FBI Had Specific Interests During John Wiley Price Raids

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – When FBI agents searched Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price’s house and county office last week, court documents obtained by CBS 11 News show investigators were casting a wide net.

Price’s attorney, Billy Ravkind, says he and his client still don’t know the reason behind the FBI’s investigation. “John, which is his fault, draws himself a lot of attention ‘cause he’s pretty outspoken and some people don’t like that,” said Ravkind.

The FBI searched for anything pertaining to powerful State Senator Royce West of Dallas. Senator West issued a statement that said, in part, “I am confident that any and all public projects that the commissioner and I have worked together on can meet and withstand public scrutiny.”

In the search warrant, investigators also said they wanted all documents pertaining to the organization “Service and Leadership Team” or SALT and three businessmen in the group, former Dallas Cowboy Pettis Norman, consultant Willis Johnson, and businessman Jon Edmonds.

They’ve reportedly been accused of pressuring Richard Allen, the developer of the Inland Port and Logistics Hub, for a deal. The hub is a massive warehouse and distribution center in south Dallas County.

Edmonds says he’s been subpoenaed by the FBI, and is cooperating. But he denies his group pressured the inland port developer.

CBS 11 News was unsuccessful in reaching Norman and Johnson didn’t return our repeated phone calls.

Commissioner Price and Senator West have denied any involvement in that group, but favored regulating the hub.

Former county commissioners court judge Jim Foster opposed the regulations, and says West pressured him to change his mind and back their efforts.

“He got very angry with me and he started to bang his fists on his desk, ‘you don’t understand, we need control over that inland port’. And I said you have to understand, I’m being perfectly clear, I’m not going to change my position,” recalled Foster.

Senator West declined comment on Foster’s claim.

Despite the searches, neither Price nor West has been accused of any wrongdoing.

Investigators also requested documents related to another company owned by Willis Johnson: Wai-Wize.

Records show Willis had four contracts with Dallas County. In 2005, he won a contract to install a redundant communications system for $152,978.

Records show between 2007 and 2009, Johnson’s company received three contracts for $167,290 for a bioterrorism grant managing existing satellite communications between area hospitals and law enforcement.

All three were no bid contracts – which is allowed under certain state rules.

CBS 11 News left messages with Johnson at Wai-Wize, but he hasn’t returned our calls.

CBS 11 News Reporter Jack Fink asked Price’s lawyer if he questioned his client why the FBI named these businesses. Ravkind responded, “He doesn’t even know.”

Another business that’s drawing the FBI’s interest has offices in DeSoto. It’s called Male Man Sales or MMS Company.

Records show Price’s assistant, Dapheny Fain, whose office and house were also searched by the FBI last week, owns the business.

  : KRLD’s LP Phillips Reports

Price’s campaign expenditures show he spent nearly $23,000 at MMS for a variety of promotional items, t-shirts, and printing.

CBS 11 News left a message for Fain at her business, but she didn’t return our call.

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One Comment

  1. Gumby Rules says:

    “Male Man Sales (MMS)”?

    What is that? Some sort of men’s lingerie boutique?

  2. Pinto Bean Heyid says:

    Just give them the standard answer, JWP:: “you predudice”

  3. Ken says:

    I have lived in Dallas for 36 years, and I have never known a bigger public office holding RACIST than J.W.P.! If I were one of his constituents, I would hang my head in embarrassment!

    1. Arlesia Tieuel says:

      Well, since you’re not…..

      1. Homey says:

        You are black right AT just a wild guess

    2. Not South Dallas says:

      Ken I could not have said it better, but of course they vote for him blindly and will continue to do so.

  4. Sharon Nickson says:

    I don’t know what’s going on with Mr. Price, but I will always respect him for painting over billboards advertising alcohol. I wish every politician had an understanding of the grip alcohol holds over his/her community.

    1. Jessica says:

      Wow! That’s all it takes for you to support him? That’s so sad!

    2. Rick says:

      John Wiley Price did NOT pay for those billboards, which were not cheap! How would you feel if you paid a lot of money for something that was ruined by someone else? You would not sue them. Right? Yeah, right!

  5. Rick says:

    John Wiley Price…he’s what’s for dinner…at least in Dallas. I love it!

