Dallas Lawyer Bags 880-Pound Alligator

DALLAS (AP)  Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn’t known for humility. Now his attorney has his own boasting point.

Dallas lawyer Levi McCathern says he hankered after some monster alligator for live game hunting. On the stagnant waters of the Trinity River about two hours downstream from Dallas in Leon County, he and a guide found a 14-foot-long, 880-pound bull gator sunning himself on the river bank.

McCathern says he killed it with a shot to its tiny reptilian brain.

Then the hard work began. Fishing guide Steve Barclay says it took two hours to raise the gator from the river bottom with a two-ton winch.

Amos Cooper of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department alligator program says four alligators 14 feet long or more have been documented in Texas since 1984.

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  1. Elaine Fondren says:

    Conquerer? Just imagine how much bigger this critter could have been and how much older it could have been if this lawyer hadn’t killed it. Where was your challenge, the alligator was sunning itself. I wonder how fast this cat would have run if this had been a bear or mountain lion. Conquerer-No.

    1. Elmer says:

      AP did not tell you that it had beed killing cattle. That is why he was allowed to shoot it.

  2. Bill Minick says:

    You don’t want to face Levi in the courthouse or the river bottoms. He’s tenacious.

    1. COLLIN says:

      I would like to meet Levi in that river bottom and see how temacious he is. He shot that Alligator illegaly on my friends ranch and NO HE DID NOT HAVE PERMISSION !!! AND NO HE WAS NOT KILLING CATTLE !!! THAT ALLIGATOR WAS A PET AND HIS NAME WAS BIG JACK. I bet Levi won’t step foot on that property again. POACHER

  3. Susanna says:

    Wow! How sad..not a fan of lawyers or gators, but really was this reptile endangering anyone? What type of hunting is this? Taking free shots at a gator sunbathing.. This reptile sounded pretty grand and majestic.

  4. Dave K. says:

    Great job Levi ! And BTW… alligators are not endangered in Texas (or the US for that matter) Their numbers have boomed over the last several decades, and we need hunting as a way to keep numbers under control. If I where a land owner adjacent to that section of the Trinity, I’d be releived to have a 14 footer off my property.

    1. W says:

      I am a landowner adjacent to the property and I am outraged that this alligator was murdered. Levi is no hero, and he is a disgrace to the State Bar of Texas. I believe the gator was killed illegally, and I hope there is a disciplinary action against Levi and prosecution of the so-called “gar boys” who are a bunch of no-goods.

      1. Richard says:

        I second that—bunch of outlaws !!!!

  5. R. Ruiz says:

    Who is the one with the tiny reptilian brain? seems to me the lawyer is the one with the tiny brain. what was so grand about shooting an animal that was just doing what nature dictated it should do. What would have been truly brave was for the lawyer to have gotten into the water and wrestled with the gator .
    There is absolutely nothing to brag about.

  6. dooky says:

    Wrong reptilian predator killed. It would have been such a better story if the gator had eaten the lawyer.

  7. kdawg says:

    When does lawyer-hunting season begin?

  8. Redhead1 says:

    What a shame such a majestic animal has been shot for someone’s
    trophy room. I agree with dooky and R. Ruiz

  9. NiteNurse says:

    So do you think this alligator was someone’s pet that got dumped years ago? Because I am constantly amazed by people who get alligators as pets.

  10. 2sister says:

    I don’t think we should kill animals just for sport. This alligator, however, didn’t need to be left just to roam around. Alligators are very dangerous animals. One that pick could easily attack and eat a person. What if it killed a child or someone’s pet? I’m sure the ranch owner didn’t want it shot just for sport. He was probably afraid it would hurt someone.

  11. Think about it... says:

    Yea, but will he go hunting with Cheney?

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