Millions Leave The Light On For Caylee Anthony

CARROLLTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Candra Grindele admits that’s she’s an avid Facebooker. The Carrollton mother of three was also an avid viewer of the Casey Anthony trial. “The justice system worked, but in a way, it failed,” said the 26-year-old.

In the wake of her disappointment with the verdict, Grindele is taking part in a Facebook campaign called, “Porch Lights On For Caylee Marie Anthony.”

“I thought it was a really great idea and so I invited all my friends,” Grindele said. “I kept track of it and it spread like wildfire.”

The campaign has inspired more than two million people, worldwide to turn on their porch lights in memory of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. Participants were asked to leave their lights on starting Tuesday night through 6:00 am Thursday.

“I thought it was a great idea to pay tribute to her. To show that justice may not have been served, but we all love you,” Grindele added.

People were asked on CBS 11’s Facebook and Twitter page to comment on the campaign. While many said they would leave their lights on, Others were not as receptive.

Pam Russell posted: “The court system did not fail her, the lack of evidence did. Obviously, 12 people all agreed quickly that it was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey murdered Caylee.”

Cindy Lemaster tweeted: “A child is still dead, a killer walks free and the electric company is getting a little bit more money. How does a porch light help?


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  1. Elizabeth "ibby" Rozell says:

    I will be leaving my lights on For Cayllee Anthony. I and many others feel she had no justice and could not speak for herself, she is in God’s hands and only he and she knows the truth,yes 12 people had it in their hands but God has her in his. I pray that oneday her mother will acknowledge the truth but I doubt it very seriously. Thank You and May God Bless You All.

  2. Todd says:

    How stupid.Most people leave their lights on during that time anyway.

    Elizabeth “ibby” Rozell -get a grip Nancy.

  3. Geoff Clark says:

    I think the power company are behide this. I don’t think it will do anything but make them moore money.

    1. Unbelievable says:

      We waste more money daily on cokes, & lottery tickets than what it cost to leave that light on to honor her memory. If you that concerned over $3.00, cut your electricity someplace else, like turn off the computer your obviously on, or dont watch TV for 3 hours, or turn your a/c up a couple of degrees…then the big bad ole electric company wont make any more money off you & you still honored a little girl whose life was taken too soon !!

  4. We'll Leave The Light On For You says:

    Most people leave their porch lights on ANYWAY. I think it’s better to see where to put the gun on the other side of the door if someone is breaking in. That being said, with most people turning on their porch lights anyway, how are they going to measure the participation in this vigil?

  5. Crystal Bernard says:

    The Power company was not behind this. This Facebook event was created by a single Facebook user in New England. Calling people morons for a porch light “vigil” isn’t appropriate at all. It’s their way of showing their love for the little girl. If you say it doesn’t matter because everybody turns their porch light on, we’ll we’re not trying to impress you. It’s our thing.

    1. Unbelievable says:

      Amen Chyrstak !!! it’s not about the Electric company…it’s about Caylee, a precious little girl someone murdered without remorse!

  6. Rick McDaniel says:

    The best thing anyone can do now, for Caylee, is NOT contribute to Casey making any money off of this case.

    Don’t buy her book, don’t buy anything, that she could profit from.

    1. RussP says:

      A great point but in today’s society, Casey will probably end up a millionaire from TV interviews and book and/or movie deals. But we can hope not.

  7. RussP says:

    Besides wasting electricity, this accomplishes what? If you want an intelligent reason to have your porch light on at night, how about reduced crime? But please choose something energy efficient, not a couple of 150 watt incandescent flood lights.

    1. Crystal Bernard says:

      “This accomplishes what?” meaning how does this affect YOU? Well I guess it doesn’t, and it’s not meant for you. It’s simply our way of paying tribute to Caylee, to let her know we haven’t forgotten and we won’t. What’s the accomplishment of people releasing balloons in the air or shooting off firearms in remembrance. Find something else to nitpick. Just because it’s not meaningful to you, doesn’t mean it’s not meaningful to those who participated in it.

      1. RussP says:

        I guess I’m a realist but Caylee is gone and knows nothing of what is being done for her now, none of which will change her out come. I’ve never understood feel good efforts that actually take very little effort or expense on the part of the person performing it. And yes, I do think balloon realeases are a waste of time and harmful to the environment, firing guns in the air; illegal and insane.

    2. and... says:

      Russ… It does make more sense to turn the lights off, honor her memory by lighting a soy candle, and conserving energy at the same time. I feel terrible about what happened to this child, yes, but I am sickened by the person or people who createda group to waste energy this way. Completley sickened at the ignorance associated with my fellow people, who do not know a thing about energy consumption, and how it branches off to sooo much more than a friggin electric bill. It effects so much more than a wallet… so.. lights off, let her sleep. let her rest. There is nothing cold and heartless about caring about your earth, and the generations of children to come… so yes, you all need to stop saying that people who do not follow this trend in colossal energy waste are heartless… no just educated.

