Confederate Flag License Plate Sparks Debate

Texas Might Allow Confederate Flag On License Plates

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Would you buy a license plate with a Confederate flag on it? State officials are looking at possibly launching a new Texas state license plate honoring veterans of the War Between the States.

Mr. Hilary Shelton, with the NAACP in Washington, D.C., said that the Civil War may not be something we want to celebrate.

“When many look at that history, we think about it in terms of secession, that is we were seceding from the Union in the southern parts of the country,” explained Shelton. “Many would view that, quite frankly, as treason, because they meant to actually destroy the existing governmental structure. But when we dig deeper, the issue becomes even more offensive to many African Americans and those that sought freedom for those of darker skin in our country.”

“When you understand the Confederate history, and what it stood for,” said Dallas resident Mark Jones, “it’s directly slapping African Americans in the face.”

In terms of the Civil War, Shelton said that the Confederate flag was actually very un-American. “It was the flag that was flown during a war to actually tear the nation apart,” Shelton explained.

“I don’t think that this will unify us,” said Carrollton resident Carolina Arreola. “Our patriotism is to the Unites States flag.”

But the Texas Sons of Confederate Veterans have renewed their push for a Texas license plate that includes the rebel flag in its design.

Thomas Muhammed founded an organization to recover reparations for slavery. Still, he would not oppose the license plates. “I don’t see how a flag hurts someone, as long as the people displaying these license plates are not killing people physically who are of African descent.” Muhammed said.

Currently, nine states already allow the license plates. A statement in a recent newsletter from the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans said, “…the Florida Division, the eleventh state, has just filed a lawsuit against the DOT there after their request was denied. I am confident their case will prevail, because legal precedents are in place. I am hopeful that the Texas DOT also realizes this as they consider our application.”

(Note: Despite the above quote, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is actually the state agency responsible for the state license plates, NOT the Texas Department of Transportation.)

Shelton said that, ultimately, the issue is not about feelings over the Confederacy or those who fought in the Civil War. “The issue here is whether or not we should allow state dollars to be utilized to actually continue to advance these notions of the ‘Old Confederacy,’ and somehow or another that slavery and all those other things that were parts of that Confederacy were something worth celebrating. I think many, many of us would say the answer is absolutely ‘no.'”

However, the City of Dallas already has a large Confederate memorial and several schools named after Confederate generals.

The state board that regulates license plates has rejected Confederate flag license plates before, but the issue is set to come up again at an upcoming meeting that has not yet been scheduled.

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  • Soonerdiver

    So… “Thomas Muhammed founded an organization to recover reparations for slavery. Still, he would not oppose the license plates. “I don’t see how a flag hurts someone, as long as the people displaying these license plates are not killing people physically who are of African descent.” Muhammed said.”

    Does that mean it would be ok if they are killing Asian Americans, Irish Americans or anyone else except African Americans?

    This is a racist statement from the get go… and shows that hatred is still on both sides of the coin.

    • Jeff P.

      The states should not be allowed to display any flag that is not currently recognized. The South was defeated and their flag should go down as well.
      No country displays the flag of another country that they defeated.
      If you want to celebrate your ethnic background join the Black Panthers or KKK.
      Government should not take sides unless of course you’re Eric Holder.

      • larry

        So what’s your thought on display of the mexican flag in the US?

        Thought so…

      • Leonard

        …And the Mexican flag we see displayed so often aroundour country? Didn’t we defeat THEM in the Mexican-American War?

      • Stogie

        Wow, glad to see you are so dedicated to the First Amendment and freedom of expression….not.

      • Larry Croft

        It wouldn’t bother me. I’m pretty much a happy-go-lucky guy who has been blessed to the point I function well with all – even people I don’t like. Here is Arizona we have winter visitors from Canada who display Canadian flags with no objection from others than I know about. However, I would not approve of some unofficial foreign flags such as one with a swastika imprint.

      • M G

        The Blacks , have won and taken your battle flag. They should fly it proudly.
        I would , It was won with blood and courage. and it is history, our history.

      • The Quadfather

        Dixie still stands! You can see it during the presidential elections on the electorial map.We will vote solid to get rid of the great usurper!


        My gosh, man. Oh, well. You have to live with yourself 24/7. Better you than me.

      • J

        You are an idiot.

