Judge Weighs Injunction Against State Abortion Sonogram Law

91845974 Judge Weighs Injunction Against State Abortion Sonogram Law

A doctor conducts an ultrasound scan. (credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)


AUSTIN (AP) – A federal judge will hear arguments Wednesday on whether to stop Texas from enforcing a new law requiring doctors to conduct a sonogram before performing an abortion.

The so-called sonogram law, which takes effect Sept. 1, requires a doctor to describe the fetus’ features and allow the pregnant woman to hear the fetal heartbeat. The law does not allow women to opt-out of the description. Exemptions are allowed only cases of rape or incest and when the fetus has fatal abnormalities.

The Center for Reproductive Rights filed the federal lawsuit last month, arguing that the law is unconstitutional. U.S. District Court Judge Sam Sparks will hear the case in Austin.

The group is asking Sparks to impose an injunction to keep the law from being enforced until the lawsuit is resolved.

The center argues that the law forces doctors to say things against their will and violates medical ethics. Such ethics say a physician may not act upon the patient without her consent, the physician must respect the patient’s autonomy, and the physician must act in the patient’s best interests.

The law “damages the relationship of trust between physician and patient, and with compelled and unwanted speech imposes stress and emotional strain on women as they prepare to undergo a medical procedure,” the center argues in its lawsuit.

Supporters say the law is necessary to make sure women fully understand what an abortion entails. They cite cases where women later regretted having an abortion, and they insist the law will lead more women to decide against having one.

Republican Gov. Rick Perry, who opposes abortion, signed the bill into law and says he believes it’s necessary to protect unborn life.

“Even in Texas, where we pass the toughest laws in the nation, tens of thousands of lives are lost,” Perry said when he signed the legislation. “This is a tragedy we must all work together to stop.”

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One Comment

  1. Land says:

    Abortion is legal. The sonogram shame law is unconstitutional.

    Texas: Too weak to secede, but strong enough to bully women.

    1. RussP says:

      Abortiion was made legal only by a relatively recent interpretation of the fourteenth amendment (though it doesn’t actually address abortion). As has been witnessed by the supreme court allowing and many states choosing to step on other rights (such as the second amendment), legal doesn’t mean restricitions can’t be put in place. This will now spend years going through the courts.

  2. oldpatchie says:

    land I am glad you mother did not see you as a elective procedure…abortion is a hellish intrusion into our souls . it is the work of the devil and hardens our hearts to the suffering all around us that is the shame here.

    1. ilvrw says:

      And just how many kids have you adopted? We have more than we can handle. yes it is an elective procedure and no it is not the devil’s work. The devil’s work is the hatred fueled by politcal parties.

      1. RussP says:

        There may be more kids looking to be adopted than can be placed (I say more since so many people find it necassary to go out of country to adopt I wonder if our orphanages are empty at times) but this is because too many women choose to practice their “reproductive rights” ( a cute euphamism) after conception instead of using birth control and common sense before. Rape and medical need is a very small percentage of those seeking abortions.

    2. Land says:

      Go down to Children’s hospital and you’ll won’t be able to distinguish God from the Devil.

      Not to say a fetus is a child, of course, because it’s not. Your obsession with cute, lovable babies has warped your desires.

  3. NiteNurse says:

    If we make abortion illegal then if a woman is desperate to have one then she should take her chances with some illegal abortionist is that what you pro-life folks want? Because a woman who wants an abortion will get one legal or not. If you make her have the baby many of them will end up either neglecting the baby emotionally or physically and that’s really good for society. Not every child gets adopted, The jails are full of adults who were unwanted babies. Please allow the woman to decide what she wants to do with her body and life.

    1. Land says:

      That’s at the heart of it. Women are going to have abortions whether they are legal or not. It is already standard procedure for sonograms before abortions. So this law is really about shame and control from Papa Perry and his ilk.

      I’m glad my mom did not abort me. But I would gladly die to protect the freedom of my mom, wife and daughters. A free world where they don’t have to get permission from another man to do as they please with their bodies. This is the heart of it. Papa Perry wants control of the women in my life. And he’s not gonna get it.

    2. RussP says:

      While I don’t disagree with your statements, what was the rate of abortion before it was legalized and we were less of a self centered, “its all about me” society? I bet a lot more women made better, smarter choices before and after conception than they do now.

  4. JW says:

    Women have breast implants too and and later regret it, but they aren’t forced to see pictures of botched boob jobs, or hear descriptions of women with disfigured breasts who wish they’d never done it! But wait…men are making these laws…silly me, men ALWAYS know what’s best for women. What WAS I thinking.

    Abortion is legal in this country. If men got pregnant, you’d be able to get free abortion coupons with every six pack of beer sold.

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