FBI Searches Home & Office Of Commissioner John Wiley Price

Latest update 8:05 p.m.

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The FBI spent much of Monday searching Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price’s home and offices.

Everything began just after 9 a.m. when federal officials executed a search warrant at the 6th Floor Book Depository in downtown Dallas, which houses the offices of the Dallas County Commissioners. The agents left the District 3 commissioner’s home just after 7 p.m. that evening.

The federal documents allege possible violations including theft or bribery concerning programs receiving federal dollars; attempt to evade taxes; fraud and false statements; structuring transactions to evade reporting requirements; laundering of money instruments; and conspiracy.

Speaking from his attorney’s office late Monday afternoon, Price said he didn’t know until he got to work this morning that anything was going on and that the entire thing has taken him by surprise.

“I’d been to a meeting. I came in [and] there were individuals both on the bottom floor and on the second floor. And so, they had search warrants and I accommodated,” he said.

Federal investigators also had search warrants for Price’s home in Oak Cliff, the DeSoto house belonging to his assistant Dapheny Fain and other locations, personal and professional, linked to him.

Just before rush hour, CBS 11 News learned that three search warrants – two for Price’s cars and one for his person – concerned any electronic storage devices, including things like personal computers, mobile phones, personal data assistants, iPhones, iPads, disks and thumbdrives. The warrants covered all those items and computer cookies and passwords dating back to 2001, in addition to safety deposit box keys and sums of cash found worth $500 or more.

When asked about the impact of the federal investigation Price said, “I mean I’ve been up against this once before. This is not the first time I’ve been up against adversity, so I look forward to that day I court,” he said. “For 27 years I’ve represented my constituents and I plan on being around for the next 27 years. I have no idea what this is all about. I’ve seen the search warrants and that’s as far as it goes. I have not seen the affidavit. I have no clue as to where they’re going.”

Dallas County spokeswoman Maria Arita told CBS 11 News the Commissioner’s Court building has been closed to the public, with only county employees being allowed inside. Arita says there is no Commissioner’s Court business being conducted today.

By afternoon FBI agents were still at the scene and were busy taking photographs of two vehicles, a new BMW 650i convertible and a Chevrolet Avalanche SUV, in the parking lot of the Commissioners Court building. Both vehicles are registered to Price’s political consultant, Kathy Nealy. Federal investigators spent the better part of the day at Nealy’s Uptown office and Victory-area townhouse.

Nealy has long been considered the “go-to” political go-getter for garnering voters and election muscle in Dallas’ Southern Sector. Nealy was paid more than $250,000 this past year from Dallas’ new mayor, Mike Rawlings, for her work on his campaign.

She has also worked for Ron Kirk, Starke Taylor, and on the American Airlines Center campaign. No word from the FBI on how she’s involved or why they are interested in her vehicles and office.

The federal warrants concerned possible crimes including; Theft or Bribery Concerning Programs Receiving Federal Funds, Attempt To Evade or to Defeat Tax, Structuring Transactions to Evade Reporting Requirements and Laundering of Money Instruments.

CBS 11 News asked County Commissioner Maureen Dickey, whose had numerous political fights with Price, for her reaction to the FBI searches. “I think it’s a happy day for Dallas County,” she said. “Because it [the FBI actions] offers hope that there’s a higher authority than county people that will come in and see – check on things. [And] if there is wrongdoing, they will do something about it.”

The searches come six years after the FBI raided Dallas City Hall in the city’s largest public corruption scandal, in which 16 people were indicted, convicted or pled guilty.

Despite published reports, CBS 11 News has learned the offices of Mike Cantrell, Dallas County Commissioner District 2, have not been searched by the FBI. “I’m sitting in my office right now. I’ve had a staff person down in the administration building and nothing has been searched,” Cantrell told KRLD NewsRadio 1080.

Dallas County Commissioner Price has been a notable face in Dallas politics for more than 25 years.

Through the years Price has often found himself at the center of controversial incidents and volatile outbursts; with the most recent happening in February when he repeatedly told several residents attending a commissioner’s court meeting to “go to hell.”

The FBI wouldn’t comment as to why the various searches were being performed.

CBS 11 News has crews covering this story and will have more information as it becomes available.

  • te

    Don’t know what prompted this search by the FBI but I am sure it is warranted. I can still recall the first time I saw him on T.V. after moving here from Houston. I thought very little of him and still feel the same. Also true of the Lipscomb (sp?) person.

