… He is the only one who can bring you comfort & peace during this time.

    Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4

    1. izonlyme says:

      Dear Seriously baby,

      Thank you for your thoughts and words of comfort. I can’t agree with you more, no one is perfect and sadly, tons of people are killed daily due to negligence/distractions. However, this does not mean that those guilty of negligence/distractions are free from responsibility for their actions. I have fielded comment after comment on this page from people who seem to think that the only person in this incident who needs to shoulder responsibility is poor Melanie. That is just plain wrong. Regardless of whether the tow truck driver was not impaired, speeding, or paying attention, HE hit THEM – in the rear – and Texas state law says that makes the accident his fault. He is responsible, should accept that, and do the right thing. Too many people are jumping the gun about this and assuming Melanie is stupid, a gold-digger, and some even have the audacity to claim she deserved what she got. Anyone who would think that a mother would set her children up in a dangerous situation just so they can sue for money needs to understand that while there are people like that in this world, Melanie isn’t one of them. I can say this, because I know her. If I were in her place, I would be seeking to establish the truth. If I were in her place, I might also be seeking compensation for having lost my ability to work due to injuries sustained. Personally, I don’t think that is unreasonable. Yes, I’m sure the tow truck driver feels terrible about what happened, but that doesn’t release him from his responsibility. Deliberate or not, negligent or not, let me repeat, it was HE who hit THEM and he should buck up and take responsibility. And by responsibility, I mean more than just cry poor-pitiful-me. I would think that if he had accepted responsibility for his actions, Ms. Hooten would probably not be seeking a lawsuit. That’s just my opinion, and like all of you, I’m entitled to it. I think that before we all go bashing Melanie, we might wait to see what the truth is, and what, if anything, Mr. Shyebem is going to do by way of accepting responsibility for his actions.

      1. seriouslybaby says:

        Please know that i am in NO WAY defending the tow truck driver or accusing this mother of neglect! I am a mother myself & honestly do not know how i would handle this situation. I’m sure i would go through many stages of anger, greif & who knows what else. Just thinking of what this family will go through during this trial… man, i dont even have words. It’s going to be tough. I have no words of consolation for this mother… i mean, who does?! I cannot imagine being in her shoes & reliving this over & over again. It breaks my heart to see so many terrible, disgusting comments about this mother. Our world is sick & hateful. We have no concern for other people anymore. My heart goes out to all involved… even the tow truck driver.

      2. izonlyme says:

        Dear Seriously baby,
        Please forgive me if I gave the wrong impression in my reply to your post. I will admit I am getting quite defensive – and have had quite enough of the mother bashing going on. It’s not like Melanie strapped her children in and pushed the car off a cliff or drove it into a lake. But that seems to be what a lot of people think, and I’m truly sorry for them. There was a self-proclaimed “judge” on last night leaving viscious remarks who even had the audacity to leave threats. All of this person’s comments were totally uncalled for. I am most appreciative of your comments, especially where you state you cannot imagine what torture the family is going through. It is very hard to imagine – then add to that the hurtful things being said on this comment page. If it were my child that had been killed, I would have lost it long ago. I, and I’m sure the family too, greatly appreciate your comments. I only wish there were more people with the kind heart and honest concern that you show. Thank you, sincerely. And now, I need to go find out why the posts I put up last night in reply to the self-proclaimed “judge” are no longer showing up on this page.

      3. re: izonlyme says:

        Just curious, what would “accepting responsibility” look like? You say that quite often, but I don’t have an understanding of what exactly your wanting the man to do?

  40. ed-words says:

    1.They shouldn’t have run out of gas.

    2.The tow-truck driver may have been negligent.

    3.There’s nothing wrong with suing people whom we think have harmed us.

    4. Tea Party Texas is a really stupid state.

    1. izonlyme says:

      Thank you for your comments. I hope others reading this page will take them to heart. So sorry you feel that Texas is a sorry state. I’m sure that all the other states have viscious people as well. I’m just sad that you have not seen the brighter, more intelligent, and more considerate side of Texas. As for politics, well, I’d better leave that one alone. Thanks again!

  41. izonlyme says:

    Well, I go away and leave you people on your own for a while, and what do I get? Pettiness, ridiculous bickering, and more insults. I honestly think you all believe this is good clean fun – attacking innocent people with slanderous, vicious and vile accusation, petty remarks, and of all things, threats (that means you, Justice is Just). I don’t think most of you have given a second of thought to the affect you are creating, the people you are hurting. It’s just a game. Know one will ever know who you are, so you can use all the bad manners and attitudes you want. Maybe you don’t have anything better to do. Maybe this is your way of having fun. Maybe you have no appreciation of the opportunity provided you here by CBS 11. Whatever, the fun stops here. From now on, you can insult each other. I have far, far better things to do than provide myself as your private punching bag. I think you are all being disgusting and acting like immature children. I doubt very seriously that this is the kind of use that CBS Channel 11 intended when they provided you with a comment page. So, enjoy your little trysts. Have fun biting each other’s heads off. Sling your arrows and threats far and wide. I hope that all of you who are acting in such an ill-mannered way have the golden opportunity some day to be the recipient of such comments. Maybe then, you’ll show a little more respect, consideration, and appreciation. Have a nice day.

  42. dagny says:

    @ Justice is Just, We aren’t in this for money. We don’t care about money. So grow up.

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