2 People Stranded On Dallas Amusement Park Ride

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – An amusement park ride malfunction left a couple stranded 100 feet above the ground for hours on Monday night. The drama unfolded at the Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park in Dallas, located near the intersection of Interstate-35E and Walnut Hill Lane.

The attraction that malfunctioned is called the Texas Blastoff Bungee Ride. According to the park’s website, riders are launched 150 feet into the air using bungee cords attached to two massive poles – like a giant slingshot.

But something went wrong. Witnesses said that the bungee wires got tangled.

The couple, identified as William Mancera and Thalia Rodriguez, were at the amusement park to celebrate their engagement. Rodriguez encouraged Mancera to get on the ride to conquer his fear of heights. But the two were then stuck in the air for three hours.

Dallas Fire-Rescue was called to the park to save the riders. The couple was placed into a bucket attached to a ladder truck. They were lowered to safety with no serious injuries, just some dehydration after being stuck in the air — and heat – for so long. Temperatures at the time of the incident were still in the triple-digits. Rodriguez and Mancera were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

CBS 11 News spoke with Diego Rodriguez, the female rider’s brother, as the rescue was taking place. “Three hours? It’s ridiculous. But I’m glad they’re down and get to go home now,” he said.

A big question now remains for the park owners. Is this ride safe?

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  • The Devil

    To conquer her fear of heights! LOL!


    • Me

      It was to conquer HIS fear of heights.

      • The Devil

        Yep. You’re right. Sorry. Once I saw those greaser surnames, I just zoned out.

  • chris

    Couple making memories………..hope this wasn’t a blind date…….no escape.

    • Ash

      cant be a blind date being that the article states “they were there to celebrate there engagement”

  • 2damnhothere

    who cares

  • don benningfielld

    Are they Legal ? Why wern’t they working? Don’t let this reporter get near the Debt Deal or or heads will explode !!

  • ZekWoo

    time to bring in the bottom feeding, blood sucking attorneys! There is a gravy train to board lol.


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  • jm

    What is it with journalism these days? You’ve got a news article and then a question thrown in at the end. Is this a story or is it an editorial? Or do news organizations not care? Leave out the little questions at the end. They are not news and they degrade from whatever supposed objectivity the news organization might still have. People will leave comments without it.

    • Idiocracy is upon us!

      Hey, be careful, jm. Tim might tell you to CHILL OUT! Apparently, we’re anal-retentive Nazis! LOL.

      • Eddie Murrow

        Leave out the little questions at the end IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO ANSWER THEM IN THE STORY!

  • Glenn

    Wow…nothing better to do than argue about a news report…..got to love america. Now check your mailbox for your gov check….oh wait…it might bounce anyway.

    • IIUU

      I’m on vacation this week, loser. What’s your story? Wasting time “at work”? Hmmm?

  • hkdppl

    IIUU is obviously and sadly trolling this comment board……poor IIUU on so-called “vacation” this week while most of us are, yes, legitimately at work mocking your comment post because you’re a d-bag.

    I’m pretty much expecting you to reply to this considering you’re trolling harder on this page than most people do on facebook.

    Get over yourself, you are pretty much the definition of idiocracy. The phrase “He who is not guilty of said offense throw the first stone.” Pretty much applies to your little weepy argument about others not doing their jobs. I sense projection….but no doubt, idiocracy too.

    I don’t see any stones being thrown……..enough said.

    • Kramer K. Kramer

      Quoting Jesus about Internet etiquette. LOL! How lame. You look like a bigger idiot than the troll.

  • tuffyturf

    I am glad to report that both were checked at a local hospital and after several tests were performed, they were given a clean bill of health and promptly deported.

    The Hospital is going to bill John Q Taxpayer for their care, which will total over $25,000

  • LC

    You all are racist idiots. You do not even know if they are illegal. All because of their last name? What if they were Puerto Rican? That means they were born American citizens.

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