    1. Arlesia Tieuel says:

      Well the fat lady hasn’t sung yet good buddy!!

      1. Tatum Oneal says:

        She sang for Lipsomb

  6. Lovie Joyce. Damiels says:

    Hello class mate, hold your head up and keep going. Ms. Essie Crosby and Professor Clayborn would be proud of You.

    1. Jessica says:

      You must drink!

  7. jawanza says:

    Rick….you related to Jeffery Dahmer???

  8. tinkerbell says:

    that man is always in trouble and gets away with it nothing would surprize me what he does

    1. Tex says:

      Of course nothing will happen to him, it never does. This “man” if you can call hime that is the biggest joke on Dallas in years. Why on earth people vote for him is beyond me. Maybe so they can see roll past is a new car every 20 minutes. He drove around Dallas in that red Farrari for years, gexx on his income that would take what 10 years to pay for. Hmm now where did that cash come from. Oh well keep voting form South Dallas he represents you well.

      1. Arlesia Tieuel says:

        Well it seems to me he’s more man than you. You’re here talking about him and he donesn’t have the SLIGHTEST idea of who you are! Heehee!!! So y’all are mad because he has something y’all don’t: cars and an income!! WOW!! He’s still here and evidently he hasn’t been doing too much wrong- the fbi couldn’t even lay anything on him… Oh and yes we will keep voting for him!!!

  9. Jeff-miller says:

    If Mr.price did anything wrong,that the F.B.I had to get involve,it should not take over a week to charge him or other with a crime. Why? not check on all the commissioner. why? is it only the black officer who? have to through the same process the white officer go through never been investigate.I wish our justice system and news reporting, stop being one sided.The are good and bad in every race and ever where.How many whites been release from prison on a crime they did not commit?0 compared to blacks under our justice system?Then who is racist,our laws.

    1. Pilar says:


      1. edw says:

        ^^^^LOL.. I’m with you… ummm…huh?

    2. Arlesia Tieuel says:

      Maybe because when you nuts go down you REALLY did commit the crime. It’s a suprise that you even got caught!!!

    3. TexasGuy says:

      Dude, you’re using the wrong handle….shoulda’ gone by Yoda.

  10. JJ says:

    JWP is the a RACIST by any name. He will continue to get away with this because he is black aways has awlays will. This man pointed an Uzi at another motorist once when I first moved to DFW and nothing haapped, does anyone remember that. How on earth does he have all theses cars on 60,000 a year not to mention the homes? Dont worry nothing will happen to him, never has never will. rock on O.J. I mean JWP.

    1. Arlesia Tieuel says:

      Please tell us what you are trying to say!!! That spelling is prohibiting us from understanding and comprehending your point!! The only thing that looks right is DFW!!!!

      1. "Kin2UKnoWho" says:

        Goodness gracious…you are so right Arlesia. The spelling is terrible coming from the appalling, ignorant, negative, distasteful and disrespectful comments made by these uninformed and the misguided IDIOTS. Speaking ill of the deceased who can no longer speak in their defense. Name calling is so childish and worthless. Sounds like a bunch of COWARDS making these STUPID and IDIOTIC comments, which they are entitled to…unfortunate for some. It just makes me cringe! They really don’t have a valid point, just making ASSumptions, just like the FBI who has a history of creating fantasy cases if they can’t validate one.

  11. skeet skeet says:

    Do you See Anyone coming to the Defense for him??

    They know to keep there Distance now ( FBI )

    You tend to not have friends when the ( FBI ) takes things out the house!

    Go Cowboys !!

    1. "Kin2UKnoWho" says:

      You couldn’t be so FAR from the truth. This type of “Dallas, TX Mess'” has got to stop and someone has to take a stand!

    2. Kim says:

      Thank God! Finally a voice of reason! JWP is nothing but a crook and anyone on here defending him is not part of the “JWP” inner-circle. Those folks are smart enough to keep their distance. Did you ever think the reason the FBI hasn’t arrested him is because they want him to sweat a little. I can remember when he used to shuffle across Northwest Hwy shouting, “No Justice No Peace.” Well we haven’t had any, but I’m confident we are about to get some.

      1. Mr T says:

        Kim you and I are on the same page, wish I could buy you a beer.

