Fort Worth Police Officer Shot Thursday Afternoon

Updated 7/8 – 4:55 pm

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A Fort Worth Police Officer was shot during a Thursday afternoon altercation with a suspect, police say.

The officer, identified as 46-year-old Cliff Hankins, was working a suspicious person call in the 1100 block of East Berry street around 2:00 Thursday afternoon when he was shot.

KRLD’s Chuck Schechner Reports

Hankins tried to stop a talk to a man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt in the 100 degree heat walking along the sidewalk outside of Robinson’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant a few blocks away.  When he got out of his car, the man shot Hankins and fled.

photo Fort Worth Police Officer Shot Thursday Afternoon

Photo: Chuck Schechner

People inside the restaurant came to the assistance of the officer shortly after the shooting, waiting with him until an ambulance could arrive.  The officer was able to radio in his own call for help.

Chopper 11 was overhead as a number of officers surrounded a man matching the description of the suspect in a wooded area behind the shooting scene.  Fort Worth Police say the man was hiding on a old tire.  They loaded the man into a police car and drove him to the restaurant.  The 25-year-old man, identified as Joe Nathan Haywood, was attended to by paramedics and was eventually arrested.  He’s been charge with attempted capital murder.

Police also recovered a .9mm handgun they believe the man used to shoot the officer.

Hankins was transported by Medstar ambulance service to JPS Hospital.  He was said to be talking with paramedics when he was brought to the hospital.  Police say he was wearing a bulletproof vest, but that he was shot in the lower hip.  He was taken into surgery immediately upon arrival to the hospital.  Hankins came out of surgery Thursday evening and is now in fair condition.

Police chief Jerry Halstead was at the hospital when the officer arrived, and told members of the media he immediately began praying.  “We all gathered in a circle, and held hands and prayed. And that spoke volumes to the solidarity of our community.”

Hankins, originally from Cleburne, is a 16-year veteran of the Fort Worth Police Department.  He works as a community patrol officer in the central division.


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  1. Michael Chandler says:

    The Ads are blocking most of the story on top…..very aggravating.

  2. Mista Detroit says:

    The story is interfering with the ads up top.

  3. Delores Cain says:

    Since you have lost all respect for Fort Worth PD, I hope you don’t bother to call them when someone comes to beat the hell our of you or shoot you.
    God Bless our Police Officers. They put their lives on the line daily. Hope this Officer makes a full recovery.

  4. JustSaying says:

    You are an idiot Paul…I knew someone would have to pull their party card here. (rolleyes) If you’ll notice…the CRIMINAL shot the officer and fled. This is not the kind of people that the NRA, or 2nd Amendment support or defend. It’s continue to blur the lines, and see where it gets ya.

    1. 2sister says:

      I agree with your sentiment, but calling someone an idiot isn’t right. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  5. james says:


    Go let your meth high wear off first and come back with a comment that makes sense……smh…

  6. qlenfg says:

    .9 mm handgun? Does it shoot pencil leads? I guess the spell- and fact-checking are farmed out to 3rd world countries now.

  7. Christin Marshall says:

    I was Interviewed Today (Friday July 8, 2011) by a field reporter, with the first name ANDREA(Last Name un-known) in My Apartment complex(along with My Dauschaund Brodie,if that helps with remembering the Piece), in BENBROOK located off of Bellaire Drive. I anwsered questions about the Suspect , Joe Haywood, who Shot Officer Cliff Hankins Thursday Afternoon, off of East Berry. I was told by both Andrea,and other friends& family members that my Interview WAS played during the Segmant Up-Date on the Friday evening 5 O’clock News on Channel 11. I was un-able to be home to watch it either time tonight. And am Just Curious to what Info,ETC. was used, for my Safety and privacy.and generally interested in just what was shown and said. I have been un-able to find the Clip here ANYWHERE Online,or The CBS 11 Website. If ANYONE,ecspecially a Fort Worth CBS 11 Employee(perhaps even Andrea herself) colud get back to me on ANYTHING I can do to watch,recieve the clip in an E-Mail,or EVEN get a copy of the Segment mailed to me,or even a copy of the tape @ the most! VERY CURIOUS what was aired for my Family and Mines Safety,and to fill my curiosity as well. PLEASE ANYONE FROM CBS 11 Fort Worth-AT BEST ANDREA Herself. The LOVELY Young Woman who did my Interview!! ThanK You,and Look Forward to hearing back from SOMEONE SOON,NO MTTER WHAT AnWser I’ll Be Getting without having to call NEXT. Thank You Again- Christin Marshall- E-Mail :

  8. Bry says:

    Sorry to hear and see about Fort Worth Police Officer. God speed to a healthy recovery!!! What amazed me from the video footage was the huge number of police cars and officers at the scene. I counted at least 6 cars at the parking lot and I lost count of the ones on the side road in the dirt where they finally got the shooter. I have had to call 911 several times in an emergency and can barely get one to respond within 30 minutes. I understand they respond when an officer is down but why so many. As a citizen who pays their salary, can one come when I need one? Maybe we should say officer down and they will respond faster and in force… Just a thought and I don’t want to make light of the seriousness of the officer who was shot. Seems I have seen this all to often when a police officer is shot verses a citizen.

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