Texas House Rejects Education Cuts

AUSTIN (AP) – The Texas House has approved a budget bill slashing $4 billion from public education. The vote came about an hour after a surprise vote to reject it.

House Republicans, who hold a 101-49 majority, withdrew behind closed doors Tuesday night and emerged with a deal to pass the bill 80-57, sending it to Gov. Rick Perry.

The initial vote threatened to throw the special session into disarray just a day before its expected conclusion. The cuts are needed to balance the state budget. If the bill failed, Perry was certain to call another special session.

The Senate had passed the bill earlier in the day, then adjourned the session and left the Capitol.

Several Republicans from rural counties have said the cuts are too deep for small school districts.

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  1. Teri says:

    Are these people stupid? Educate our kids now as they are our future. It will cost us a heck of a lot more to house them in prisons in the future than it will to educate them now. What is so hard to understand?

  2. Paul says:

    Your headline is the polar opposite of your storyline. “rejects cuts”, “approves slashes”. Get it straight CBSDFW.com. Frustrating.

  3. Ouch says:

    Get your facts straight Teri, most people sitting in prison today had the opportunity to have a good education with some dropping out and others even went on to college (CPA sitting behind bars). Even educated people become prisoners. Cut out all the sports and non-educational programs that benefit every child and you have enough to cover the bills with these cuts, of course you might want to think about lowering the administrators pay at the top too.

    1. teri says:

      What world are you living in? Have you ever walked through the schools in Dallas? The ones where families are poor? These kids are cramped in classrooms and half the time don’t even have the proper materials. Get your facts straight. Things are not equal and if you don’t have money to attend a private school you get less of an education. I agree the administrators get paid way to much and they need pay cuts, but that is not the only solution. Yes, educated people go to prison, but the prisons are filled with more non educated people than educated.

  4. Bhavik says:

    Ty Teri for understanding the problem in Dallas. Though, I do not go to a traditional public school (charter school in cedar hill) I know of the problem that affects these schools. The schools are over crowded and education styles need to change. In cedar hill high school, people are cramped and in some cases, students have to sit on the floor. It is a pretty bad situation, and cuts are taking place. Hopefully, our education is not at any more risk.

  5. Ouch says:

    Sorry teri, post wouldn’t go through. If your school has books and a caulk board that is all that is required to learn. If your proper materials consist of paper, pens, etc. that is up to the parents or social groups to buy. All schools are not equal, but they should be and strictly sticking to the fundamentals of education that every child gets to participate in (not sports, band, etc.). Everyone sitting in the pen had a chance at education yet they didn’t take it, thus only they are to blame. Yet even then they are allowed to get a GED in the pen if they want one. At one time they could even take college courses, yet hopefully that has been cut out since you don’t reward those who do wrong to others.

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