Nearly 40 Arrested As Part Of ‘Massive’ N. Texas Drug Trafficking Operation

By Matt Goodman, CBSDFW.COM

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The U.S. District Attorney’s office announced Wednesday that nearly 40 people were arrested and charged for their roles in a “massive” drug trafficking conspiracy that imported cocaine, heroin and marijuana from Mexico and shipped it through North Texas and into at least four other states.

Four federal complaints were partially unsealed Wednesday, including conspiracy to distribute more than 500 grams of cocaine, more than 100 grams of heroin and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

The complaints say authorities seized drugs, guns, vehicles and money. Federal agents believe those charged helped traffic drugs and money from Mexico through the Dallas-Fort Worth Area and into Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Nashville in an operation that dates back to May 2005. Although, one complaint alleges two of the accused began trafficking cocaine, heroin and marijuana in 2002.

The four charged with money laundering are all from Tarrant County, a spokesman said.

Rigoberto Orozco, 34, of Mansfield, Margrita Monrreal, 31, of Mansfield, Araseli Orozco, 24, of Fort Worth, and Jo Ann Henry, 51, of Fort Worth, were all charged with trying to transfer money from the U.S. to Mexico to avoid reporting requirements.

According to a spokesman, the Orozco brothers “made substantial money” from selling heroin, cocaine and marijuana in Dallas-Fort Worth, Atlanta and Philadelphia.

“One cooperating individual who assisted Rigoberto in shipping drug proceeds, stated that he/she was once in a hotel in Philadelphia with more than $3 million in drug proceeds,” read a release.

The complaint alleges Rigoberto and Monrreal used drug money to buy a home on Meadow Crest Lane in Mansfield on July 10, 2005.

It also says the four made “at least” 64 wire transfers from Fort Worth to Mexico as payment for heroin between Jan. 2007 and Nov. 2009.

Another one of the unsealed complaints says many of the defendants used stash houses to traffic drugs and money.

One of which – a warehouse located on Northaven Road in Dallas – was robbed at gunpoint on April 21 by a group that is among those charged as part of the investigation.

A spokesman did not identify the robbers’ names.

The arrests came from a joint investigation between the FBI, Drug Enforcement Agency, IRS-Criminal Investigation Department and the Arlington and Fort Worth Police Departments.

Those charged began appearing before a judge at the Parker County Jail in Weatherford at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Each drug offense carries between five and 40 years in prison. Those accused of conspiring to commit money laundering could face up to 20 years in prison.

The U.S. District Attorney’s office must present these charges to a grand jury for indictment within 30 days. Here’s the list of all charged, via the U.S. District Attorney’s Office:

Those charged under the first complaint, conspiring to possess with intent to distribute and to distribute more than 500 grams of cocaine: 

Hugo Cordoba, aka “Hugo Alberto Guadalupe Cordova De La Cruz and “Grenas”
Cristian Ocana, aka “Cri Cri” and “Chilango,”36, of Grand Prairie, Texas
Arturo Hernandez Guadarrama, aka “Gerardo Guadarrama” and “Gordo,” 31, Mesquite, Texas
Oscar Ocana, 42, of Dallas, Texas
Roberto Torres Martinez, aka “Roberto Torres,” 58, of Dallas, Texas
Monica Ann Saenz, aka “Bebe,” 32, of Dallas, Texas
Tiffany Taber, 29, of Dallas, Texas
Cesar Enrique Mireles, in custody in Minnesota
Jose Juvenal Quezada, aka “Juve,” 23, of Fort Worth, Texas
Christopher George Chavez, aka “Chris,” 31, of Dallas, Texas
First Name Unknown Last Name Unknown, aka “Apolonio Longinos” and “Polo”
Jasinto Ramirez, 34, of Dallas or Grand Prairie, Texas
Miguel Angel Gonzalez, 39, of Dallas or Grand Prairie, Texas
Oscar Morales Ramirez, 31, of Dallas or Grand Prairie, Texas
First Name Unknown Last Name Unknown, believed to be “Jose Alfredo Lagunas,” aka “Champion” and “Champi,” 39, of Balch Springs, Texas
Aracely Caballero, aka “Cely,” 35 of Dallas, Texas

