Fort Hood Shooting Suspect Will Face Death Penalty

FORT HOOD (AP) – The Army psychiatrist charged in the deadly Fort Hood rampage will be court-martialed and face the death penalty.

Fort Hood’s commanding general announced the decision Wednesday for Maj. Nidal Hasan. The decision came as no surprise to Retired Col. John P. Galligan, the civilian attorney representing Hasan. “The law imposes substantial limitations on what the defense can do, the type of forum that can happen. In fact, you’re not even permitted to, as you know, enter a plea of guilty,” he said.

The 40-year-old suspect is expected to appear in a Fort Hood courtroom for an arraignment. He must plead not guilty based on the nature of the case, according to military law.

On Wednesday, former military lawyer and assistant U.S. Attorney Phil Umphres told KRLD NewsRadio 1080 that the death penalty decision was not made lightly. “The military has, I think really, an excellent procedure for making sure that both the rights of the defendant and the rights of the victim are considered.”

Galligan, had urged the commanding general not to seek the death penalty, saying such cases were more costly, time-consuming and restrictive.

Two Army colonels previously recommended that Hasan be tried in a military court and face the death penalty.

A three-member panel determined whether Hasan is competent to stand trial and his mental state during the shootings. It also determined if he had a severe mental illness that day, and if so, whether such a condition prevented him from knowing at the time that his alleged actions were wrong.

Hasan was paralyzed from the waist down after being shot by police the day of the rampage. He remains jailed in the Bell County Jail, which houses defendants for nearby Fort Hood.

Hasan is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder in the November 2009 shooting spree at the Army post.

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  1. Bid high says:

    How much money could the state make on a silent auction, with the winner injecting this worthless piece of flesh?

  2. trishakay says:

    oh yes he had a mental illness,it is called being a terrorist plain and simple.kill him now ,he does not deserve the same justice of other human beings..he should be hung,shot,electrocuted,whatever but he should not live another day.just give him to the people to sure there is a number of people who would not mind taking the job.

  3. NiteNurse says:

    Not to defend him, but the guy wanted out of the military and actually walked around the base when not on duty wearing his muslim garb. When he gets the death penalty so should the idiot leaders who denied him his military discharge. When my dad served he use to talk about looney soldiers who couldn’t take the war anymore and would go nuts and shoot up places.

    1. Hicks Are Dumb says:

      Here we go again with NiteNurse’s white trash nonsensical rants. What hospital do you work at? If I’m ever in trouble, I think I’d want to bleed out rather than being under your care. Drooling idiot.

      1. NiteNurse says:

        Hick you better go and have the doc up the dosage on your ativan it’s obviously not strong enough. See you at the hospital after the cops bring you in for your mental health evaluation.

    2. NiteWatering says:

      Well you are right about that happening, yet it even happens in time of peace where those who can’t take it and want out do things that can or could turn deadly. Military isn’t great about letting them out either and in this case probably because they needed as many in his line of work as possible due to the pressures of war on others.
      Yet if you get stuck and they will not let you out , you always have the alternative to peacefully go AWOL which many do all the time. If they won’t let you out after that then they repeat going AWOL. That only hurts themselves and no one else since it goes down on their record.
      There is absolutely no excuse for what this person did since he had other options to use if he didn’t want to kill or help get killed Muslim Extremist. Most religions have their extremist thus you have Waco incidents, etc. I only know of one religion that does not preach hate or the destruction of non-believers and tolerance of all religions, yet to follow it you would be at the mercy of a lot of people who would take advantage of or kill you in this world.

      1. NiteNurse says:

        Well stated!

  4. AY says:

    Don’t waste another taxpayer dollar! Put him in front of a firing squad shooting one arm, one leg, etc. at a time until he dies! He doesn’t deserve a quick death! He’s a typical muslim like our president!

  5. Eddia Rivera Acevedo Osment says:


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