Sen. John Cornyn “Raising Taxes Should Be Off The Table”

DALLAS (1080 KRLD) – Debt reduction is the goal but Republicans and Democrats are still far apart on how to achieve that. With just four weeks remaining to raise the debt limit before the government goes into default, both sides continue to hold their ground.

Texas Senator John Cornyn says President Obama’s insistence on raising taxes is a deal killer. Democrats, however, say they’ve agreed to spending cuts and their deal essentially just closes tax loopholes, but many Republicans equate that to tax increases, according to the Democrats.

Listen to Senator Cornyn with Scott Braddock on 1080 KRLD:


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  1. Trey says:

    John Cornyn is such a hack republican.He loves those rich people and hates the rest of Americans.

  2. george says:

    Republicons protecting their own.

  3. Kim Dar says:

    They are never going to vote to raise the taxes on the rich because that would cause all of them to pay more taxes. It won’t cause me to pay more taxes that is for darn sure. They are protecting their own back pockets as usual.

  4. callen says:

    Unfortunately, the Republican party has lied about so much for so long that most people do not know fact from fiction. Everyone: read, read, read. Read your newspapers. Subscribe to magazines like Time or Newsweek. Get a broad view of what is going on and you will never, EVER vote Republican again. The Republican party ONLY supports the rich. The party does NOT support the poor and middle class American.

  5. Rick McDaniel says:

    Not really. However, raising taxes should be for debt reduction purposes only, and NOT for increased spending by Obama.

    There is NO WAY we can reduce the deficit without increased revenues, whether the GOP wants to increase their own taxes, or not.

  6. Rick McDaniel says:

    Not really. However, it won’t do any good, unless Obama’s squanderous spending, is stopped.

    There is no question, that taxes have to rise, to reduce the debt. you can’t fight wars, for 10 yrs. without raising revenue……..and we actually decreased taxes, which was the wrong thing to do, at the time. That’s one of the contributors, to the runaway deficit.

  7. Glenn Phillips says:

    Senator Cornyn, quit pandering to the super rich & cut some of those tax shelters, & oh yeah, it wouldn’t hurt if they pay more tax. May reduce the gap between them & regular Americans.

  8. Erick Hedberg says:

    The Republicans have a monetary advantage since they passed new rules under Bush and they want to keep that contribution flow coming from the most rich so don’t listen to the advertizing and vote Democrat. I don’t buy that raising taxes will kill job growth. Look we raised taxes under Clinton and the economy boomed and then Bush borrowed that boom all away.

  9. Telecom night shift says:

    Raising taxes now will only make businesses less likely to hire. Companies like my own will only seek lower cost workers in India and China…it’s unfortunate but true since the early 90’s. Unless we kick out politicians that only want to preserve the status quo, nothing will change except more people will on food stamps and more homes will be in foreclosure. I’m 50, and I’m not expecting to see more than 73% of my SS benefit I’m entitled to. My increased savings is will help me prepare for retirement, but it takes money off the consumption side. So unless SS is restructured, it will be insolvent in my lifetime. What are you doing to prepare for this financial fiasco in 15 years?

  10. RSage says:

    Can anyone point to a time and history or anywhere in the world where facisim or socialism was tried and that country flourised with milk and honey, created jobs/wealth? I can’t but I can count the bodies, the blood, the starving. I personally don’t see how you think it is the Governments busienss to decide who gets what or doesn’t. Last I heard this a Republic, not Cuba or China.

    Rather go to bed with out dinner than to rise in debt.
    Benjamin Franklin

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