Prayer Event Planned For Price

By Matt Thomas, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A week after the FBI conducted searches around Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, the African-American Pastor’s Coalition is hosting an event billed on Facebook as a night of Prayer and Preparation for the commissioner.

The event will be held at Kirkwood Temple in Dallas Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. DART board member Jerry Christian is the church’s pastor.

Click here to see event details on Facebook

KRLD’s Matt Thomas Reports

The flyer calls for unity restoration and justice for Price and other elected and community leaders. The FBI raided the long-time commissioner’s office and home last week, seizing documents that search warrants allege may tie Price to theft, money laundering and other crimes. Price has denied any wrongdoing.

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  • Glenn

    He needs more than prayer….take second collection for good lawyer and staff that can keep mouth shut

    • Yakov Smirnoff Ice

      Yes. Keep mouth shut.

  • oldpatchie

    better include preparation H too…haha jwp is goin down

  • derek gordon

    Has this man been proven guilty of anything?????? Hold up on the preparation H old patchie!!!!!

  • Brad Graves

    Two letters: B.S.

  • Deb

    Has he contacted Jim Adler?

  • Infidel

    I have already started praying for John Wiley. I pray he goes to prison for a very long time.

  • Baby daddy

    If you like him, it would not be a good idea to pray for justice.

  • Hemroidious

    He needs justice alright. These pastors are paid to do this. The people who go to this event are stupid sheep. Why does the FBI have to clean their house for them.

    • Ann woods

      If someone is backing someone or something, that means that they are a part of it. so I guess the pastors are part of crookedness.

  • Guate

    Pray that he dont drop the soap in prison!

  • jd

    why is it every time a black racist politician gets caught in the till all the black activist comes out of the woodwork and screams racism when all they care about is getting the crook off the hook by intimidation. anybody else tired of it?

    • Hemroidious

      The answer is simple…Money.

  • manofsuburbia

    After JWP has been a career politician for so many years, it’ll be hard to see him not being guilty of some sort of corruption. All career politicians have something to hide wheter it skirts the law or is outright illegal. The smart ones are the the ones who master the skirting and the careless are the ones who et busted on occasion.

  • Smiling

    Bout time! JWP is a racist pig and I can’t stand him. It’s too bad, he’s a very smart man and should tailer ALL of his efforts for the positive.

    • Hemroidious

      You are right. Just think of the good things that he could have done for south Dallas and the people there. What a greedy SOB.

  • Laughing@JWP

    The City of Dallas is tired and weary of this bigmouth attenion-Wh***, and his antics. LOL, if he drops the soap in prison he might like the results he gets!!(just sayin!). JWP is overrated and it has been time for him to step down, to bad it had to come this way. When the feds come to town its for a reason.

  • Tommy

    I was appalled that this guy wasn’t forced to step down after his racist outbursts at that council meeting a couple months ago. It’s time that the city started cleaning house. This is the first step. Decades ago this was a great city to live. Now nobody wants to live there. This is part of the reason why the Dallas Fort Worth area is such an expansive suburban sprawl. Why the population of the city of Dallas itself has been at almost a standstill yet the metroplex has exploded outside of the city. The reason why the Dallas Cowboys are no longer in Dallas. The reason we build toll roads from one suburb to the next trying to get around it and take us to the same if not better shopping, restaurants, and entertainment destinations.

    • Sarah

      The population at a STANDSTILL? OH… must NOT be counting the thousands of illegals coming over your backyard. OH…….you while you were asleep, M. Hinjojas took off with your money after hiring illegals with stolen social security cards. OH… and while you were asleep JWP voted for new mayor who probably knows the background dirt on this. OH….while you were asleep Laura Miller did worse than this, I’m sure you know though. OH….you guys won’t shop at Redbird but I see your relatives getting their daily walk in. Not good to shop but good to walk. Separate restaurants, etc is called the separation game pretty much similar to the white flies I mean flight game. Do you prefer a black baby grand piano or a white one? This a game quiz. Do you prefer black skillet or white one? How about a white tv or black one? How bout white tires or black ones? What about white chalk board??? No this is the best one. How about white letters on your PC? LOL. what about white pupils in your eyes? Scary. Goodbye, I have more important things to do.

  • Observer

    I pray for Mr. Price too. I pray that for once in his life, he saves his own soul by telling the truth and that his supporters will expect the right thing to be done instead of supporting a criminal due to race only.

  • Jesisislikesoawesomesauce

    I shall pray to Joe Pesci.

  • Curious

    How does a man have 18 criminal charges against him and still be allowed to serve as a politician? Look up his record at It’s an eye-opener!

    • Catholic

      It is being done by other corrupted African Americans.

      • Brooke Anna

        And there aren’t Caucasians who are corrupt? Just. Wow.





  • JoeG

    Come on, why do blacks always say that he is being blamed because he is Black? If the guys is a Crook he deserves to be punished. Let them pray, but Pray for Justice, not Mercy.

    • Sarah

      If the doctor says I am sorry you have Cancer, would you pray for Justice or Mercy? If you ran a red light and got a ticket, would you pray for Justice or Mercy? If your moma was dying would you pray for Justice or Mercy? Case closed.

  • JWTX

    I will prayer this arrogant angry pompous man is through. He thinks acts so tough well he is finally put in his place amoung all the other crooks in office that have got away for years ripping off others to get where they are now!

  • mikeC

    I am praying this keeps him from harming the public any longer and living off our tax dollars…

  • Spider

    I think he should be praying for Mercy. If he prays for Justice, he is in deep chit!

  • Sarah

    Disregard all posts below and above. These are from bored WHITE people who hate blacks. Wouldn’t theye be surprised that Moses and Jesus were possibly black. I guess they’ll choose Hell instead. Liars go to Hell, Racists go to Hell. Oh God wouldn’t send us pearly whites blue eyed intelligent greedy dominating beings to Hell would he? I don’t know I guess you can find out when you’re 50-70 years old and take your last breathe. In the mean time, enjoy your heaven on earth because you may not get to go the real one. Good Luck!

    • Rick

      Wasn’t that you who posted a whole bunch of other jibberish with your “oh, while you were asleep”? You seriously should consider counseling. It’s very clear you’re out of touch with reality.

    • TravlnTxn

      Be surprised that Moses & Jesus were POSSIBLY black??? How can you make such a stupid-assed statement???? Oh wait. I’ll bet I already know. Never mind.

      • Catholic

        Jesus, Moses were White Jews, not black, there is not such a thing.

      • Sarah

        revelations 1:14 says his hair was like wool

        and revelations 2:18 says he had feet of bronze

    • Catholic

      We don’t hate blacks, we abominate them and the Whites that brought them to the Americas. They should have left them where they belong.

      • Brooke Anna

        Wow really? Left them where they belong… maybe they should have left all the whites where they belong, right? In England…

        BTW- It is FULLY POSSIBLE for a man who has light skin, read… white, to have an ancestor who is a different ethnicity, read… African American.

        The only TRUE Americans are American Indians… you know… since they are the only ones who can lay claim to OWNING the land before it was taken by WHITES.

      • Sarah

        Try taking them back.

      • Jim

        Republican by chance?

      • paperboy

        i pray for u

    • Jim C

      Spoken like a true bigot!

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