Alleged Dallas Church Was Actually Teen Nightclub/Drug Den

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – An investigation suggests a Dallas man who said he owned a church-like organization was actually running a dance club.

The city is suing to get the club called Darkside, on Northwest Highway and Webb Chapel, shutdown.

According to Senior Assistant City Attorney Melissa Miles, undercover officers discovered that the establishment owned by Glen Hudson was and after-hours dance club, frequented by teenagers.

KRLD’s Matt Thomas Reports:

“They [officers] were of course there in a undercover capacity so they weren’t able to approach and verify peoples ages, but it was their impression that it was quite a young group,” said Miles. “They had concerns that some of the folks might have been underage.”

Owner Hudson had claimed his organization ordained ministers. City Attorney Miles says there was ‘activity’ at the location, but not that kind.

“We determined that they were not only not a church but this was actually being operated as a place where the buying, selling, and use of drugs was rampant,” she said.

The manager of the place, Tommy Gunn, has been arrested and charged with supplying drugs to underage children and indecency with a child.

The suit filed by the city claims the location is constitutes a nuisance, based on the drug activity there.

Officials believe Hudson classified the establishment as a church to exempt him from city land use regulations.


One Comment

  1. darrell says:

    there are worse thing disquised as “religious” in this country than this.

    1. AC says:

      how soooo true…

  2. Kramer K. Kramer says:

    1) No religious organization uses the moniker “Darkside” for any of their ministries unless they’re associated with The Church of Satan. That should have been the investigators’ first clue.
    2) Was this the same church that raised all that money for JWP? LOL! Sorry, couldn’t resist!

    1. GD says:

      Are you serious about your point #2? Are you equating the moniker “The Church of Satan” with St. Luke Community United Methodist Church?

  3. mikey says:

    The reason that darkside went for the classification as church is due to the fact that they were denied a dance permit by the city of dallas. It was only a church in the fact that the crew both promoters and djs alike advanced the idea of plurr. Peace love unity respect and responsibility. The church title was simply used as a loophole. Every aspect of the place was clublike. As far as the drugs go you will find them at any sort of club. The major downfall of the club was the lead promoter tommy gunn. He allowed children under the age of 17 access to the club and also took advantage of these young girls mostly every night.

  4. BK says:

    This is not even the whole story! How is it that the church issue is what gets reported? This guy has beds in dark rooms where it’s obvious that girls are getting raped!!! It’s no surprise that under age kids are going to these clubs. It is rampant in DFW. The real story is that pedophiles have infiltrated this scene and are fitting in just fine amongst the young, drug induced crowd. This reporter failed miserably to report the real story.

    1. AC says:

      rapes, drugs and pedo’s… WOW.. I never read that in any of the news reports, I suspect you have first hand knowledge based on your response. You better take that proof to the county DA.


  5. Passion says:

    Alright.. let me set this straight.. because there are NO BEDS anywhere inside Darkside… and there are underage kids getting into clubs all over the United States.. and there is no proof that Tommy has done wrong.. he has only been accused.. so rumors will be flying… as in any criminal case.. and he is presumed INNOCENT untill proven guilty.. So untill then, Darkside will go on.. and the whole dance permit thing is true… that is why at first we were considered a church.. however, we had ordained ministers working there… who did promote peace love unity and respect. in EVERY aspect of their lives.. and all a church is legally described at is a place of worship.. and to these kids… thats what darkside was.. it was a place to come escape and dance and have fun…for the love of the music… of course there were those that came for other reasons.. but again, you will find those in any scene. the heart of the matter is that Darkside is a family and will stick together through all of this just as any other family would..

  6. Passion says:

    ALSO…. let me note that he was not even accused of supplying drugs to ANYONE, and this could easily have been verified through the dallas county jail lookup.

