Border Violence Very Real For Arlington Couple

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A simple road trip to Mexico for an Arlington couple turned into a nightmare just after they crossed the border.

The couple set out on the 1,000 mile drive to Leon, Mexico on Monday, packed into a truck with a week’s worth of luggage and gifts for their family.

Just two miles into Nuevo Laredo, the trip ended unexpectedly.  “I saw this car kind-of toward the end of this little ramp,” said the wife, who did not want to be identified.  “Then two guys come out of the back of the car with guns.”

“It was huge, really.  It was two inches from my head” she said, visibly shaken by the memory.

There have been warnings from the U.S. State Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety about violence in Nuevo Laredo, but the woman says it was never clear how dangerous the trip actually was.

She says the Mexican Consulate in Dallas gave them a driving permit before they left, and they asked if their planned route throught the country was a dangerous drive.  She says the Consulate told them “oh no, everything is just fine.”

She says Mexican Army soldiers, which have replaced police in the city, helped the couple to the border, but she says they found little help beyond that.  “No one, No Mexican official, No U.S. official, basically could do anything.”

She says the only way they were able to get anyone’s attention was to cause a scene at the border, urging others not to cross.  Only then did the process to get them back over the border speed up.

The couple spent four hours at the border before walking back into the United States.  They then made their way to a Wells Fargo, convincing the bank to let them access their account to get money for a bus ride home.

When asked by CBS 11 if there is any help for an American who is a victim of crime in Mexico, the Mexican Consulate, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the U.S. Border Patrol all said the U.S. State Department might be the only agency that can help.

The couple says the violence they experienced first hand changed their outlook on Mexico, immigration, and the role Texas plays into the situation.  “These people are coming here by the thousands because they’re afraid for their lives, on a daily basis.”

The Texas Department of Public Safety says they will reach out to the couple to offer what help they can, possibly with some victim advocate services.


One Comment

  1. Brooke says:

    They didn’t know about the border violence??? Do they live under a rock?

    1. Michael says:

      No…they haven’t been living under a rock, they are simply naive in trusting that the Mexican and/or U.S. Government would tell them how bad it REALLY is. Our government is in “denial” and NOT being forthcoming enough to adequately warn citizens.

  2. Rick says:

    I wonder if these people have to remind themselves to breathe.

  3. LaRueJD says:

    Never depend on the US State Department for help in a foreign country. I have had friends in jail in Saudi with no charges filed for months. The state Department did nothing but a weekly visit. They used to be useful if you lost a passport or your passport was about to expire. All passports have to be produced in the US now so even that can take a few days. I could imagine someone from a northern state bein unaware of the border situation, but not a Texas family.

  4. gayden says:

    I have seen stupidity before BUT these people have to be eaten up with a severe case of the DUMBS. Why would anyone in his or her right mind even think about going to Mexico– and especially driving there. These folks are idiots.

  5. Michael says:

    I worked as a narcotic officer on the border for over 13 years. The current situation in Mexico has created an environment as dangerous for Americans (and Mexican citizens too!) as the Middle East. Both the Mexican government and our own government don’t want you to know how bad it REALLY is in Mexico. Even if you are well informed….it’s 10 times worse than you think. Asking the Mexican Consulate if Mexico is safe is like asking a Wall Street money manager if he is honest???!!! Stay out of Mexico!

  6. Rick McDaniel says:

    Ignore the warnings……….pay the price. Believe me…….when the government issues warnings, it is far worse, than they say it is.

  7. te says:

    If these people are American citizens, they should have been help! Why don’t the Mexican people fight for their rights? They have in the past. Why run away? As always the USA always welcome legal immigrants.t

  8. Bill says:

    Who wrote that article? The same ESL folks who were stupid enough to drive into Mexico?

    Random quotes and phrases don’t tell much of a story. One must assume from the bus ride home that their truck and possessions went bye-bye from the bad guys.

  9. FedUpTxn says:

    Ask anyone in a DFW neighborhood now over-run with illegal immigrants about the violence and crime that has come with them. It’s not just the consulate that ignores the safety of Americans, the local police do it too! Search crime statistics in every state and see the high percentage attributed to those with Hispanic names from south of the border and multiple ID. The FBI murder list is a very good example. Many list themselves as “white” to change the statistics. Many are voting illegally as well.

  10. NiteWatering says:

    45 years ago military people constantly lost cars driving into Mexico and since you have family there you didn’t know that? If America was invaded do you think people would cross the border running for their lives? Some, yet the majority would stay to fight the invaders out. Same would go in a revolution, most would not run away. True Mexican lack the arms to protect their homes, yet they can join their military and fight to take back their streets. Notice I said military and not police who for years on end have been easily corrrupted. Yet I bet with relatives there they already knew that fact.

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