Donations, Support Abound At Rally For John Wiley Price

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The crowd roared with applause and community leaders cried for justice Sunday, but the man of the hour – the normally outspoken Commissioner John Wiley Price – sat quietly in the last pew at the St. Luke Community United Methodist Church.

Federal search warrants show Price is part of an investigation for possible bribery, money laundering, theft and tax evasion, but speakers framed the ongoing investigation as part of a history of FBI attacks on strong minority leaders.

Hundreds of supporters attended the rally, urging residents to give Price his due process.

“He’s done a lot for the black community, and we shouldn’t lose sight of that,” said Mike McCain, who came to hear what supporters had to say.

In the keynote address, Georgetown professor Dr. Michael Eric Dyson drew a comparison to Casey Anthony that threw the crowd in a fury of applause.

“If Casey Anthony can get presumption of innocence and due process, Commissioner John Wiley Price deserves the same,” he said.

The crowd responded – not just with their voices, but with their checkbooks, too.

“I want you to give cash. I want you to give food stamps,” Dyson said.

Running up the aisle, one woman handed over a substantial donation to the commissioner’s defense fund.

“One thousand dollars. One thousand dollars,” Dyson announced.

She wasn’t the only one to give that much, and many other smaller donations followed, as well.

Neither Price nor his associates have been accused of any wrongdoing in the investigation that became public last month. His supporters say they want to remind the public of his service, and urge them not to jump to conclusions.


One Comment

  1. Hemroidious says:

    Isn’t giving food stamps illegal? Just wondering.

  2. Hemroidious says:

    Next week they are having a Kwanza Fest and a Voodoo Ritual for JWP. Bless his heart.

  3. CL says:

    illegal yes…unheard of…no
    i know of a person who pays for her childcare with her foodstamps/SNAP benefits
    people do it all the time…after all it’s FREE money

  4. Topher says:

    If OJ Simpson can get presumption of innocence and due process, Commissioner John Wiley Price deserves the same.


  5. bodegabayjoan says:

    How typical. How disgusting.

  6. NiteNurse says:

    Here’s where I have a problem with churches getting tax exempt status. Many of them use their churches for various functions that are non religious in nature. I feel the JWP function is a non religious function.

  7. Tired says:

    I’m with you NiteNurse. They should lose their non-profit status. Week before last I saw someone standing outside DeSoto ISD holding a sign that said “Where’s there Smoke there is probably Fire.” and I think that holds true in this case

  8. malcom says:

    How many black politicians have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar ?and when they are to be charged then “oh lawd they try to be gettin us again’. How many White officers have not even charged a black offender with anything because of the intimidation factor.

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