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Proof Of Citizenship Required To Renew A Texas Driver’s License

TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Tucked inside the state school finance bill is a provision requiring Texans to prove their citizenship, or legal status, before receiving their first or renewing an old driver’s license.

Senator Tommy Williams (R-The Woodlands) sponsored the amendment. “It’s important because your Texas driver’s license is a secure form of identification, we use it to board airplanes, and that sort of thing,” he said.

According to Williams, Texans with documents on file, like a birth certificate or a social security card, will not need to show verification again.

“If there is no record of your lawful presence in the U.S. then they’re gonna require that when you renew your license. And everybody gets treated the same,” explained Williams.

For about a year, the Texas Department of Public Safety has had a policy giving workers the option of asking for proof of citizenship, but the provision in the approved Senate Bill 1 will make it law.

If a driver has had their license for several decades and did not have to provide proof of citizenship when it was obtained the next time they renew the license they may be asked to prove citizenship.

Senate Bill 1 is now headed to Governor Perry’s desk and is expected to be approved.


One Comment

  1. Hoo says:

    Why would anyone object to this? It is in everyone’s best interest.

  2. gh says:

    Did the person that wrote this ever study grammar?

  3. matthew says:

    Very interesting topic, thank you for putting up.
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  4. NAR says:

    Unfortunately, we have to pass stricter laws to curtail the people who keep finding loopholes and fall between the cracks to cheat the system. I have no problem proving my citizenship. THE only people who do are the ones that can’t.

  5. NAR says:

    On a side note, the grammar in online reporting these days has reached an all time low. Seriously, it’s embarrassing to read.

    1. C Bauer says:

      You should read what the dolts at write. Talk about functionally illiterate. Idiocracy isn’t a comedy film, it’s a prophecy!

      1. Kellie says:

        It really is a disgrace. WFAA is the worst at grammar, typos, and the ever-loving dangling participle. I don’t think one of their online editors passed 10th grade grammar.

  6. upchkn says:

    Now, THAT’S what I’m talking about!!!! Thank you, Texas.

  7. callen says:

    It is part of the Nazi Republican agenda: “Show me your papers… Hmm… these papers do not seem to be in order, so off with you. We can get loyal Nazi’s to do dis verk for de same as you.” Well, maybe. Maybe (most likely) not. We have really good, hard working Christians from Mexico and Central America looking to prove themselves in America and we shut them out. Shame on us.Anyone whose ancestors did not come over from boats, speak out!

    1. connie says:

      When I was 16 and got first license in the State of Texas, I had to provide a birth certificate. Driving is not a right. Why would anyone oppose having to prove who you are? That is why we have birth certificates and passports.

      1. 2sister says:

        I had to show a birth certificate to be able to take driver’s ed. I think I also had to show one to get a permit, but I can’t remember for sure.

    2. zaire67 says:

      LOL. Your comedy routine has me in stitches.

    3. Nonya says:

      callen, what you’ve just written … is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this board is now dumber for having read to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      1. C Bauer says:

        Excellent Billy Madison reference! NICE! (and fitting)

    4. Gumby Rules says:

      callen, exactly what does your post have to do with proving you a legel resident and should be able to get a Texas driver’s license?

    5. teri odonnell says:

      In April 1011, my car was hit by a woman who had a Me.xican Drivers license, authorized by the Mexican Cosulate of Dallas. She had never taken any drivers ed course, and driving in Mexico is a whole different ball game. The Consulate told me she was allowed to use her Mexican drivers license in Texasfor 6 months. If you move from another state, you have to get it in THREE months, and you have to take a test. I am still waiting for her “insurance” company, Empower, to pay my claim. Yes, I’m all for it. And I too had to show my birth certificate when I EARNED my drivers license in 1970.

  8. simon says:

    Another right wing emergency from the clowns who brought you sonograms and photo ID to discourage democrats from voting?

    1. Gumby Rules says:

      Democrats don’t carry or have a photo ID?

      They are really simple things to get. Where is the harm in ensuring everyone has a photo ID to vote?

      1. branwren says:

        I’m all for going back to the way it used to be. Only LAND OWNERS were able to vote. If you want a say in what’s going on, make an investment in your country.

  9. rver2006 says:

    The old days are past “callen”. Why object to being legal. Even our ancestors had to provide personal info at Ellis Island when checking in to the United States. The door is not closed, it’s just requires an American to let them in… legally.

  10. rver2006 says:

    TYPO – I meant ” it” instead of it’s. For all you English Majors.

  11. JB says:

    they’re “gonna” require it? Gonna? Seriously? The word is GOING TO folks. Not GONNA

    1. Gumby Rules says:


      Only foriners use the term “Going to”. Us reel Texuns say “Gonna”. D@MN Yankee, go hom.

  12. Tom Katt says:

    No sir. I won’t do it…. My drawl is all I need.

  13. Kayla says:

    As a green card holder and resident of the US for 15 years , I was required to show a passport or greencard to renew my licence inspite of them already having my social security # on file. I have no problem with this except it would be great if the requirements were advertised before you queued up for hours,..

    1. Gumby Rules says:

      I can understand that.