  8. Crystal Bernard says:

    It’s called a 21gun salute. Not only is it illegal, it’s a military tribute at funerals for our servicemen. If you want to be a “realist”, that’s fine. But what are you accomplishing by criticizing those who chose to pay tribute in their own way?

    1. Crystal Bernard says:

      not only is it NOT illegal* typo

    2. RussP says:

      Live rounds are not used during a 21 gun salute, I thought you were talking about civilians who fire guns into the air as a tribute or celebration. And hopefully I’m getting a least a couple of people to do something much more usefull to aid kids than “leave the light on”. If even one makes a meaningfull donation to or actually gets off the couch and gives some time to a childrens aid group, my words here accomplished something.

  9. John says:

    Leav your porch light on to reduce crime, someone watches to much TV, leaving your porch light on will only save the criminals flash light batteries!
    You need to go troll somewhere else!

    1. RussP says:

      Crime stats prove criminals prefer the cover of both darkness and physical barriers like fences and shrubs. If they have the choice between unlit houses and lit, they’ll go to the unlit. The majority are looking for the easy score but of course this doesn’t apply to violent ones who will even chance a home invasion while the residents are home.

      1. Lizzy says:

        Now you’re just arguing to argue. Ok. We get it. You don’t agree with turning your porch light on. Nobody asked you to. Move on. Like John said, quit trolling.

      2. Burglar says:

        I prefer well lit homes, I am getting pretty near sighted in my old age!

  10. RussP says:

    So I guess trolling means making intelligent comments that few people can come up with a good argument against? Do you honestly believe having your light on did anything other than make you feel like you did something regarding a situation you have absolutely no control over. Go get out the check book and send some cash to Saint Jude or better yet, get off the couch and go volunteer and a kids shelter. Then you’ll really have something to feel good about.

    1. Unbelievable says:

      Intelligent??? Maybe insensitive, callus, no human compassion. BTW…I do volunteer & donate AND I left my light on in unity with the world to honor a child taken too soon at the hand of some idiot. If you are so concerned about the $5.00 it will cost you on your electric bill to leave the light on, then shut off your computer, get off the pages meant to honor this little girl, and quit criticizing the people that want to honor her!!! Porch light on and candles lit for you beautiful Caylee. Fly & dance with the Angels and rest in Gods hands. Justice will be served when the culprit stands before God.

  11. Lizzy says:

    Intelligent comments? You’re voicing an opinion and trying to criticize people for their own actions of tribute and respect. Take your intelligence and put cheese on that burger!

    1. RussP says:

      And here Lizzy represents the exact definition of the person who can’t come up with a good argument. If you can’t handle differing opinion and real facts, you might want to stop posting to public forums.

      1. Lizzy says:

        and here RussP gives the perfect definition of somebody who thinks that people who don’t think the way he does are ignorant. If we want to keep our light on for WHATEVER reason, it doesn’t affect you and shouldn’t matter to you at all. There’s nothing in addition to argue with you about. You made your statement as did everybody else, and now it has gotten to the point to where you’re just beating a dead horse. We understand that you are incapable of understanding the emotions of a human soul and how they choose to show those feelings. You don’t know if we’re donating money or volunteering. You’re assuming. And you know what they say about somebody who assumes. Let it go. I’m done with this so called “argument”. Argue with yourself. Just replying would make you look even more of an ass than you do already.

  12. John says:

    I said NO PICKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. RussP says:


    I’ve called no one ignorant and the only assumption I made was that Crystal Bernard was talking about civilians firing guns in the air which she was not. How are my replies any different than yours? If encouraging people to do something with real meaning is being an ass, I hope I’m the biggest you’ve seen.

  14. Lynne Percival says:

    I wonder why we are caught up in leaving lights on for Caylee Anthony. Could this be exactly what the mother wants – attention! Why are we doing this fo Caylee – when not too long ago a little girl was shot and killed in her Grandmothers living room – because someone decided to shoot up the neighborhood – did we leave our lights on for this little girl? What about the recent victims of an apartment fire – one just 11 years old. This is certainly a tragedy – I don’t see anyone rallying to do something for these victims.
    Certainly Caylee Anthony’s case is tragic – but it seems to me that we are being “lead” by the sensationalism of the case. I choose to do something for those who aren’t sensationalized. I think the best thing we can do for Caylee Anthony is forget about Casey!

  15. RussP says:

    By any chance were the local kids you talk about minorities ignored by the media while Caylee was the cute little white girl the media could capitalize on? It’s happened before with missing college students both here and abroad.

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