Study Says Women Are Worse Drivers, Women Disagree

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Who are worst drivers — men or women? The latest study seems to point a finger in the direction of the ladies.

With a YouTube search you’ll find “The Worst Driver Ever” is a woman who attempts to make a simple left turn but runs into a gate and rolls over. The video has been viewed more than 5-point-6 million times.

But Clay Drury,  a second generation owner of “Like-Nu Auto Body & Paint”  in Dallas, doesn’t think ALL women deserve the “bad driver” rap.

“Women tend to have little bumps and scrapes and minor accidents. It’s just cosmetic,” Drury explained.

A recent study, out of the University of Michigan, appears to say for the time they spend on the road, there are more crashes among two drivers who’re women than two drivers who’re men.

Other studies show that men are the more dangerous drivers.

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety and The Quality Planning Corporation found…

Men were ticketed three times more than women for things like reckless driving and DUI’s.  They were ticketed almost twice as much as women for things like failing to yield and stop sign or signal violations.

“It’s all or nothing with the men. Men seem to, well, they tear-up the whole front end,” Drury said.

“This is what men do, yes,” Autna Darthard laughed.

Darthard, standing in the parking lot of Like-Nu Body and Paint said her 17-year-old son wrecked her new car.

“He was turning a corner on his way home,” Darthard said.

Darthard has a theory why she thinks women are better drivers than men.

“Well, women may get into the small, the little fender benders because their reaction time I think is FASTER than men,” she said.

You could say it’s all about the perspective, just like every new study that comes out about men and women drivers.


One Comment

  1. me says:

    I’m a woman who has been driving for 28 years and I have never had an accident or “little fender bender.” My husband on the other hand – who also has been driving for 28 years – has had numerous accidents and has totaled 2 cars. So you do the math. Who is the worst driver? Hmmm.

    1. AC says:

      How much wreackeage did you leave in your wake?

    2. fred says:

      Accidents do NOT define the “worst” driver

  2. Virginia Tovar says:

    i always get cut off by men on their dang cells really?

    1. Gumby Rules says:


      I always get cut-off by women on their cell phones. That or idiots texting or reading texts.

  3. Grahawk says:

    I drive a school bus and when stopped with my red lights flashing and stop sign out, guess who doesn’t heed the signals the most? Women… Just yesterday, a lady slowed down but continued on while texting.and when I blew my horn, she glanced up with a look of “what?” and proceeded on her merry way…couldn’t be bothered. Thankfully, this scenario only occasionally happens. Oh by the way, it is a $500 fine for this infraction.

  4. Aaron says:

    Men are better at the skill of driving. For example, men can back into a parking space with ease. However, men use this skill to drive dangerously. So, it just depends how you look at it.

    In terms of people under 25, women/girls are much less dangerous. Insurance companies know this as well since insurace rates are much less for women under 25.

  5. RussP says:

    Not sure how much these studies cost and who pays the bill but it would seem any insurance company could just look at the claims they’ve paid out and determine who has the most wrecks, the highest damage amounts and findings of fault against them and then break it down by age, sex, race and anything they want to look at.

  6. Rick McDaniel says:

    Observation…….women do NOT know the rules of the road. Period. If they do know them, they ignore them, and drive any way they like.

    Men will do reckless things, and they certainly speed too much, and all truck drivers, including pick up drivers, tend to drive too aggressively, and take too many risks.

    Women, however, commit the biggest sin on the nation’s freeways………they follow far too closely, often driving 5-6 ft. off someone’s bumper, at 60 mph. There is NO WAY, they can stop safely. None. They also have no idea what lane markers mean…….one white line, 2 white lines, etc. Nor do they have any concept of who has the right of way at 4 way stops, or other “decision required”, situations, nor do they understand that passing on the right is illegal.

    Unfortunately, the more congested we get, the worse the drivers get.

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