Denton Couponer Clipped For Lifting Newspaper Inserts

DENTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Sybil Hudson sits on her living room floor with a pair of scissors and her coupons.  It’s what she does hoping to save her family a few dollars.

She’s been clipping coupons for the past year, but she never thought it would land her in jail.  “I think it’s ridiculous.  I’m a single mom and I do this to save money,” says Hudson as she flips through one coupon after another looking for a deal “Here is one for free toothbrushes.”

Hudson, 37, was arrested Monday.  Denton Police say it was a case of ‘extreme couponing.’

Investigators tell CBS 11 News a witness caught her stealing the Sunday coupon packets from a coin-operated newspaper stand at a  Whataburger in Denton.  “I have done it before, I have taken newspapers when I was like moving,” explains Hudson.

But this time she insists she only took the coupons from the newspapers she bought.

Hudson was originally ticketed for theft under $50, but then the charge was upgraded.  “I stayed in jail for 24 hours over I still don’t know what I the charge is,” says Hudson.

She’s charged with Fraudulent Destruction or Removal or Concealment of writing for taking more coupon inserts than she purchased.  “As silly as it may sound to us or a common person it’s still a serious charge,” says Officer Ryan Grelle with the Denton Police Department “In Denton you can face serious charges.”

If convicted Hudson could face up to a year in jail and $4,000 fine.  Hudson is planning on fighting it.  “What a waste of somebody – taxpayers money is what I’m thinking,” says Hudson.

She hopes to fight it with what she saves clipping her coupons.

The newspaper distributor says he can’t sell the newspaper without the coupon inserts.  Denton Police say several distributors have reported a spike in coupon thefts in the last several months.

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  • Stealing is stealing

    She actually admits that she’s done it before?!?! ON TV!!!! You know, sometimes you just have to face the facts…you can’t fix stupid. And if this lady doesn’t know, or believe, that she’s done anything wrong. Then she is just plain stupid.

    • jimmy ho

      im glad they got her, I work at TArget and I get these cupon scammers all the time, i read that she wanted the toothbrush cupon, but those at half off and then return them for full credit, thats a big scam now days, return all the merchandise and get full store credit w/ no reciept, Im glad they are starting to put a stop to this.

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  • dlperry

    What a role model for the kids she is – sitting there talking about stealing as if it’s no big deal. This attitude is becoming more and more prevalent I fear.

  • Alex

    Perhaps she could consider clipping her tubes. That would save her and probably the taxpayer a lot of money!

    • Jetti Ostrander

      Thats just rude you dont know her history that brought her to these hard times. Look at the economy or maybe something happened to her companion. Its not an excuse for taking the coupons but it is wrongto get into her personal business like you did. Not only that maybe she did not know it was a crime because it is illegal to sell coupons they are free!

      • Priscilla

        I agree that it is no one’s business but hers as to what her situation is BUT…stealing is black and white! When you take something that does NOT belong to you that is called stealing! Simple Kindergarten rules here! If she took coupons from papers she did not pay for…I’m sure she KNEW it was wrong and illegal! Besides…she is quoted as saying, “I’ve done it before. I’ve TAKEN newspapers before when I was like moving.” It’s just sad that in order to save her and her family money she had to resort to TAKING from another family who might just as well be buying those papers for the same reason!

  • aLICE

    She may be a single mother, but she drives, according to the Denton Record Chronicle, a Cadillac SUV. Did she not stop to think that other single people needs to coupons also. That is one selfish thinking person. As dlperry says, “Good role model for her children.” AJW

  • Hemroidious

    “Stupid is as stupid does”- Forrest Gump

  • Wondering about the point intended

    Is true, the incredible arrogance and ignoring of property boundaries stuns any respect for others and our laws. I’m surprised the news reporting isn’t clearer about station or reporters stance. Let me understand, are you saying the police shouldn’t be ticketing her? The little tag statement about coupon stealing is lost cause for balance.

  • Ana

    I saw this story on TV too. If I remember correctly, they said she paid for the newspaper, but took only the coupons. Is there a problem if she paid for the papers she took the coupons from? I use coupons to save money. I don’t get them from the paper, I get them through sites like smartsource.

    • RR Worker

      She paid for ONE paper and removed more than one from the news stand. That’s theft any way you color it.

  • Arlene

    she pays for one paper to get the machine open, but then takes the coupons out of multiple papers that she did not pay for.

  • Texas Reader

    I think your all making a mountain out of a mole hill. Tax dollars gong to pay for a court hearing. Let her have the coupons, I get tired of all that junk in the paper. It fall out when you try to read it

  • cece

    IF she payed for the paper that she has taken the coupons out of how in the world is that wrong?
    How many of Mothers and say that they have not played for a paper just to have the sunday coupons?

