2-Year-Old Found Beaten To Death, Two Arrested

HUNT COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – The Hunt County Sheriff’s Department took two 21-year-olds into custody Sunday after a two-year-old in their care was found beaten to death, a department spokesman said.

The two called 9-1-1 Sunday morning to report that the child had stopped breathing.

Hunt County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Joe Knight said the two told an operator they would take the child to the hospital, but paramedics stopped them on the way.

Authorities say the toddler was black-and-blue and already dead when they stopped the vehicle. Paramedics declared the child dead from excessive trauma and police arrested the man and woman shortly after. The department expects to formally press charges shortly.

“We’re terming it massive,” Knight said. “Worst I’ve ever seen.”

Knight said the two are cousins of the child’s mother. But authorities can’t find her despite searching at addresses in Dallas and other locations.

Authorities say they are desperately trying to reach her and are not identifying the child or the suspects until they do.

Police believe the child suffered the abuse recently, because a Facebook photo taken weeks ago showed him in good health, Knight said.


One Comment

  1. NiteNurse says:

    For all you anti abortion folks…not every child needs to be born.

    1. Ura Tw@t says:

      Including you, dumba$$. Leave the tasteless comments inside that vacuous cranium of yours next time, IDIOT.

      1. Nurse Rached says:

        URA: You used words containing two syllables or more in your comment – she’ll take days to look them up. That “NiteNurse” pinhead is notorious on these boards for leaving anything from the “Duh – OBVIOUS” types of comments to the brainless and thoughtless ones as seen above. Ignore it. It thrives on the attention.

      2. Shelley says:

        just because you two don’t agree with what he/she said, doesn’t mean you have to bash him/her. can’t you just agree to disagree and leave it at that? the whole pro-life pro-choice discussion will go nowhere

    2. Shelley says:

      nite nurse- i see your comments alot, i think i’ve agreed with every one.

      1. You're Also A Tw@t says:

        So a kid who is killed shouldn’t have been born? What an absolute disconnect in logic. What about a two year old who is left with a seemingly trustworthy babysitter, only to be abducted and murdered, or killed during a drug or temper-induced freakout? That kid shouldn’t have been born as well? You’re “AssUMing” the kid in the story was brought up in some sort of hellish, poverty-stricken household.

      2. Shelley says:

        you don’t know what i’m assuming, so don’t assume yourself! and no, i wasn’t thinking the kid should have never been born. i was thinking the two f@#ks that killed the kid should have never been born. you shouldn’t be so quick to judge

    3. Gumby rules says:

      You included NiteNurse.

    4. gck says:

      Wow your full of the comments aren’t you- I see u have a history of trash talk. OR how bout this….not all women should be able to be mother’s- as$%ole- I truly hope you are not a nurse- AND as you have stated before…..thank God your not a parent-

  2. I Don't Believe in The Electric Chair - I Believe in Electric BLEACHERS! says:

    Here’s more people ready for the needle – including the stupid “mom” who left the poor child with this excrement.

  3. malcom says:

    how many millions will be spent on the defense of these animals?

    1. Shelley says:

      maybe these wastes of life will get lucky and have JWP supporters pay for their defense team

  4. Jeffery says:

    Some of the comments are some of the stupidest remarks. A child was BEATEN..TO DEATH. Stop the moronic statements and hope these two get life or the death penalty. This is not about being pro-life or pro-choice. A child was abused. What the hell is wrong with people today?

  5. Sharon Landrum says:

    They can’t find the mother, was she beaten to death by these idiots too? Or did she beat the child and leave, for them to take the rap? Either way, there is a dead child that was beaten to death and deserves justice. TEXAS we must not make the mistake Florida did, make the charges stick beyond a reasonable doubt, and show the world TEXAS does not tolerate people that abuse/kill children.

  6. Alicia Murley says:

    this sickens me!

  7. HooDatIS? says:

    this is horrible these losers have lost their mind!

  8. lisak says:

    Ura Tw@t : There is not reason for abortion in the state of texas

  9. thattguy says:

    There is a lot more to this story than meets the eye the whole thing has not mentioned the parents whom i know both of. They are both deadbeats who neither cared nor loved this child they have made the mother look like a witch and the father look innocent when he has neglected the child as well both parents should be charged with child neglect.

  10. thattguy says:

    The only reason they could find the father is cause he didnt go anywhere he had no idea where his child was becasue he is trash i believe both of the parents had a hand or at least knew what was going onit just hasnt come out yet maybe never will

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