        So while you are at it, ban all the Mexican flags in the US, as well as any from Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy, Japan, et al, since the US has defeated them in past wars as well, heritage be damned, I guess…

        If you can’t separate warfare and belligerents from personal heritage and pride, you are a total moron.

      • Dale Presley

        Since the Confederacy was made up of 13 nations (the seceded states became individual nations at that time), then all the state flags that are now flying that have not changed since 1865, should be disallowed? Yes that makes sense, keep the southern stated under the oppressed foot of the US government, just like the reconstitution era of the post war. Let’s go ahead and remove all history of the South prior to 1865. We didn’t do anything for this country anyway, did we?

      • Jeff P.

        J you’re the idiot. I don’t see any of the flags you mentioned on any State sponsored items. I see that most people here have trouble with reading AND comprehending. I never said that private individuals could not display the flag of their choice, just the US and State Gov’t should not be allowed to do so.

    • tea isstronger


      Texas would be the second or third richest nation on earth if it were no longer part of the USA. The Congress and Federal Government are going to pull all of us into the sewer of history if we do not do something quickly. Mexico already has sent Mexican Army units across the boarder into the US unopposed. UN troops may already be stationed in the US already.

      • J Allen

        Yes, Texas, please secede. I will even give you bus fare.


        the rest of the nation would not exist for long without TEXAS!

      • rick

        @ j allen: texas doesnt need your bus fair. It is the only state that is in recovery.

      • Kev

        @ rick: it’s spelled “fare”.

      • Real Rick

        If Texas will secede, I’ll move there tomorrow! Love Texas!!!

      • krakenbound

        Anti-Federalism (Confederation) is a morally valid and highly functional political organization among states. In FACT, it was the anti-slavery forces that first proposed succession… Northern succession from the Southern States. In our highly polarized (balkanizad) society (capitalists vs. socialists), discussing a non-violent re-organization of our states into politically and socially aligned nations is logical, responsible and unfortunately, necessary. Better to do it by pen than bullet.

      • Reb

        If you want to continue this debate

        I suggest that you visit this link and debate with some of the folks over there – I guarantee you will get an education at

        Take the poll while you are there and kick up a fuss so the good ol boys will pay attention to you.

    • Robert Allen

      The ‘Civilized Indian Tribes’ had their own Confederate Battle Flags .. and the last Confederate General to surrender was an American Indian. The reason is because the battle against the Union was primarily a battle against the genocide against the Native Americans .. which did happen and which was led by none other than General Sherman .. who gained his genocidal skills by flattening Atlanta. If you are against the Confederacy, you are pro-genocide – basically no better than a filthy Nazi.

      • Stogie

        Instigant said:
        Uh… no. Just no.
        The Civil War was definitely fought because the Union wanted there to be no slavery in the States and the South opposed them so much that they seceded.
        I hope you’re not actually in charge of anything important.

        My reply: You’re totally wrong and your beliefs are based on a third-grader’s view of American history.

      • adf

        this is a ridiculous interpretation of Indian participation in the Civil War.

        The Creeks were staunchly Pro Union, and fought on the Union side.

      • Instigant

        Uh… no. Just no.

        The Civil War was definitely fought because the Union wanted there to be no slavery in the States and the South opposed them so much that they seceded.

        I hope you’re not actually in charge of anything important.

      • Waldo Binney

        Good point Robert…had ancestors on both sides. There is no accounting for the ignorance of liberals and do gooders. It’s enough to make a person puke.

    • John Isbell

      The one thing that the constitution of the United States in the first Amendment says is that we have a right to free political speech. Case closed!

    • Dave Mustaine

      How about Nazi Flag? I don;t see how a flag hurts someone.

    • Nonnieg5

      I have nothing bad to say about Texes,except,when driving it,it never ends! As for the confederate flag being on a licence plate…..It always seems to open old wounds. They were fighting to keep people down and treat them lesser then most people would treat there dogs. And remember who brought them here in chains to start with……The confederate flag should be outlawed and only displayed as a sad time,a learning time in our history. God Bless America!!

      • Reb

        Yep, Texas is a might big State. Sorry Nonnleg5, but your info is incorrect. The Southron states fought for their freedom from what they considered a bad union. Tarriffs, not slavery, was the strongest root cause of this War for Southron Independence. What opens old wounds is when you try to suppress our tribute to thjose valant heroes who fougt for the South.

        Yes, I remember who bought the slaves to America, under the Union Flag until the last ship arrived. No Confederate ship ever brought slaves to America. So with you logic, should we ban the U.S. Flag?

