Whoa, Baby! Texas Mom Delivers 16-Pound Newborn

longview big baby Whoa, Baby! Texas Mom Delivers 16 Pound Newborn

Photo of JaMichael Brown, a 16 pound, 1 ounce baby born in Longview. (credit: JaMichael Johnson/KYTX-TV)

LONGVIEW (AP) – A Texas mom expected a big baby, but nothing like this: 16 pounds, 1 ounces.

Janet Johnson on Monday remained in an East Texas hospital after giving birth to what her doctors called one of the biggest newborns they’ve ever seen. She was awaiting word on whether her son, JaMichael Brown, ranked among the biggest births in state history.

“Everybody was amazed that he was so big,” Johnson, 39, said. “I don’t think too many people have heard of having a 16-pound baby.”

JaMichael was born Friday at Good Shepherd Medical Center in Longview. Johnson has gestational diabetes, which results in bigger newborns for many mothers. Doctors had estimated JaMichael would be around 12 pounds prior to the cesarean birth.

The hospital has asked the state’s vital records department whether JaMichael is big enough to approach any Texas newborn records, said Victoria Ashworth, a hospital spokeswoman. He is certainly the biggest in the history of the Longview hospital and was born, Ashworth said, almost two years to the day after the hospital delivered its smallest baby ever, who weighed just 15 ounces.

Guinness World Records says the heaviest newborn ever recorded weighed 23 pounds, 12 ounces, born to an Ohio woman in 1879.

Ashworth said JaMichael, whose father is 6-foot-7, was likely to be transferred Monday from the neonatal intensive care unit and into the regular nursery. Johnson said she hoped to get her son home later this week — and return his newborn clothes that won’t fit.

Not to mention, Johnson said, get her son out of the spotlight finally.

“It’s gotten overwhelming,” Johnson said. “But if I had heard of someone having a 16-pound baby, I would probably want to have heard about it, too.”

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One Comment

  1. Michael Bardini says:

    …and Mack Brown sent flowers to the mother and a commitment letter template to the baby for the 2029 Longhorn season.

  2. Sean Patriot says:

    My Uncle Clyde Payne was the largest in Texas weighing in at 19 lbs.

  3. Jojo says:

    Did he already have his driver’s license?

  4. richard johnson says:

    The baby is Brown and the mother is Johnson who is the daddy? Where is the daddy, oh, he’s going back to school to get his GED, finnally going to turn his life around and marry the mother of his child…heard this one before.

    1. Bill Steed says:

      Someone who can’t spell “finally” correctly really should make fun of someone getting a GED.

  5. somewhereinkansas says:

    Someone who can’t speak or write correctly shouldn’t be making fun of the way people who can’t spell. Your sentence should read

    ” Someone who can’t spell “finally” correctly really shouldn’t make fun of someone getting a GED.” not “should make fun…”

    1. nouragrammarnazi says:

      “Someone who can’t speak or write correctly shouldn’t be making fun of the way people who can’t spell.”

      Your sentence should read:

      “Someone who can’t speak or write correctly shouldn’t be making fun of the way others can’t spell.”

    2. getaclue says:

      I thenk mabe it is a consept called “sahrcasm”.

  6. carolfoster says:

    Mom and Dad, You both got more than you settled for and the 16 pounds you both have LOVE for, its not going to be easy…………

  7. UnmitigatedTruth says:

    Yeah… but was it a “Home Birth” like my daughter did with her 9′ 1″ son?

    I told her that if she would have waited a little longer, she could have given birth to a “first grader”.

    Mazal Tov.

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