Online Best Wishes For Ex-President G.W. Bush At 65

DALLAS (AP) – Former President George W. Bush is celebrating his 65th birthday with thousands of online best wishes.

Former first lady Laura Bush had sent emails through the Bush presidential center asking supporters to send personal birthday greetings to the ex-president, whose birthday was Wednesday.

George W. Bush Presidential Center spokeswoman Hannah Abney says that more than 12,500 birthday wishes have been received.

The Bushes moved back to Dallas after he left office in 2009. His presidential center is being built on the campus of Southern Methodist University and is set to open in 2013.

The George W. Bush Institute, which is part of the center, is already operating.

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One Comment

  1. P says:

    Why doesent he leave the county for his birthday, so he can be arrested for WAR Crimes?

    1. Real Texan says:

      Why don’t you leave the country? I’m thinking France. All of you liberal asshats will eventually be weeded out anyway. I can’t wait

    2. Tom says:

      You’re an idiot!!

  2. Phas noBrain says:


  3. Texas says:

    He is enjoying his birthday while millions of Americans suffer from the decisions he made while in office. Who cares!!!!!!!!!!! He should be in prison for the war crimes he committed while in office. There was not threats to America from Iraq, only oil and “greed=REPUBLICAN”.

    1. tom says:

      You’re a stupid fool. No hope for you brain dead morons!

    2. Wes says:

      Yeah, and “there was not threats to America” from Hitler either!

  4. Jake34 says:

    I agree 100% with “P” and “Texas”

    The man is a war criminal

    1. tom says:

      I can’t believe that people like you, who are obviously unintelligent, uninformed, and just plain ignorant, would make comments about something you have absoulutely no clue about. Why don’t you just sit back and reelect the moron in office now for another four years and watch our country go down the drain along with fools like you. Then you will know what a war criminal is. Or just move to Iran, Iraq, North Korea or some other “well run country” where you will be with like-minded people!!

      1. Ted says:

        I think you are the moron.Bush put us in a recession because of his tax cuts for the rich.Obama is 100000000000000% better than Bush ever was.

      2. C Bauer says:

        Here we go, blaming Bush, even though BO’s been in office FOR OVER TWO YEARS NOW! So, pray tell, how is this dunce better? Here’s a news flash, Ted – THEY’RE BOTH IDIOTS!!!

    2. Jake and the Gang Are Idiots says:

      Would you also agree, then, that CLINTON is a war criminal? Well?

  5. fred says:

    Politics aside – Happy Birthday and if your around Farmers Branch, look me up and I will treat to you some babes chicken, or head up to red neck heaven for some sight seeing.

  6. Stick says:

    Dang….I’m older than HE is….HAPPY B DAY any youngster

  7. NiteNurse says:

    Thanks “W” for your hair trigger decision to go to war with Iraq. Thousands of soldiers lay dead in their graves because of your EXCELLENT decision making skills. Remind me again why you aren’t in the oil business again? Let’s elect your buddy Rick so we can really go down in flames!!! Happy frickin birthday you moron!

    1. Blackie says:

      Shut up, you idiot. You make the most nonsensical and illiterate comments on these boards I’ve ever seen. How much morphine are you sneaking out at your job? By the way, how’s you messiah in the White House doing? What’s the unemployment rate again? We still have soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, right?

      1. Blackie says:

        YOUR messiah. G-dd-mn wireless keyboard.

  8. NiteWatering says:

    As for the people still buying your propaganda, sorry folks but I have served my country and been around the block more than once in life. I am not party affiliated since both have good and bad points. Also both have had their flat out liars which have been a disgrace to this Nation and State. I do hope true justice catches up to you guys, so no I will not wish a moron who passed flat out lies that got people needlessly killed happy birthday. I’m 8 years younger you and my greatest wish is to live long enough to see you go 6′ under for what you have so far gotten away with. Good thing about it, the old days are gone so it won’t take 100 years for your truth to come out.

  9. NiteWatering says:

    Troops have to follow orders like them or not, so the burden of those guilty for what happen are those at the very top who handed down the orders. Congress bought your act, yet even then you are the one who could have still prevented the invasion of Iraq.

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