    • Joe

      Yeah, Lipscomb too and there was another trouble maker named Diane Ragsdale. She caused so much trouble doing things like publicly threatening people she left her public office and kind of disappeared.

      • Alberto Knox

        Hmm… do you feel these “troublemakers” are too “uppity?”

      • fxr

        Diane Ragsdale wasn’t “uppity”. She thought the world owed her.

      • Big Mike

        HMMM what is the common denominator here

  • Mac

    It ia boout time we cleaned up Dallas’ crooked political machine.

    • X

      thats funny………Whats even more hilarious you really think thats where we should start…..

    • bob barker

      Yep and JWP is an obvious place to start.

  • Mac

    It is about time we cleaned up Dallas’ crooked politics. This is a very good start!

  • brandy

    Glad to finally see that embarrassment of a councilman exposed. Why no one has dismissed him before maybe this will reveal the real Mr. John Wiley Price. I could never stand him or lipcomb. Trash!

  • Short

    No room for bullies in politics. That’s all he is. Got his butt kicked at a protest, went away mad looking for a little man to beat up to get even. Revenge is sweet.

    • fxr

      He is a bully, I’ve seen that first hand.

  • evans

    All of you haters are hating because he(John Wiley Price) speaks the truth!! And why all of the nasty remarks about a man who is now deceased. Heartless idiots!!

    • John Phillip Cole

      JWP is a self-serving a$$hole that’s getting his comeupance. F*ck him.

      • bob barker

        yep :-)

    • LSmith

      Mr. Lipscomb was later cleared of all charges but that didn’t make the New.

      • Cole Younger

        he was a criminal wearing a stupid little hat

      • George

        HMMM don’t think he was cleared of the FELONY HEROIN POSSESSION case he was convicted of, but I guess that doesn’t matter huh?

      • Buyerbwear

        It most certainly did make the news. Still, these three–Al Lipscomb, Diane Ragsdale and John Wiley Price–have bulled their way through countless City Council meetings, have acted unprofessionally and cannot act humane for fear of being seen as week by their “constituents” (one of Ragsdale’s favorite words, once she learned its meaning). The sooner JWP is behind bars, the better.

    • WuzYoungOnceToo

      How about disliking him because he’s a thug and a moron?

      • Buyerbwear

        Reason enough for me.

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  • Bill A. Belt

    It’s about time—thanks FBI

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  • Daniel Baxter

    The Drugs is in the closet. . . .

    • bob barker

      In the closet?…that explains things…..

    • Daniel Baxter

      Only Kidding !!!!!!

      • dbas

        don’t believe that you are kidding

    • Columbo

      If there are any, I bet they’re in the dolls he collects.

  • TPA

    Be careful who you tell to go to hell. FBI, make sure you leave a science book regarding astronomy and celestial events. He has a couple of scientific terms confused.

  • LSmith

    I’m weling to bet you that he’s been set-up for being so out spoken, after 25 years as Commissioner and now all of a subben he is being investigated by the FBI. take about Crooked

    • R U Serious?


    • You're An Idiot

      All of a “subben”. Classic. “Take” about crooked. LOL! Literate fail.

  • Craig

    Just wait for the calls of “Racism” to be shouted.

    • George

      It’s already been shouted Craig. It’s always the white man holding the poor black man down. Of course his statement of “All of you are white, Go to hell!” Isn’t racist in the least is it? Since 1992 Price has been charged with the following offenses the majority of which have been dismissed;[8] aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, assault, criminal mischief, criminal trespassing, terroristic threat, aggravated assault-serious bodily injury, and sexual assault (which was dismissed by the Judge). Yea reall stand up guy you keep voting in there District 3.

      • youdontgetit

        meant to say why are NOT whites prosecuted at the same level for worse crimes- it’s because of institutional and systemic racism that favors and gives privileges to whites.

      • youdontgetit

        it is stupid to say cite racism against white. not possible. the white supremacist system is structural and system tailored for white privilege and benefit. i am not speaking of your personal feelings, i am talking about what is institutional and systemic. for example, child-woman trafficking and related sexual horrific crimes are overwhelming committed by white males yet many are not caught. most of the huge million-billion dollar corporate crimes and even war crimes are committed overwhelmingly by white males. why are they prosecuted? the system favors them.

      • bob barker

        Yuo make our point for us “youdont”? its like shooting catfish in a barrel..or carp.

      • Jessesgirl

        Atta baby George! Thanks!

