Ponder Pondering 90-Day Drilling Moratorium

PONDER (CBSDFW.COM) – A North Texas town is looking at a 90-day moratorium on future gas drilling permits. The push comes after some residents started making ‘noise’ in the Denton County town of Ponder.

“We have no rights!  We have no say so,” claims Pattie Pennington, who lives a block and half from the new drill site. “It does worry me a lot.”

Pennington says she didn’t even know about her new neighbor, Devon Energy, until sound barriers went up and equipment started moving in. Now she and others in the area say they deal with nausating fumes and noise all night.

Veronica Kronvall lives a mere 400 feet from the site. “Last Saturday 3 a.m I wake up. Boom. I go back to sleep. Boom. About an hour of this I said ‘forget it I’m up’,” she recalled.

Kronvall and her neighbors had virtually no say, because the current city ordiance doesn’t require public hearings before drilling permits can be approved. It also allows gas wells to be built as close as 300 feet to homes.

Homeowners want to put a stop to new drilling so the council can work on a new ordiance.

“Devon has a reputation of being a good neighbor we have a reputation of doing things right,” says Gilbert Horton with Devon Energy.

The company has 44 existing wells already in Ponder. In a town of about 1,200 people that’s one drill for every 27 people. For some that’s one too many and it’s time to put a stop to it.

“I want it to be quiet I want my neighborhood back,” Pennington said.

A spokesperson with Devon Energy, based in Oklahoma City, tells CBS 11 News that the two wells will be drilled by the end of August.

As for the moratorium no final decision was made Thursday night. City leaders say that’s what they’ll do but they have to have a public hearing about it first.

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One Comment

  1. Nomacsupporter says:

    Here we go again; the big bad drilling rig is making noises and smells!
    I want my perfect life back. Why is this always such ‘big news’. I’m sorry all you
    folks have to be put thru such horrible discomfort. We should all have
    wonderful lives with no problems and plenty of money and fuel and jobs.
    That rig will be gone in a few weeks; then you’ll be alright, life will go on and
    you can find some other gripe to keep you busy. Get over it you
    morons. Grow up.

  2. Sharon says:

    I am truly sorry for the people in Ponder being disturbed about the noise. But, if they had a family member employed there and that is where they depended on their next meal to come from, who would really be complaining? Sometimes companies have to go to produce for things we need. So, would one not rather put up with a little discomfort for a short period ? Or have people losing jobs because we can’t handle a brief time of silence in a neighborhood….. Or do we just say NO and let’s buy from other countries ? Help keep jobs in the state and our country. Sometimes we have to take the bad to see the good.

  3. laruejd says:

    The drilling rig will be gone in a few weeks and the well will silently pump oi, gas and money into Ponder. Legally, the oil company has done everything right, The residents are saying they were uninformed, ignorance is not much of a legal leg to stand on. Don’t shut down business. Don’t change the city law until after the leases run out (usually 1-3 years.

  4. Dr. Sarcasm says:

    Wow, what a clever headline! You must be in Mensa! How long did it take you to come up with it? Less than five seconds?

  5. Wes says:

    I say keep the rigs. In fact, I would like to see more go up. It’s either let the free market work, or have high energy prices. Companies should not get punished for doing nothing wrong. If the city of Ponder wishes to make it quieter for their residents, they need to increase the minimum distance from residential areas. Whatever they decide, it should not be a moratorium.

  6. Ed says:

    Such fans of noise and fumes for other people.

    How did such a law get on the books in the first place? I think it’s safe to assume the Ponder officials put the law in place with close help (ghost writing?) from someone paid by an energy company.

    I wonder what the chances would be of energy companies managing to get such a law in place in Plano or Richardson?

  7. Mike Folks says:

    I was reading in the New York Times about how 1 million gallons of water is used for each well. The same article mentioned how a large precentage of drilled gas wells are quickly running out of “Yield” requiring yet more drilling, kinda makes you wonder about the law of diminished returns….

  8. Jeff says:

    Hey u stupid people u sure like lights hot water heat and other dozens of uses of this natural gas get over it. It’s how the world even proceeded this far.

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