        The Confederate Battle Flag is what we are speaking of here – not the Confederate National Flag (which incidentally flys at the borders of Texas along with the other 5 National Flags Texas has been under). The CBF provided inspiration for the Southron boys, outnumbered and outgunned, yet still they managed victory over victory over the Union tyrants, until they raan out of bullets, and men. Lincoln’s war cost 600,000 Americans their lives.

        Those were my ancestors, and I do not appreciate you talking ill of them.

        If you want to debate and learn more, go to

        God Bless the South and America!!

  • Greg

    We have to purchase license plates to put on our vehicles. It is not like the state is using someones tax money to produce and then issue them. Shouldn’t we have a choice of what we want on them?

    • grapost

      You can always cover up or cross out the flag if you don’t like it!

      • Dan

        No you can’t!: Here is the law from DPS:

        Sec. 502.409. WRONG, FICTITIOUS, ALTERED, OR OBSCURED LICENSE PLATE. (a) A person commits an offense if the person attaches to or displays on a motor vehicle a number plate or registration insignia that:

        (1) is assigned to a different motor vehicle;

        (2) is assigned to the vehicle under any other motor vehicle law other than by the department;

        (3) is assigned for a registration period other than the registration period in effect;

        (4) is fictitious;

        (5) has blurring or reflective matter that significantly impairs the readability of the name of the state in which the vehicle is registered or the letters or numbers of the license plate number at any time;

        (6) has an attached illuminated device or sticker, decal, emblem, or other insignia that is not authorized by law and that interferes with the readability of the letters or numbers of the license plate number or the name of the state in which the vehicle is registered; or

        (7) has a coating, covering, protective material, or other apparatus that:

        (A) distorts angular visibility or detectability;

        (B) alters or obscures one-half or more of the name of the state in which the vehicle is registered; or

        (C) alters or obscures the letters or numbers of the license plate number or the color of the plate.

      • Reaganlover

        Quadfather: Thank you for calling them “tags.” A “plate” is what you use to eat food. The registration placard on a vehicle is properly called a tag. I’m from Penna. and we (usually) call them tags. However, every now and then you get someone who calls them “plates” and it just grinds at me. And I’m surprised that the author of this article used the wrong term for the whole piece.

      • The Quadfather

        Grapost, you have to order the Sons of Confederate Veterans flag tag if you want it. They’re not going to put this on all Texas tags. Incidently, If all y’all knew your Confederate history, you would know that displaying the Confederate flag does not support slavery, is not treason, is american and is patriotic.

    • John Reagansmasher

      @reaganlover I wish I could punch you in the face.
      Penna? No wonder I dislike you.
      Ive been on on this planet forty five years and I’ve heard it both ways, plate first. I thought I had a friend in Pennsylvania but it was only you.

      • dixieskye

        I thought it was a license plate. That’s what Ive always called it. well, Ive heard it called tag too, but mostly plate.

  • Rpm

    This is a meaningless discussion by those ignorant of our history in Texas because we already have and utilize our own Texas confederate flag every day. It flew and led Texas regiments into battle during the War Between The States and now flies at every public building, in front of every school and at every police and fire station statewide. It’s commonly referred to as The Lone Star Flag.

    • GS

      Waaaahhhhh…..the Texas flag is racist!

      • ANV

        No only people are racists flags just distinguish groups with honorable symbolism made of silk, cotton, linen or nylon.

    • Boots

      This is wrong. The Lone Star flag was the Flag of the Texas Republic starting in 1839, well before the Civil War. Whether or not it was carried into battle is irrelevant, it is not a “Confederate” flag. lf you’re going to quote history, do your research and get it right.

      • Boots

        confederatecavalry – all the dirt is between your ears, peabrain. The Lone Star Flag was not a ‘secession’ flag against Mexico (we didn’t ‘secede’ because we never ‘joined’ Mexico), and it didn’t even exist at any time during the Texas Revolution. It did not exist until 1838 and wasn’t adopted until 1839. And if you are going to go after somebody using your idiot handle, then don’t go after somebody whose ancestors were actually Confederate cavalry. Mine served in the Texas 4th and commanded the Texas 5th. Get your facts straight and do you research if you are going to flap you piehole. is a good start.