  12. Moon Baby says:

    Oh Pulease would someone take this corn row head out of DFW. He has brought nothing but embarrassment to the entire Norht Texas area. We are better than this as humans. So he painted over some billboards, which by the way is illegal, name one other good thing this dude did? Bsides steal from the poor to drive fancy cars around south dallas.

    1. "Kin2UKnoWho" says:

      Good Lord! Sounds like a lot of jealously, hating and envy going on here. Don’t hate because he like to invest and have nice things and is still able to give back to the community. What is “pulease, bsides, (d)allas, Norht? Be consistent, its South Dallas as you refer to Norht Texas. From the type of comments made by the likes of you hardly puts you in the catergory of as being a better human. Really should talk what you know and not what you think you know.

      1. Another Not S Dallas says:

        Invest please, with what where did he get the money lady on what inome. city council members don’t make that kind of cash doing that for 25 plus years. If you think that then you are CRAZY. JEZZ no wonder he keeps getting elected. Invest in nice things you are a freaking moroon. Go vote for Obama idiot.

      2. Kim says:

        Invest and have things? You must be on crack! It’s called theft!

  13. KO says:

    He will never be convicted of anything, as long as there is one black on the jury. So, he will continue to say and do whatever he pleases, even if it is illegal . . . .

    1. "Kin2UKnoWho" says:

      That’s just the point, “convicted of anything.” What’s the anything? Something they FBI is trying to conjure up, which they are experts at doing – making a case out of no case. And, just like you and I, he has a God-given right to say what he has to say in speaking up for and speking out for his rights and on the behalf of his constituents.

      1. Kim says:

        The FBI doesn’t conjure and it’s only a matter of time before JWP is “bunking” with his good buddy Don.

      2. Johnniehostile says:

        “All white people go to hell” is classified by the supreme court as hate speech.
        I believe his constituents were speaking to him when he said that!
        That makes him a racist. Do white people with opinions have this god given right you type of?

  14. Arlesia Tieuel says:

    Well you can just get ready because there WILL be at least one of us!! Heeeheee!!!

    1. Tex says:

      What a freaking idioit you are you know that. You are the reason he gets he what he is and you don’t even see it. You are why people sterotype people you know that. Wake up and see that there are real black leaders that really do care about the people and not just corn rows and cars with rims. Jesus H Crist lady.

      1. "Kin2UKnoWho" says:

        PLEASE…check your spelling and grammar. Can hardly comprehend the pointless point you are trying to make. For Heaven’s Sake.

    2. Mr Jamal Tieuel says:

      Arlesia honey get backs in da house our kids be waitin on yous to be fixin us our foods, we be hungres.

      1. John Adams says:

        Now that there is funny

    3. BBC says:

      Do you realize who your backing. Get a life.

  15. jbmannon says:

    He is the perfect example of the past and has no place in the future.Oce a decent man that has stayed in one posituion so long he has statrted believing his own lies. He really has manufactured a world that he lives in and thinks he controls the out come. He is addicted to the spot light any way he can get noticed. He stpped being for the people when he singled out races. I am white was very much behind this man in his beginngs when white washed liquor signs ect… he off the deep end now. He would not make it any where else but dallas because his supporters are ignorant of his self righteous view.

  16. Homey says:

    John Wiley Price = Corn Row has been it is time for you and your Diane Ragsdale buddy’s to leave Dallas like poor old Lipscomb.

    1. "Kin2UKnoWho" says:

      HOMEY, the COWARDLY CLOWN! You’re going a little too far speaking ill of the deceased. If you had some facts to speak of, you would have something important to say and not try to be a distasteful and disgusting comic.

      1. Mr Alan R Johnason says:

        No Homey is funny

      2. Mr Alan R Johnason says:

        It should be a holiday the day that CONVICT left the planet.

      3. "Kin2UKnoWho" says:

        Keep throwing stones and one is gonna hit you. If there was a holiday you would have something to say about that too. Just never satisfied with any Black Leaders that speak up for their people in the City of Dallas or anywhere as far as some of you folk are concerned. Just outright STUPID!