  7. Adri says:

    ^Agreed completely with Passion. I’m nineteen, have been there on countless occasions, and have been around Tommy plenty of times!!! He never once hit on me or my friends. And I know for a FACT that any time any sort of underage kid (16 and below) was found out they were immediately asked to leave. It’s infuriating what people will say when they know nothing, that’s the way that these kinds of rumors get started. Have any of you that have been saying all these lies even been there before? Because it honestly doesn’t sound like it. I can totally back Passion up when she says it was our place to dance and have fun. I live in Gainesville and there’s nothing here for the teens to do. I go to dance at Darkside (COMPLETELY SOBER) all the time to get out of my town and to meet new people my age. Techno music is upbeat and extremely fun to dance to. Not everyone there is a druggie just like any place you go. The whole reason that people want to bash the rave scene is because of all the terrible things that they’ve heard about it…(people dying at EDC, drug use, etc) but if they actually came in and saw what it was about I think they’d think differently. I am proud to call myself a raver and I got a full academic scholarship to college. I go there sober, for the people and the music..not for sex or drugs. Try to look at it this way.. do you go and try to shut down the bars when people drive home drunk from them and kill someone? I’ve seen druggies all over the town I live in so does that mean everyone that lives here is one? Just because some of the kids involved want to make some stupid choices it shouldn’t ruin it for the rest of us. I love Darkside and will be sad to see it go..because it was a place that I could go to dance without dealing with people drinking there and getting hit on by stupid drunk guys. And even if you do get all if the rave clubs of Dallas shut down it’s not going to stop. If anything it’s just going to cause more problems because when they don’t have a building to do it in where do you think they will go? Rooftops, warehouses, and any other places they can find. And I promise you, these “underground raves” are completely worse because there’s no way of managing them. The kids are safer in a building with security that will make sure nothing happens. I always felt safe at Darkside and will continue to go there whenever I can. I just thought everyone would want a real perspective of what’s going on instead of all these people talking about what they’ve heard.

  8. Robert says:

    There was only one bed at darkside, and it was in Tommy Gunn’s office. Passion never saw it because she is too old for Tommy. Drugs are expected at a rave club, but not at a church..but of course all the little drug addicts don’t want to lose their hookup. If they were denied a permit they should have moved buildings because they were in a residential area; theres no excuse. What is the world coming to when teenagers condone, support and defend pedophiles in a drug filled rave church? Sober my foot! Face it kiddies, your mom will never let you go back.

    1. Tect says:

      So robert you seem to forget the catholic church, after all in the catholic churches there are drugs (alcohol) and pedophiles (priest’s). People just dont seem to understand that there are perverts everywhere, churches schools businesses absolutely everywhere. So before going and blaming the culture maybe people should start blaming the parents for having allowed their children to be misbehaved. Im not condoning pedophilia I’m simply saying that you shouldnt blame the entire edm culture, but those directly involved in illegal activity. If you take away venues that allow people to escape and destroy their bodies how they want it will simply put them on the streets. Really instead of saying no to drugs and raves they should be taught to the youth and taught how to act properly in these environments. Things like this should be looked upon as places of enlightenment and tribal bonding rather then a place to pick up a mate like a bar is.

    2. darrell says:

      robert, your absolutely right, we shouldnt support pedohiles at a rave church. that right is reserved for catholic, baptist, methodist, protestant, lutheran, and mormon churchs. how dare anyone support them at a rave church.

    3. nc says:

      I just couldnt help but laugh at your ignorance. First at ANY club party bar concert etc you are going to see DRUGS older ppl interacting with younger ppl bad things happen everywhere. ALCOHOL is still the leading DRUG THT KILLS!!! But you dont see them closing bars! People get drunk and KILL innocent ppl. what stupid ppl like you need to realize is is tht these clubs arent just filled with drug addicts plenty of millions go anf never touch the drugs. I dont care for darkside or think its right to say its a church (even though most churches are just as bad as a club. You can get and do drugs at churches have sec run off etc. there is nowhere tht is safe from pervs or drugs. People want to get messd up thete is nothing in this world tht can stop drugs. They will always be here.

  9. Ryan says:

    I was once invited to Darkside by John Wayne where I met Tommy Gun (the owner) the same night. I went behind the walls into the hidden rooms. There is a locker room for the staff to get ready for the night. There is multiple hidden rooms all over that place. Tommy’s on “hidden office” had a bed inside of it!! I was told they used the “church” detail as a loophole to try and get their dance hall license. Tommy Gun abused his position and was way wrong for his actions.

  10. kane says:

    I think it ridiculous people standing up for this place my neighbor has a underage daughter that was out of control and she went there almost everyday she could wearing almost nothing and lots of girls went there dancing in linguire this place needed to be shut down a church I dont think so.

  11. Nemo says:

    This place was full of kids, & immature poeple & some pedophile’s never really got anywhere anyways.

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