        And Reb, back to the main point here, YET AGAIN, first there is no valid reason to have ANY decoration on a license plate except to provide more funds to our weenie state legislators to WASTE more of our money. The state government should be in the business of minding its own limited business, not diving into retail marketing. And I presume if you support the right of people to buy a Confederate license plate, you also fiercely support their right to buy one that says Black Power and Che Guevara Lives and I Heart Al Qaeda??? Freedom of speech and all that? Well, nobody’s freedom of speech is impeded by being denied an idiotic “thematic” license plate that should have no ‘theme’ in the first place. People can plaster idiotic stickers all over their car now, and without a penny of taxpayer expense being appropriated do to it. POLITICS DOESNT BELONG ON A LICENSE PLATE AND THE STATE (and FEDERAL_ GOVERNMENT SHOULD GET ITSELF BACK INTO THE BUSINESS OF BUTTTING OUT OF PEOPLE’S PRIVATE BUSINESS.

        But the most important point here is slavery was an abomination, no matter how you slice it, and there’s no good reason to advertise the Confederacy on a license plate, no matter how noble your intent (just as there is no legitimate reason to advertise a murdering little punk Marxist like a Guevara, or Black Power to promote the racist Black Panthers or a flaming KKK cross for a bunch of knuckle dragging mouth-breathing psychopaths). No matter how noble many of the Confederacy’s aims might have been (the preservation of valid states rights, adherence to the original intent of the Constitution against an increasingly over-reaching and corrupt Federal government of the time), and no matter that the vast majority of Southern soldiers and cavalrymen didn’t own slaves and fought for the more noble ends themselves, the mere fact that slavery was practiced in the South was a stain on both the South’s honor and that of the nation. Yankee slave trading economies of the time (New England where the slave ships were based) also shared this dishonor. Enslaving your fellow man is a sin so contemptible and vile so as to eclipse any other virtue a nation might claim to possess. Are you going to say its ok to put a NAZI flag on the plates because they rescued the German people for the depths of a crippling depression? I guess we should forget about the millions they murdered then, and the hundreds of thousands of Americans that fought and died to end their reign?

        If you want to have the flag displayed and used at Civil War reenactments and battles to educate people on the causes, actions and effects of the war, I have not problem with that. History should indeed be taught fully and openly, so future generations don’t make the same tragic mistakes of the past.

      • Reb

        BOOTS – by your statement : “Whether or not it was carried into battle is irrelevant, it is not a “Confederate” flag’ then the BattleFlag which we wish to put on Texas license ‘plates’ is not a Confederate Flag. The Bonnie Blue Flag (the first national Flag of Texas and the current Texas Flag both were carried into battle along with the Confederate Battle Flag.

        There is nothing wrong with Texas allowing its car owners an option to display their Ancesstors proud Heritage, If you don’t want it, don’t order it.

      • Robert Allen

        Um, the Confederacy was ALSO founded before the War Between the States. The States seceded legally – joining the Union at the time was no different than Belgium joining the European Union today. (What sane State would have joined a Union or alliance in the first place if it remotely believed it could not later withdraw if the deal under which it entered changed?) It was Abraham Lincoln who changed this by force .. and by the deaths of 600,000 people.

      • Troy

        Thanks Robert for shedding some light on this. The only war criminal in the civil war was Lincoln. He attacked a sovereign nation because they wanted their freedom from Union taxes. They seceded for the same reason the 13 colonies were formed independent of Great Britain. Simple history will show the southern secession had nothing to do with slavery, and that slavery was done in the south well before the north. They just wanted their freedom from the long arm of Lincoln.

      • The Quadfather

        Texas was a welcome addition to the Confederacy in 1861. Texans served bravely.

      • confederatecavalry

        Boots you are as dumb as dirt.It was a secession flag against Mexico.

      • Reb

        Boots says: “And Reb, back to the main point here, YET AGAIN, first there is no valid reason to have ANY decoration on a license plate except to provide more funds to our weenie state legislators to WASTE more of our money. The state government should be in the business of minding its own limited business, not diving into retail marketing”

        Boots, I guess you didn’t know that here in Texas we can buy what the DMV calls ‘Special plates’. You have to pay extra for them, and in some cases you have to show identification to show that you belong to the organization the plate represents. That extra money goes to the State, so it is a profitable item.

        Now you are bad mouthing the right of the Sons of Confederate Veterans by trying to compare them to hate groups, but they are not – they are a Heritage Group, and have the right to have such plates.