  17. Linda Everett Logan says:

    Before you start calling any of these people guilty of anything remember, if the FBI had dug into the life of Mother Teresa (now deceased) you would have said she look like a criminal, and been ready to condeem her in the media. And as for this article about Willis Johnson, research the term used in the caption – so that you understand the meaning of the word as it pertains to communication devices, because (I did) it is not what you might thing the word means I found the following: (it’s brief because of space) Redundancy – Redundancy has been a philosophy preferred by many while building reliable and uninterruptible power systems. Redundancy is an option that is adopted for modular system, and for inverters in telecommunication applications it is more relevant. Power requirements of the telecommunication applications are very high and a single inverter unit is not capable of handling the total load, so numerous modules are connected in parallel.

    1. John Adams says:

      You write very well for a complete IDIOT.

  18. Mr T says:

    Mother Teresa did not own a Bentley and make 60,000 per year J Hole and hide it her “buddy’s” garage because she “had a garage”. JWP is a lying cheating crimminal like he has been for 25 years, but don’t worry he will get away with it like he always does because of people like you will now doubt will be on the jury and will not listen no matter what is presented. Now go vote Deomocrat. But you did type up a very nice little deal there Linda congrats on that. Obama needs you.

    1. Tex says:

      Rock on Mr T

    2. "Kin2UKnoWho" says:


      1. Another Not S Dallas says:

        Then you must be AWESOME J HOLE

      2. "Kin2UKnoWho" says:


      3. T says:

        Exactly! That’s what we’re trying to tell you, you’re ignorant!!!!

    3. Kim says:

      Mr. T…I LOVE YOU! Poor Linda is so misinformed.

      1. Mr T says:

        Kim I love you Back. Linda is POOR becaude JWP has all her money.

  19. jlfj says:

    The political and business powers in Dallas county are again going after some of The true African American Voices of Dallas with allegation of corruption. Something is wrong and has to be said Loudly about why they keep attacking the southern sector. I think the people who are making these allegation or running amuck and their motives should be investigated. We all know that the Geo-political climate of this city is changing. I believe, there is a possible conspiracy to keep control of this city by using dirty tactics like lies in order to divide our communities so certain unfair laws that were voted down in the past (Strong Mayor form of government) ,will be voted in favor of the next time around and this attempt will come up again, believe that. This is the world of politics and behavioral studies that’s being used against our community. This is the true Business as usual for them. We must not allow ourselves to be controlled by these deceivers of the truth, these power mad and control freak driven people don’t care who gets hurt.They have no RESPECT for US any way. We must show our strength as a united community. they want us to believe that we are all immoral so we shouldn’t lead because we can’t withstand the temptations of power but they are liars and I believe they are the pot calling the kettle black in this case. They want to continue to be in control and that’s the only point that concerns them. They want to appear generous and moral. But in reality they are finding it hard to change their ways because the control of this city can fade from their grip very soon. What Mr. Price and the other before him have done is speak up and do it too loudly as far as they are concerned, while demonstrating power and creditability. Who can remember what happen after World War’s 1 and 2 . The murder of African American men, women and children increased drastically in it was condoned by High powered people because they said we had became uppity and we didn’t want to go back to the farm and because we wanted to be treated fairly because of our sacrifices and they felt we want our rights at a time when they were not ready to give them to us. Well check out what’s been happening in Dallas for some time now. It may not be physical murder but it’s DAMN Close. Does this ring true or Is this a Willie Lynch bedtime story or what? Stay Strong Mr. PRICE and Keep fighting.

    1. Mr T says:

      Mr Price as you call him is only looking after himself buddy. Once he is finally gone and you have someone that really does care about you instead of himself you will realize that. So sad that you have followed this racist thief for so long. I truly feel sorry for you. I hope you get a real leader in the end, I really hope you do, good luck.

  20. BD says:

    Amen. I could not have said it better myself. They think that this is their world/country and they want to take it back BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. NOT SO!

    1. Mr T says:


  21. Joe says:

    If they brought back literacy tests, John Wiley would never be elected to anything!!!

    1. Mr T says:

      Now that there is funny.

  22. Chief48 says:

    Hmmm- see a pattern here?
    John Wilkes Booth
    Lee Harvey Oswald
    Mark David Champan
    John Wayne Gacy
    James Earl Ray
    Osama Bin Laden
    Why do the nutjobs all use 3 names?
    John Wiley Price- just might be “a guilty” too…

  23. Mr T says:

    Of course he is now let him join poor ol Lipscomb.

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