      My wife has her green card, I will make sure she brings it when she has to renew. Thank you

  14. Dr. Sylvia Garcia says:

    The unintended consequences of this provision is that it gives the Department of Public Safety license to harass and possibly brutalize citizens of this state that are Mexican-Americans. It is a part of the anti-Hispanic legislation that the Republicans have passed this session.It resembles the beginning of Nazism when Jews were signaled outing World War 11. All citizens should shudder and be vigilant. In the end, what other rights will be violated? What happened to smaller government?

    1. zaire67 says:

      You must write for a comedy show, your comment is hilarious..

    2. Nonya says:

      You do know that immigrants, legal or otherwise, come from countries other than Mexico, right?

    3. C Bauer says:

      World War ELEVEN?! How long have I been asleep? You’re an illiterate moron, Dr. DUNCE.

    4. juan says:


    5. Kevin says:

      If you’re here legally, then your civil rights are not being violated, regardless of nationality. However, if you are here illegally, then I personally don’t care about your civil rights.

    6. branwren says:

      You mean like the right to not protect myself? I’m required to wear a helmet, I’m required to wear a seat belt, my right to preform something that isn’t illegal nor immoral (like smoke) has been curtailed and now I’m required to have medical insurance? The ship for MY rights has already sailed.

    7. Andres says:

      Driving is NOT a right. It is a privilege granted by the state. You might try getting hit by an unlicensed (and uninsured) driver and see how you like being hosed by people who don’t follow the laws we have on the books. The Nazis make a pretty nice scapegoat for liberals but we’re not fooled.

  15. Bushblowsstill says:

    The repukians keep saying they are for smaller govt yet in the past few weeks Slick Rick has had to either sign or veto over 1500 new laws.

  16. Ripple says:

    Hey callen I’m a 16th NA plus those that came on boats here legally many many moons ago.
    Top that off I’ve lived in Germany twice with the first time being when the wall closed, both due to military service.
    I last drove on a military base a couple of months ago and they even had barriers where you could not park next to what is equal to your grocery store or department store. Even with tags on the car there has been ID checks every time you drive onto bases and for good reason. They aren’t picking me out because I don’t look American, everyone is checked. Tell you what though in Nam a blue-eyed blonde haired German passed as an American who was working for the other side and got a lot of our guys killed.
    No person willing to break the laws of a Nation are good, yet they may be hard working. Why is not following 1 law any better than not following all the laws-it’s not. Is it asking to much of you and those here illegally to obey our law? I’m not about to start breaking laws just because you and they are, and if I can obey them you can too.

  17. NiteNurse says:

    I know I was born here but I can’t find my birth certificate. Where will they deport me to? 😉

    1. Kevin says:

      NiteNurse, just go to any city hall’s records office and get a copy.

    2. SST says:

      Hopefully to a place where being organized is not a requirement. :-O

    3. Gumby Rules says:

      If you can’t get one from your county of birth records dept. you can go to Austin and the State of Texas Records Bureau and get an original long form. All you have to do is co0mplete the form and pay the fee. I got min in about 3 hours after I completed the form,. Wife and I toured the capital and ate lunch why we waited.

  18. Rick McDaniel says:

    Well, that’s better than nothing, I suppose, to curtail the largest problem in our country, today.

  19. schrodinger says:

    The only thing that this law will do is put more unlicensed drivers on the road. There are already too many illegalls who drive without nsurance; does anyone seriously think that they’ll be terribly concerned abut having a drivers’ license? Most of the important places that illegals frequent, that require ID, already accept the matricula consular. So why would they need a drivers’ license for ID? The only ones who will be affected by this are those who are already be legal and compliant anyway.

    1. schrodinger says:

      “already legal”, not “already be legal”

    2. LJ says:

      Exactly!!! Another example of Republicans creating a law for political reasons (i.e. appeals to Tea Party activists who have taken over the primary process) without regard for what effects their stupid law will have. The ONLY thing this law will do is create more unlicensed and uninsured drivers on Texas roads. And you can bet that auto insurance rates will be going up too (another benefit for Republican campaign contributors). WAKE UP TEXAS!!!

  20. Elle says:

    I believe that the last time I renewed my driver’s license, I was fingerprinted. I was also fingerprinted when I went to work for the State of Texas several decades ago. In my opinion, they know who I am and that I am a citizen. This law is frivolous as well as potentially dangerous. Many of the people who are here illegally have better ID papers than many of our citizens do. And I am growing weary of people who are willing to give up their personal rights and freedom in the name of some nebulous promise of security or safety from “illegal immigrants” and terrorists. We need a strong and well developed immigration policy in this country as well as a way for the folks who are here already to achieve citizenship so that we can lay this issue to rest. I live in a neighborhood with people from many countries, including refugees from at least eight other lands. We are working together to create a safe and family-friendly community and to improve our schools. I suspect all of us will survive whatever silly laws are passed in Austin, Texas We’ll just have to be better people than our elected legislators appear to be.

    1. branwren says:

      Ahh, NA!

  21. teri odonnell says:

    In April 1011, my car was hit by a woman who had a Me.xican Drivers license, authorized by the Mexican Cosulate of Dallas. She had never taken any drivers ed course, and driving in Mexico is a whole different ball game. The Consulate told me she was allowed to use her Mexican drivers license in Texasfor 6 months. If you move from another state, you have to get it in THREE months, and you have to take a test. I am still waiting for her “insurance” company, Empower, to pay my claim. Yes, I’m all for it. And I too had to show my birth certificate when I EARNED my drivers license in 1970.

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