        Your arguments about various hate groups and the rambling bumbling way you try to attach Slavery to the poor farmers and townspeople who fought against an invading yankee army shows me that you really don’t have a good grasp of the knowledge necessary to debate those issues.

        I suggest that you visit this link and debate with some of the folks over there – I guarantee you will get an education at

        Take the poll whole you are there and kick up a fuss so the good ol boys will pay attention to you.

  • A. Adams

    The MAIN reason for the Civil War was over tarriffs. The South wanted to have free trade with Europe and the North wanted to levy heavy taxes and tarriffs to pay for its infrastructure and growing government. Does this sound familar??? Yes slavery was a big part of it to. Today, the South is pro free trade; look at all the foreign manufacturing in the South versus the decaying industries in the North. I’m not a secessionist, but the words Jefferson Davis said “the cause for which we fight is bound to reassert itself in another time and in another manner” sure look look prophethic. A region that is becoming a financial power combined with a history independence, a seperate culture and a mistrust of Washington DC and/or strong central government will eventually lead to an impasse.

    • Don in Texas

      This is the most educated post in the entire section. Wars are always about either money, land, or religion. Anything else is pure propaganda.

      • zhorkon

        I’d go further and say that wars are always about money, money and more money. A lot of the Confederate draftees “back in the day” understood this better than most of us do: Ever hear their complaint “Rich man’s war, poor man’s fight”? Most Confederates, like most Yankees, owned no slaves. They owned no large plantations or manufacturies in which to profit from the “peculiar institution” – or from the wage slavery of the pre-union North. Southern society did cultivate a climate of bigotry and racism since the South’s “leaders” found it useful to divert attention from their own rapacity by setting the “white trash” – what we’d call “the little people” today – against someone even lower down on the social ladder. But this propaganda driven nonsense doesn’t detract much from the individual, common Confederate soldier, whatever his level of consciousness and allegiances. He was generally a brave man and worthy of respect on that basis alone.

      • Outrider

        You must be a History major because you just summed up the 3 Keys to History.
        Regards from the Oklahoma.

    • Tom K

      Durnit- we were having such an insanely emotional discussion and you had to go and bring facts into it.

      • GerryWayne

        I love how the brain-drips claim the Civil War was about slavery.. when ..checking some old slave sale posters and sales records.. most sales started at $1000.00 and went as high as $30,000.00 Not exactly pocket money for people that averaged less than a dollar per week pay check.. Therefore , applying logic to the situation.. it is obvious that only a few Plantation owners were able to buy slaves.. and there were also whites that sold themselves into indentured servitude.. and I dont think there would have been so many people joining the Confederate Army just to defend Slave Owning Plantations.. aka.. going to fight for the rich.. obviously it was about other things..

    • Daniel Megibben

      Amazing a logical post! Also don’t forget the UNION SLAVE STATES Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri and West Virginia… Far from a war for/against slavery it was a war concerning economics and taxation. Slavery was only brought in later as a moral rallying point. Also many in the Confederate states were abolitionists even Gen. Robert E. Lee

      • tharp42

        A lot of revisionist BS. The Civil War was absollutely about the preservation of slavery, which is as ECONOMIIC as it gets. The whole southern economy was dependend on the “peculiar institution,” and the South seceded to keep it in tact. Face facts: The South tried to break up our great country in order to perpetuate a practice that is straight-up evil. They were on the wrong side of history and deserve everything they got.

      • Tom Whitfield

        Tharp42, Daniel is right. The Civil War was fought over the base issue of States’ Rights, and whether the State or the Federal government was supreme. The Southern States argued that the 10th Amendment gave them the right to allow certain things within their borders – such as slavery – and the Federal government had no power to regulate that.

        The South seceded over this issue. While the specific issue that caused secession was slavery, the overall guiding concept over which the States seceded was States’ Rights vs Federal Sovereignty.

        After four years of war and over 600,000 dead, the Federal government now reigns supreme, and look where we are. The war also decided the implied right of a State to secede from the union if the State believed the compact between it and the union was being violated.

        Make no mistake, a State joining the Union was a compact between the two parties. It was understood before the Civil War that States retained the right to voluntarily separate from the union.

        The War didn’t start when the States began to secede; the War started when the United States failed to remove its military presence from the soil of the State of South Carolina, which was no longer a part of the United States and had requested the Federal troops be removed from its territory since the lease on the land at Ft. Sumter had expired. Lincoln decided to reinforce Ft. Sumter instead, which South Carolina regarded as an Act of War.