Those charged under the second complaint, also conspiring to possess with intent to distribute and to distribute more than 500 grams of cocaine: 

Cristian Ocana, aka “Cri Cri,” 36, of Grand Prairie, Texas
Rigoberto Orozco, aka “Rigo,” 34, of Mansfield, Texas
William Glenn Jones, aka “Unc,” 59, of Fort Worth, Texas
Wheattina Goodman, aka “Wheat,” 34, of Wilmington, Delaware
Daveon McCulloch, 37, of Fort Worth, Texas
Ledell Derrick Shaw, aka “Derrick Shaw,” 40, of Atlanta, Georgia
Kenya White, aka “Block,” of Wilmington, Delaware
Margarita Orozco, nee Monrreal, 31, of Mansfield, Texas

Those charged under the third complaint, conspiring to possess with intent to distribute and to distribute more than 100 grams of heroin:

Rigoberto Orozco, aka “Rigo,” 34, of Mansfield, Texas
Eric Orozco, aka “Eddie,” 23, of Atlanta, Georgia
Hector Ramos, aka “John Gotti,” in custody in East Texas
Harold Grubbs, aka “Big D,” 30, of Fort Worth, Texas
Jo Ann Henry, 51, of Fort Worth, Texas
Ivan Cano, 24, of Fort Worth, Texas
Sarah Reyes, aka “Sarah Murillo,” 32, of Fort Worth, Texas

Those charged under the fourth complaint, conspiring to engage in a monetary transaction in criminally derived property (drug proceeds) and conspiring to commit money laundering by transferring funds (drug proceeds) from the U.S. to a place outside the U.S. to avoid transaction reporting requirements:

Rigoberto Orozco, aka “Rigo,” 34, of Mansfield, Texas
Margrita Monrreal, aka “Margarita Orozco” 31, of Mansfield, Texas
Araseli Orozco, 34, of Fort Worth, Texas
Jo Ann Henry, 51, of Fort Worth, Texas


One Comment

  1. Elena says:

    Leave the people alone who are bringing in the marijuana.

  2. Loki Laufeyson says:

    Aw, let them go. They’re just here doing the jobs that Americans won’t do… *sarcasm alert*

  3. darrell says:

    sanctuary cities, open borders. very small tip of a very large iceberg

    1. 2sister says:

      Some of these people might be here illegally, but it sounds like some were citizens I don’t agree with illegal immigration, but I”m glad that they caught them, regardless of their immigration status.

  4. Patty Leeper says:

    Woooo Hoooo! You go Border Patrol!! Thanks for further protecting our borders!!

  5. RussP says:

    Another reason to consider closing our border with Mexico and treating it as if it were a third world war zone down there (which it just about is). From everything I read, Mexico has tougher restrictions on its southern border than the US does.

  6. josh weatherly says:

    I guess I’ll just have to score from the other guys . These bust are all for profit of the State/US government, they could stop most of if not all of the drug trafficking using the money they confiscate. But, if they rid of it once and for all where would the FBI, ICE, Immigration ,and other government agency’s receive the funds to continue working? Its called job security, do you really think there were only 40 or so people involved in this operation? I think not! They had to leave some behind to build it back up so the Government can score another few million in another year or so. Crooks, one and all, it just depends which side of that morality line your on.

  7. michell says:

    the problem on the border….? mmm i dont think so
    the problem its is on when some body buy grugs…
    if this country never users on mexico never has drugs war… for drug dealers…so i think we need remember ho is the first to provocate this big problem
    if the united states consumer drugs its #1 in all the world…..

  8. lui says:

    yo estoy de acuerdo con michell….
    el problema comienza con los que compran las drogas o las cosas que no tienen un valor legitimo….y en verdad no es estados unidos el santuario de ningun ningun santo……digo no se trta de ilegales cruzando todos los dias drogas tampoco. si la demanda aqui es tan grande el gobierno deberia hacer algo con las personas que consumen drogas o sustancias y no provocar que en mexico se esten matando por un poco mas de dinero…

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