Hit-And-Run Victim’s Family Doesn’t Believe Suspect’s Story

RICHARDSON  (CBSDFW.COM) – The family of Devin Byrd says they don’t believe a woman’s story that she suffered an epileptic seizure the day she ran over the 12-year-old boy in Richardson and left the scene.

Byrd remains in a medically-induced coma and in critical condition at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

Richardson Police say Elaine Burbridge, 62, struck the boy with her car last week and left the scene.  She surrendered to officers five days later.

Family members are at Byrd’s side and family spokeswoman Courtney Hopping says they hope he will make a full recovery.

“I think he’s a very strong boy, coming up to be a man,” she said.  “And yes, I think if there’s anybody who can recover from this, it’s him.”

But Hopping says there are too many holes in Burbridge’s story.  “I think the police report conflicts with her having an epileptic seizure because my understanding is she made it home safely.”

Hopping, a former prosecutor with the Dallas County District Attorney’s office, says she believes the charge against Burbridge should be Aggravated Assault With Serious Bodily Injury, rather than the current charged of Failing to Stop and Render Aid.

Burbridge’s attorney says his client has no recollection of hitting the boy.  “She feels absolutely horrible that Devin was hurt,” Scott Palmer said, and added that his client is taking the incident seriously.

“Although we understand the family’s extremely upset, and frankly, they should be upset, this accident was just that: an accident,” said Palmer.

Richardson police say the investigation is ongoing.


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  1. Juana says:

    Only an imbecile would believe that woman’s story. I hope I am on the jury!

    1. 2sister says:

      She very well could be lying, but it is possible that she did have some kind of spell. I”m not saying that I believe her, but there are different kinds of seizures. They aren’t all the classic kind that we think of (i.e. shaking and rolling on the ground). I’m sure they are looking into her medical history.

    2. C Bauer says:

      If you were an imbecile, you would be chosen as a juror. However, you do not sound like an imbecile, so you’re out of luck.

  2. schrodinger says:

    I had a friend who was in a wreck when he had a stroke while he was driving. He’d never had a stroke before nor did he ever have any signs (that he knew of) that a stroke was impending. He didn’t meet the classic picture of the “stroke victim waiting for a CVA to happen”, either… non smoker, not overweight, no drug or alcohol use, blood pressure okay… etc. It just happened. By the time the police arrived, he was simply confused, having slurred speech, and his balance was off. Police issued a field sobriety test (not a breathalyzer) and of course he failed. This was in the days before there were blood tests for drunk driving like we have today so the FST held a lot more weight than it does now. Hmmm… let’s see. Slurred speech, confused, can’t walk a straight line, had a wreck… oh, he MUST be drunk. Yup, he went to jail. No we don’t buy the man’s story of having a stroke. Oh wait, this guy’s been in for 2 days and he’s still confused and slurring his words and can’t walk a straight line. Bah, he’s slow to sober up. Oh look boys… he passed out in his cell. Yes, that’s right– my friend had a stroke before the accident and had another one a few days later while sitting in jail on DUI charges. And a breath test was NEVER done. Nor were any medical tests, because he never got to go to the hospital, since he wasn’t injured. My friend died from that second stroke. But I suppose that y’all are fine with that, that my friend got the “death penalty” for his role in the accident that injured another driver. Oh well, he won’t hurt YOU, at least… right? Sheesh– and here I thought this was the “buckle” of the Bible Belt. The Jesus in my Catholic Bible teaches compassion. How ’bout that Protestant bible, or were the compassionate Jesus scriptures part of the Apocrypha that the Protestants took out of their bible??

  3. 2sister says:

    I don’t know a lot about this, but I looked up the various kinds of seizures that you can have. They don’t always make people lose consciousness or complete consciousness. Also, there are some kinds of seizures that just make people blank out for a very short amount of time.

    I did, however, know a child who had a seizure. This happened in a daycare. I was one of his teachers. He had the kind where you shake and then he went to the ground. He briefly lost consciousness. The whole seizure probably lasted know more than 3 minutes, if even that long. Also, after he had it,i started to remember some times when when we had to call his name several times. He would be just sitting there on the carpet, and wouldn’t respond when we told him to get up. For example, we might be getting ready to go outside, and we had to say several times ” ” get up. I know think he was having the kind of seizures where someone just zones out.

    I’m not saying that she is telling the truth, but the fact that she made it home does not mean that she couldn’t have had some kind of seizure or spell.

    1. 2sister says:

      Oops. I meant “no more than 3 minutes,” and not “know more.” Also, i meant to say, “I now think he was having….” and not “I know…”. Sorry about that. You get to typing so fast that you make mistakes. Also, it’s very hard to read what you are typing, because of how it is faded out until you hit submit.

      1. Lynda says:

        This is not about your friend. This lady drove home after the incident leaving a child struggling for his life. She did not go to jail. She is not in jail right now.

  4. fred says:

    So was it her “seizure” that caused her to also delay her turning herslf in with a ATTNY present? Its ovbious she is lying and this is the best story she and her ATTNY could cook up…while in the mean time, this boys struggles for his life? What a pathetic excuse for a human being…ma’am… your BAD!

    1. Legal Eagle says:

      Our profession is abbreviated as ATTY, but I think most people understand what you’re saying. The investigators/prosecutors need to order medical tests ASAP. My specialty is wills and estates, but I believe most seizures can be shown to have happened (or not have happened) via scans and such, and the sooner the better for accurate results.

      1. AC says:

        I thought S C U M was the abbreviation for Attorney?

  5. Todd says:

    So why hasn’t the parents been arrested for child endangerment ?

    1. C Bauer says:

      Because he was playing outside, dumba$$. You’re really going to ask that ret@rded question? Really? REALLY?

    2. Stephen Wade says:

      The moment we stop trusting our neighbors to be responsible, our society decays. I sincerely hope this tragic accident and willful disregard for human life displayed by the driver will not cause parents everywhere to begin making general rules out of an exception incident.

  6. Doctor House says:

    You can tell, sometimes even very easily, if one did or did not have an epileptic seizure. All it requires is a scan/test or two.

  7. C Bauer says:

    They should sue the ever living hell out of her and her husband.

  8. Stephen Wade says:

    From what’s been reported, I don’t think they could charge with Aggravated Assault. That requires intent to do harm, correct? It sounds to me like this lady was playing with her dog, not paying attention, and hit the child. Then she fled the scene to escape the consequences of what she did.

    I don’t believe she had an epileptic seizure – maybe she had caffeine shakes from drinking too many lattes and confused it for a seizure. Happens to me too 🙂

  9. RussP says:

    Had a siezure, maybe. But did it also enable her to drive away, then fail to report she had an accident after seeing the damage to her car? Did it enable her to fail to call the police after seeing all the info on the news about the incident? How about causing her to wait days after being contacted by police until turning herself in? Obviously she is hiding something with her attorney’s help; pretty much like the drunk and high sports pros who are advised to flee the scene of an accident so that they can sober up. I guess failure to render aid is a lesser charge the DWI.

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