        Several States now are pushing the States’ Rights issue again. I’m very concerned as to how this will play out, as a secession movement is beginning to rise again in several states.

      • Troy

        Wake up and check where the ports were located that brought in the slaves. The only revisionist history is due to embarrassment from the North. The slave trade is what funded the war for the North. Putting your head in the sand and ignoring the truth is the northern revisionists job, along with the scallywags that moved into the south, post civil war to take advantage of Shermans genocidal tantrum. You need to look past the political slant of Lincoln and see what really paid for the Northern troops. The answer was, the Slave Trade. Philadelphia, Boston, New York, all Northern ports, read a book and find a southern port that brought in slaves. Right there were none. Learn the facts. The south DIDN’T break up the Union at the time, they broke away from the union. They were a real Sovereign Country, and Lincoln was wrong by creating a war with another country. This country was recognized by the existent US constitution. It was the northern liberals who created the slavery point to give a moral backing to the north’s false claims. Truth is just like now the north would have been bankrupt without the tariffs levied on the south.

    • Bawlamer Merlin

      Excellent post! And the Lincoln worshippers need to look up Lincoln’s speeches during the 4th Lincoln-Douglas debate to find out how he really felt about black and white people being together. I’m white and my beautiful, intelligent wife is black. Let’s just say that we disagree with The Great Emancipator’s views on the subject. It’s always better to check out primary source history than to rely on what has been filtered through the “education” system.

  • jill

    No, no, no! This is not the flag that represents anything but slavery! Haven’t you read the Constitution from the Confederate States? Do your homework and read it for yourself.

    • ANV

      No, No, No, this flag represents Independence from tyranny, honor, integrity fortitude,of Confederate Americans, by all means compare both Constitutions! Slavery has existed under most flags which existed before 1900.

      • Good Stuff

        Texas – We hold as undeniable truths that the governments of the various States, and of the confederacy itself, were established exclusively by the white race, for themselves and their posterity; that the African race had no agency in their establishment; that they were rightfully held and regarded as an inferior and dependent race

  • GS

    We need dixie license plates about as much as we need discussions about reparations.

    • Ornley Gumfudgen

      Just about as much as we need vanity plates an bumper stickers claimin “My kid is better than yer kid.”

      Look, it ain’t nothin more than a vanity plate an th financially strapped government is only tryin ta defer costs ta those vain enough ta pay fer thair vanity.

      Now ya can have th government increase th fees fer yer own plates if ya want but personally I’d like ta see th insanely vain people pick up that cost an leave me alone.

      Hey, if ya want a pacifist or a redneck plate, it don’t make no difference ta me especially if yer vanity lowers my cost of doin business.

      Besides, most of ya don’t even know what true racism is really all about an are simply tryin ta squeeze a little money out fer yerselves as ya promote yer own brand of racism.

      Get yerself a sharp knife an cut yer arm with it. That red stuff runnin down yer arm is exactly like th red stuff runnin down everyone else arm an th color of th skin don’t make a damn bit of difference.

      Actin out against or protectin one race over another is nothin more than racism an either way ya look at it it’s wrong an we got more important issues ta deal with.


        I have a vanity plate and a license plate frame that reads “My son is on the warden’s list at Florence.” The plate is for ego building and the frame is to show the world my superior humor.

  • Kim Dar

    It is part of the history of this country and there is nothing that can be done to erase it though many have tried and are still trying. I just see it as a flag that used to fly over the south period. Get over it, we cannot pick and choose what history we want to celebrate. Where would be as a country if we had now gone through this part of history?

    • Gene

      History is constant, remember that

    • GerryWayne

      MAybe “we” will put away our flags when “they” stop using slavery as a crutch for everything they do.

  • Braxton Bragg

    The flag is a part of our history, and many of us had ancestors who fought for the South during the war. Its the non-native yankees who are stirring up all the trouble about this. If they don’t like Texas then let them go on back home to their crumbling cities in the north.

    • Zachary Taylor

      Double shot your guns and give them hell, Bragg!!

      • taildrag

        Cowboy hat clowns.

