TxDOT Fighting Litter With “Texas Is Not Your Ashtray” Signs

cigarettes 87853934 TxDOT Fighting Litter With Texas Is Not Your Ashtray Signs

Cigarette butts are seen in the street. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Cigarette litter is an even greater danger in the Texas drought. It’s a problem the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), which manages the state’s Don’t Mess with Texas litter prevention campaign, is tackling head on.

On billboards across the state, TxDOT is putting out the same: “Texas is not your ashtray.”

In a press release sent Thursday the program administrator for TxDOT’s Travel Information Division, Brenda Flores-Dollar, said, “Not only is littering against the law, it’s a public safety issue. Don’t Mess with Texas urges smokers year-round to keep their cigarette butts in their car and dispose of them properly. It’s even more important during this worsening drought.”

To reach even more people, officials with Don’t Mess with Texas and TxDOT are planning to also use social media to help in the campaign to reduce tobacco littering.

According to TxDOT, six out of 10 Texas smokers admit to tossing cigarettes out windows. In addition to fire danger, smokers who toss cigarette butts could face a $500 littering fine.

According to a 2009 study commissioned by TxDOT, tobacco trash, including nearly 400 million cigarette butts, made up the majority of litter on Texas roads.


One Comment

  1. coretta says:

    Our streets is not an ashtray so do not litter.

  2. Jake34 says:

    A new cigarette tax should be enforced that would defray tax payer cost to fight grass fires caused by people throwing out their cigarettes

  3. NAR says:

    there should be a tax on every comment left on any website.

  4. Puff Puff says:

    If you hang up your phone while your driving, weaving and causing potential deaths, stop getting drunk and throwing your cans out in my yard – I will not flick my butt out the window

  5. grumpy2 says:

    stop flicking butts out the window you know who you are

  6. Rick McDaniel says:

    A high percentage of wildfires, are caused by drivers tossing cigarettes out of car windows.

    There should be an outrageous fine for that, and police should be going out of their way to stop and issue a citation to any such driver, to get that outrageous fine.

  7. 4th Generation Texan says:

    I’ve been smoking 45 years and may have thrown out 2 butts in my life time…Recently I was behind a car at the light when the lady threw her cigarette out…I put it in park, walked up to her car, picked up the cigarette, handed it to her saying “Pardon me Ma’am, but you seem to have dropped this”…She sheepishly took it and rolled up the window…When I got back in my car, I looked at her tags and realized that she was from a foreign land where people are rude…New Jersey

  8. 4th Generation Texan says:

    Hey pingback…Another tax on our cigaretts??? We already pay a dollar on every pack for CHIP childrens insurance…What does my smoking have to do with people having babies that they can’t afford???

  9. upchkn says:

    Hey, 4th! You are one true Texan! I, too, am a long time smoker. Nothing makes me madder than to see someone toss a butt out of their car window! Beer bottles and cans “look” worse, but they are not nearly as deadly! Mind yer butts, folks!

  10. NotGuilty says:

    I have smoked 39 years and never tossed trash or left over cigs, nor let any passengers ever do so. I did not get that from Texas, that came from living in Germany back in the days you never saw trash in their cities or along the roadway.
    Do your homework, today there are less smokers and most fires I’ve heard about around here where started by people burning trash, car sparks in tall grass, electrical poles arching, welders, etc.
    Puff Puff, 2 wrongs do not make a right, please stop flicking out the window, better still unless your old kick the habit.
    BTW with all the cell phones in use why are people not calling in the plates of those they see flicking these out the window, you can prevent fires yourselves along with collecting evidence without messing it up. As 4 wasting money on this is your brain on drugs or Taxus is not your ashtray, save it to do DNA tests on the evidence given to you with car plate numbers. I have no problem with burning those who could care less of buring the rest of us out of homes and keepsakes that can never be replaced.

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