      • he hate me

        you go george

      • George

        I’m sorry but racism against whites is not possible? That is the most absurd statement on these comments..
        I hate having to quote Dictonary.com but
        Racism –noun
        “1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
        3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.”
        It is possible for racism to be against any race regardless of color.
        Now you say that human trafficing and related sexual crimes are overwhelmingly committed by whites. Any statistics to back that up? I have some statistics for you though. In a 2007-08 study done by the U.S. Department of justice found that Among the 438 suspects for whom information on race was reported, blacks represented
        the largest category (36%), followed by Hispanics (31%).
        Whites and Asians accounted for 13% and 16% of
        human trafficking suspects, respectively. Asians constituted
        the largest category of labor trafficking suspects
        (37%), while blacks accounted for the largest percentage
        of sex trafficking suspects (44%)”
        So I’m sorry to burst your bubble but your wrong.
        Check the report for yourself
        The “system” as you put it favors the heads of these multi billon dollar corporations not because they are white but rather because they have the money to buy thier way out.

    • Jo Ella Pruitt

      You po ” White Trash get an education !!! “””TRAILOR TRASH !!!! learn how to spell !! I”LL teach you DUM DUM !!

      • Bart Townsend

        Shut up you racist POS. You are making your own race look bad. How can you be that stupid? Do you think that because you are black you cannot be racist? Do the world a favor and kill yourself. My tax dollars will not have to support you anymore if you do.

      • James

        This coming from someone from a race that can’t speak English. It’s pronounced HAIR not HER. (ie. Gurol, I gots my her did at Shaniqua’s salon.)

  • RussP

    Sounds like there will soon be another entry to the long list of Dallas (city, county and ISD) elected officials under indictment and possibly in jail. Not sure why this seems to be an ongoing theme in Dallas politics, are these people the best candidates offered to the voters?.

  • NesaS

    FBI will not find anything. JWP is too smart for this OLD trick

    • WuzYoungOnceToo

      Yeah…John Wiley “I have no idea what a black hole is” Price is a real rocket surgeon.

  • Dallas Is A Joke

    Too funny!!! Hope he ends up in jail like his buddies.

  • ms shantel

    He is not trash brandy do u even know what’s going on people so quick to talk about him are u God or somebody who are all of u to judge him shut up and wait for details

  • ms shantel

    Yes it is about race to smarty pants

    • RKM

      I almost never get into a “race” argument but this is getting tiresome. for the most part only one group of people ever bring up raxe problems or cause race problems and it isn’t the white race. you want the problems to end, then stop stirring things up.

      • RKM

        I do however have to admit that this page proves to be the exception rather than the rule. race war abounds here just about equally.

  • negroguy

    whoe b da knew main downtown?

  • Jim

    john wiley (racist) price. Can’t wait to see him get his. Am surprised he hasn’t yet.

  • ms shantel

    No justice no peace all these jwp hatas on here is sad all y’all get a life who is the dummy talking about obama what do he have to do with this childish people

  • Lebeau S

    what are you saying ? black people is not worth the voice that bring the truth to the front for people to see how we are treated really he is the only one to put it on the table for everyone to see beware Dallas John
    Willey Price is here to stay

    • John Phillip Cole

      Stay IN JAIL, that is…

    • Bart Townsend

      Does it have to be black peoples voice. Why not peoples voice. You are racist in saying black peoples voice all our voices should count the same. That is what MLK wanted and if he was around today he would be damned ashamed of the black community.

  • jarhead

    How can one tell who the racist is, JWP is one if you look at his actions

  • ms shantel

    All this hate is so ugly y’all don’t know anything how many white people do crooked stuff just because he’s black and outspoken he a criminal where is the evidence you haters balck girls rock lol

    • JK

      This has NOTHING to do with him being black & outspoken. This has to do with possible criminal activity. “where is the evidence” … well apparently there was enough evidence to warrant further investigation causing a judge to sign off on a search warrent.

      And FYI … JWP is the biggest racist I have ever come across. Defending him simply because he is black & outspoken, yeah that doesn’t sound like any form of racism. But thank you, JWP, for helping to make part of my life a living hell. White or black, I don’t care. I don’t like him simply because HIS actions caused a backlash that turned anything and everything into a race issue … and that backlash made my life hell. SO … I don’t like him. I do not respect him. And I don’t care what color he is, he is a poor representation for his community!

    • Bart Townsend

      But….. he commited a crime therefore he is a criminal. Should we give him a pass because he is black? That would be very very racist. And shame on you for bringing race into this he is a criminal and needs to be in jail.

  • the voodoo doll

    They better find something or he is gonna comeback swinging and I don’t mean from a tree!

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