  • dhincc

    “Many would view that, quite frankly, as treason, because they meant to actually destroy the existing governmental structure”. Mr. Shelton is incorrect as well. If one actually bothers to read the Federalist Papers or anything else written during that time period, they would find that there was not only a “right” for participating states to seceed, indeed, there was an obligation to seceed from a too powerful federal government that was attempting to seriously overstep its constitutional authority. Right or wrong, and for whatever reason or no reason at all, the states had a legal right to seceed. The “union” was voluntary. That’s why, up until the War Between the States, every speech given by a president of this country that referenced this country used the term “these united states” (several, forming one). During and after the war, all the way to present day, it’s “THE united states” (ONE, not several, as the constitution intended).

    As far as the plates are concerned, when you go banning something because it may be offensive to someone (even something as innocuous as a small flag on a license plate) you’re skating on thin ice. “The issue here is whether or not we should allow state dollars to be utilized to actually continue to advance these notions of the ‘Old Confederacy,’ and somehow or another that slavery and all those other things that were parts of that Confederacy were something worth celebrating”. Oops. Mr. Shelton is incorrect … again! State dollars? I was under the impression my overpriced state fees paid for the plates on my vehicles. I’m only allowed new plates every so many years. If I want them before that, or a certain design, I PAY! Correct? Let em have the plates, if they want them. If you’re “offended”, don’t take yourself so seriously and grow up!

    • aubreyfarmer

      Smedley Butler said all wars are a racket and he was right. Guess who owned the majority of slave ships that brought all the Africans to America. Now who do you think were the quartermasters providing everything under the Sun to the North. “Wars are the Jews harvest, for with them we take the Christians gold, we have killed 100 million of them, but the end is not yet.

  • Bawlamer Merlin

    I wonder if any of these folks’ descendants are okay with it? I would imagine they are.

  • jc

    For those who don’t know the facts, the Stars and Bars is not a representation of slavery. It represents a country in wihch broke itself off from an over dominant Federal Government. The wanted their freedom, just as the original 13 colonies wanted theirs…

    And in regards to the slavery issue……….less than 10% of the each southern states population ownded slaves.

    • ST

      The “Stars and Bars” is NOT the Confederate battle flag though it’s often confused. The “Stars and Bars” was the first national flag of the Confederacy.

    • Bob

      all you folks must be loved by the MSM and the communists, after all you seem to match the parodies that they imagine what all true conservatives are like. F*** the confederacy and f*** every traitor to the U.S. Seriously, do we have to go on about how the viet-cong were right, or that the Soviets were misunderstood?

    • Bawlamer Merlin

      I wonder how many anti-Confederate flag mouth-breathers have ever actually read the Confederate Constitution?
      “Section 9 – Limits on Congress, Bill of Rights

      1. The importation of negroes of the African race from any foreign country other than the slaveholding States or Territories of the United States of America, is hereby forbidden; and Congress is required to pass such laws as shall effectually prevent the same.

      2. Congress shall also have power to prohibit the introduction of slaves from any State not a member of, or Territory not belonging to, this Confederacy.”

      Men like Robert E. Lee knew that slavery would not last forever. Many slaves had already bought their freedom. One last point, has there ever been any country that does not have war, bloodshed and slavery in their history?

  • elihu

    I’m all for a Texas license plate with the Confederate Flag BOLDLY showing on it!

  • T Bonham

    When I read comments about this subject I am always surprised by the lack of critical thinking that goes into opinions. Slavery aside, think for a moment….a 18 year old poor white kid from Virginia (or any other state in the South) with no opportunity to own an another person (definitely against the moral laws of our day and against the spirit of the DOI) and will probably always farm a piece of land not his own, decides to join fellow soldiers in risking their lives for something they will never be able to financially afford. Does that make sense to you?

    Of course it doesn’t the Civil War was more a war for freedom, in to different ways. Mr. Lincoln’s war had the unfortunate unintended consequence of Saving the Union but killing the Republic. He won the war of freeing Black americans but enslaved all to a Ever expanding Federal government.

    • aubreyfarmer

      Absolutely right. Did you know that Lincoln had an affair with the illegitimate daughter of King Leopold and that affair resulted in the birth of twin girls. John Wilkes Booth was Mrs. Lincoln’s opium dealer and a part of the Southern security apparatus. Booth was paid to help kidnap the President but Mrs. Lincoln had already shot him in the head when Booth attempted the kidnapping. Seeing he had been double crossed he jumped from the balcony to escape and broke his leg. I think this part was left out of the history books on purpose. I mean after all, what would we think.

  • Keep_Honkin_I'm_Reloading

    A “slap in the face to African Americans”?

    a slap in the face?