    • RR Worker

      So if you pay for one paper and empty the box, you don’t see the problem? She was going through the papers removing the coupons while the box was open. Theft from the news paper company and the merchants who redeem the coupons she stole pure and simple. That doesn’t include the manufacturers of the products the coupons were for.

  • Jane

    The problem is that she paid for ONE paper and took the coupons out of MANY papers. So the next person who comes along to buy a Sunday paper gets an incomplete paper because she was greedy and dishonest.

  • margaret

    I bought a paper out of the maching when the show first aired only to get home and have no coupons in my paper, I called the KC Star and was told they would deliver my coupons that week…..well that has been about 3 months ago, still WAITING and I now get my paper at the store where I can see what I am actually buying! I agree she ahouldn’t be stealing but …serious…do we really need to waste tax payers $$ on this…..smh~

    • Priscilla

      I had the same thing happen to me…only I actually paid for THREE papers from the machine to find that someone had stolen all of the coupons out of every single one of them! As silly as it might seem to be prosecuting her, I think it’s important to start somewhere and REMIND people that stealing is the act of taking ANYTHING that does not belong to you! Perhaps if we use up a little taxpayer money now and publicize the penalties for such a crime it will help to cut down on this type of thing so other consumers don’t continue to spend money on papers JUST FOR THE COUPONS only to be CHEATED! Why should you and I have to pay for someone else to have our coupons?

  • Leah

    This extreme coupon show has people acting like idiots! I used to be able to wake up and get my Sunday coupons around 8 Am. Now I have to be at the box by 6:15 just to get a paper! People just take what they want out of the boxes and its unfair to those of us who actually pay for papers.

    • Jodie

      I caught a guy stealing papers in my neighborhood. I confronted him and he took off like a bat out of hell when he thought I was going to call the police!

  • Zarabeth M. Friedman

    I have an idea….how about they say that they cannot sell the paper without those coupons BULLS**T if that is the case do a test…..put a bin next to the paper boxes and ask for the coupon inserts and see how man are left in a locked box onl the delivery person can open……I am sure that theere are LESS freak couponers out there than we think. I coupon and I have well over 5000 coupons right now (three plastic shoeboxes full actually) and we don’t steal them they are given to us by other cit employees. That dumb show needs to be off the air… that way is NOT a realistic thing for everyone

  • Amanda Perez

    Unbelievable, You are stealing!!!!!!! This is a sad case of someone thinks they are the only one on the planet syndrome. She really has no clue. Very disheartening to hear that there are so many people out there making cuponing for others that much harder.

  • K

    The article from the Denton Chronicle is much more detailed.

    Thanks for mentioning it aLICE!

  • Kari

    It’s all because of the stupid show on TLC……those people don’t set a good example!!! Not all people who use coupons do so in a way that it takes everything off the shelves or buying items they don’t even use/want. I use coupons, but only for things that I need/want. I also get mine from the paper, which I pay for. or the local paper delivers once a week. I don’t have months and months worth of food in my house either…just enough to get us by for the next few weeks. I wish they would take that show off the air!!!

  • k

    Doesn’t matter how she come upon “hard times” you don’t steal, no excuse.

  • Donna F.

    A related situation is occurring at Dollar Tree in Bedford, TX. On Sunday mornings, someone comes to the store as soon as the store is opened and buys up all the papers in the store. Why? Just to get the coupons from all of them. Then, because the store cannot sell the papers without the coupons, the store employees remove the papers from display and place them in the back for recycling. Other patrons who don’t get to Dollar Tree right after it opens aren’t able to get a paper at their reduced price.. Although this is not stealing because the papers are paid for, I think this is rude and unfair to other customers. I feel siome sympathy for Hudson & her situation, but she should not be removing coupons from papers unless she has paid for the papers. Therefore, she has to face the consequences. Both of these incidences are unfair to the very least.

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  • j1llybean

    Whether it is a candy bar from a store, paper’s from a box, or money from the bank, stealing is stealing. She really doesn’t get that she is doing something wrong? How ignorant!

  • iwantmy2dollars

    There will be a Get Out of Jail Free coupon in this Sunday’s paper

  • AnneMary

    She stole these, the paper man lost money out of his pocket, she should do jail time, and pay fines and do community service. She is a thief and a liar to boot. The commandments say you shall not lie, you shall not steal and you shall not covet your neighbors possesions, ( those papers are meant for everyone not just her greedy self) I am a subscriber and I cant get coupons all the time because the newspaper is shorted 20,000 , who steals these, the same people like her. I too make ends meet caring for my father, no help from any government, no dishonesty and no cadillac suv either. I use coupons to feed us and help us stretch a dollar without asking anyone for help.

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