New Law To Help Pets Caught In Domestic Abuse

DALLAS (AP) – Protective orders that prevent an abuser from hurting, threatening or harassing a person will soon be extended to their pets thanks to a new Texas law.

The law is designed to help animals as well as people who have been intimidated or coerced with the abuse of a pet. It takes effect Sept. 1.

State Sen. Wendy Davis, a Democrat from Fort Worth who wrote the bill that Gov. Rick Perry recently signed into law, says it’s not about “overzealously” protecting pets. It’s about protecting battered women.

A first offense is a misdemeanor but two or more offenses are a third-degree felony.

The American Humane Association says batterers often injure, kill or threaten family pets for revenge or to psychologically control victims.

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One Comment

  1. dlperry says:

    It’s a nice gesture, but “protective orders” don’t “prevent an abuser from hurting, threatening or harassing a person”.

    1. NiteNurse says:

      I agree. Protective and restraining orders are worthless. There are thousands and thousands of dead spouses and girlfriends laying dead in their graves with protective and restraining orders. I am sure once a protective order is issue it will just accelerate a pet’s demise.

  2. te says:

    This thing about pets is getting to be ridiculous. I drove by a pet shelter the other day and the NEW building looked like a hospital!!! Now if some folks want to support that, okay…..but not with my tax dollars.

    1. TopShot says:

      So True! I am kind to animals, hell I don’t know how many times I have throw groceries on the floor board of my car, avoiding a squirrel in the road. But come on? Giving animals precedence over humans is a kind of mental illness.

    2. Gypsyskys says:

      It’s money well spent, and no one needs your tax dollars.

  3. Dallas says:

    Te is obviously an evil and uncaring person.

    1. te says:

      Read again. I said I do not support use of my money. If you want to use your money …okay with me, it’s your money. You obviously need to have a pet fill your otherwise empty life. Persons such as yourself always revert to personal attacks!!!! GROW UP!!

  4. FedUpTxn says:

    REALLY? Because when my ex stole my cat, intentionally poisoned her with just enough poison to make her suffer and unable to absorb food (she went from 10 lbs to 3), I couldn’t even get police or the SPCA to make a report!! This fine man is now a licensed “Family Law” attorney. Laws that aren’t enforced are not worth the paper they are written on and are only used as “smoke & mirrors” to get votes!

  5. Gypsyskys says:

    Lol Who could ever make a better lawyer than that. haha

  6. J says:

    He shouldn’t b practicing law at all but in jail. those that sadistically hurt animals hurt people and children. That type of violence only escalates. And the new law is protecting both victims the abused person and their loving pet. This is actually one of the best laws they’ve come out with in a while if only they will enforce these restraining orders it would make a difference.

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