    What I consider a “slap in the face”, is constantly hearing how blacks(not “African Americans”) somehow think they are owed reparations, Affirmative Action, Welfare, Black Caucusing in govt, their own pageants, “history” month, colleges, college funds… and on and on and on.

    Why should they be the only one’s afforded some sense of racial…excuse me “cultural” separation and/or celebration?

  • John

    I am sure that many German soldiers fought honorably, but that does not take away from the hated memory of the Nazi’s. The Nazi flag is a symbol of hate. To many people, African American and others, the Confederate flag is as hateful as the Nazi Flag.
    I am a tea party member. I am not a left wing loon. I know the southern poverty law center has little to do with law as it has to do with socialism( communisn really) Most of my mother’s relatives were from South Carolina and North Carolina and in fact were leaders in those states. Nazi’s believed in race superiority. Many in the south felt the same about African’s.

    • rick

      “I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races. I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people. And I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will ever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. … And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.” – Abraham Lincoln in his fourth debate with Stephen Douglas in the campaign for the United States Senate on September 18th of 1858.

  • Mr. Clark

    “Texas = redneck ignorant savages”

    Is it TX rednecks who raped 35000 woman last year? Or commit 55% of the violent crime in America while only 13% of the population (eight times as high as whites for murder and more than ten times for robbery )? Guess which “community” these figures represent and therin you will find savagery in its truest form. These figures disgust me far worse than any flag ever flown.

    • Keep Honkin I'm Reloading

      Right on Mr Clark

      It must also be Texans who are robbing(at will) one strip mall after another.

    • BDub

      i have never been called a savage. When lefty windbags see the numbers you presented, it is still the white community’s fault for not doing enough for the other community.

    • trouble

      Lieing like a rug you are.

      You seem to be very clueless about the state you are insulting.

    • Tom Whitfield

      Citation for your numbers, Mr. Clark? Or did you just pull them out of your posterior? For example, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, there were 8,287 rapes committed in Texas in 2009, which is the most recent year for statistics as of now, not 35,000.

      Texas ranks 15th in violent crime in the United States, according to the 2009 FBI Uniform Crime Report data, so I fail to see how Texas can have 55% of all the violent crime in the United States. Texas has a violent crime rate of 516 per 100,000 residents. Compare that to the District of Columbia’s violent crime rate of 1,508 per 100,000 residents.

      You, sir, have just invalidated any argument you may have on this thread since it’s apparent you have no idea of that which you speak, and have no concept of actual facts.

      • jacksonj

        he specifically said “crime in America” not Texas. wow you are an idiot.

  • Robert

    And the persecution complex continues…

    This isn’t a big deal. I know for a fact that SCV tags (complete with the battle flag) are available for purchase in SC and NC. I’m quite sure that they’re available in GA, as well. And, you know what, the world hasn’t imploded on itself.

    Those who take issue with this really need a hobby.

    • Jason Bullard

      10 4 on that Robert. We have them here in Georgia and our SCV here receives a portion of every one that is sold and we use those monies to build memorials to those soldiers who fought for the freedom from Mr Lincoln. Some of you folks really need to read a book and learn what Lincoln actually stood for. So those of you who think the Emancipation Proc. freed a single slave you should learn your history. And while your at it google the Corwin amendment. That was offered by the north to the south which stated slavery would be legalized if they agreed not to secede. Well guess it wasnt totally bout slavery was it?

  • PatriotAplha

    I will put one on all 4 of my vehicals.

    • Kev

      It’s spelled “vehicles”.

    • Bob

      shoes don’t count friend.

  • rbblum

    Historical relevance and significance should be honored . . . The flag (of 1824) that was flying during the Texas War of Independence should be replicated on license plates . . . not a Confederate flag.

    • Bob_in_TX

      The 1824 flag isnot relevant to this particular organization. It’s more relevant to the Sons of the Republic of Texas and NOT teh SCV. Perhaps the Stars and bars on theSCV plate should be replaced by the Confederate First National Flag. I doubt those who protest would be able to figure it out then.

      • Mike

        Actually, Bob .. the Stars and Bars IS the First National Flag, and not the Confederate Battle flag

  • Beau

    I want one bad. Sign me up!

  • Bill

    During and before the civil war the north had slaves. To say the people of the south were the only people in America who had slaves is completely false, and unfair to southerners. Just as in the north, their were southerners who thought slavery was repugnant.

    Everyone should look up Hk Edgerton on yourtube.

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