Authorities Chase Fugitive Around Tarrant County

HURST (CBSDFW.COM) – On the run, weaving in and out of highway traffic, a fugitive riding a motorcycle led police in Fort Worth on a wild chase on Thursday afternoon. The incident started when officers found the man on the southeast side of Fort Worth.

That is where the chase was first triggered. “It was down in southeast part of Fort Worth, off of Loop 820, that they initially located him,” explained Lt. David Crook with the Texas Department of Public Safety. “Upon pulling up next to him and telling him to pull over, he then fled.”

The fugitive led authorities around other parts of Fort Worth, into Arlington, and ultimately up Loop 820 into Hurst. Along the way, he seemed to taunt the FBI agents, state troopers and police officers who were in pursuit. “He would speed up, then slow down. He’d speed various directions,” said Crook. “Go east, then turn around and go back west, and turn off on side roads.”

Authorities said that it was clear that the fugitive had no destination in mind.

That motorcycling fugitive was later identified as Terry Sillers. His record shows a history of drug and burglary convictions, and he has been paroled several times. U.S. Marshals had a warrant out for his arrest for a parole violation.

Blended into the highway traffic were unmarked police vehicles and plain clothes officers inside. As he passed one of those officers in a red pickup truck, Sillers exchanged a few words and finally pulled over. Police quickly surrounded Stillvers and took him down.

Although the view was obscured, one of the arresting officers appeared to strike Sillers. However, he showed no signs of injury as federal agents took him into custody.

Authorities had no comment on the take-down immediately after the arrest was over, only saying that Sillers appeared to give up. “He actually pulled over,” Crook said. “I guess he noticed there were aircraft and the number of units involved, and he pulled over.”

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One Comment

  1. Grace says:

    I saw no reason for the officer to hit the man. There were enough officers that had him down and he wasn’t one of the first ones. The officer was wrong to strike the man.

  2. anonymous says:

    He was white so he only got two or three fists instead of 500 boot stomps and 100 rounds of 9mm ammo in the back. He got lucky.

    1. anonymous' friend says:

      Right and since he’s white, he’ll also be paying for his own treatment. See, we can go on forever. Come on, the race card is getting old, stop being a baby.

  3. Anonymous2 says:

    I agree with Grace and anonymous. There was no apparent reason for the officer to hit the man because he was clearly restrained by other officers. That officer needs to be suspended and undergo additional training.

  4. Nixon says:

    I agree with Grace, there was no reason for the Officer to run as fast as he could and strike the man, who was clearly restrained.

  5. Shira Israel-Levin says:

    I saw the chase on TV this afternoon. He did appear to be playing with the police
    who were chasing him. More than once I saw Sillers look over at officers and
    gesturing to them. Also, I saw him more than once slow down then speed up again
    as though teasing the police officiers. Maybe it was those things were a reason in
    the officier’s mind to hit him.

    1. David says:

      So if I assault someone I have to go to prison, but if an officer does it he gets what? A pat on the back.

  6. noobamain2012 says:

    He was driving around in Dallas but officers were told NOT to chase him they could only”follow” him. Good thing there are still police chiefs and police agencies with the guts to go after and capture real bad guys. Once he crossed into Tarrant County the chase was on….. LOL.

    1. P says:

      He earned to get his a$$ whipped anyway. If he was in another country, they would have just taken his dumb a$$ out.(end of story) But we try to handle everbody with kid gloves here, including agg felons that should be locked away for life. Get over it!

  7. GASM says:

    Wow,someone finally noticed a police doing something wrong? Don’t waste time……police are never found guilty or they get suspended with pay….how fair or better is that?


    if any lawyers are reading this please get in touch with nephew is sitting in tarrant count jail and was beat severely by the Mansfield police department he has a dislocated shoulder and is missing a fair amount of skin off his face because of the beating he took .it was a similar situation but my nephew had laid down before the police got to him and they still beat severely,it was so bad that his girlfriend coward in the floorboard of the vehicle they were in,and now tarrant county police are harassing him while he is in custody,so if anyone knows of a lawyer or is a lawyer in tarrant county please e-mail me ,i live in Waco and disabled or i would be knocking on every lawyers door,than you Laura Chadwick

  9. Aa says:

    He had no right to hit him. Sillers could have gotten away easily he chose to stop. He chose to make it easy. He prolly felt bad for the stupid *{^{>||£~¥\ f******* wow good job you got a bad guy. They didn’t tell you his parole violation was he failed for alcohol !!! He ha a f***^*^ beer! Wow your right he’s a bad man. It’s reasons like this they never have a chance, you give them parole then revoke it for a beer. He’s actually a lot better person than anyone would think. Assuming he’s a monster is just what the tv has you believe.

  10. Grace says:

    Aa, as for the parole violation for beer, I would say that it would all depend on what he was on parole for. Say for example, a felony DWI, or any other felony that was alcohol related. If he was drinking while he was on that bike, he was breaking the law. They know when they sign those papers what they are not supposed to do.

    All in all, there was no reason for him to be beat on.

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