Abandoned Dog Dies In Hot Fort Worth Apartment

TARRANT COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – Someone moved out of a Fort Worth apartment and left their dogs behind.

The dog that was left outside died; a tragic result that animal control officials say could have been prevented.

“There’s no reason why these folks shouldn’t be calling us. If they can’t care for their animals anymore don’t leave them to die like that. Give us a call, we’ll pick ‘em up and we’ll find them another home,” said code compliance director Brandon Bennett. “If they had just called the city we would have come and picked the dogs up, no questions asked.”

Bennett says with this long stretch of extremely hot weather animal controls workers are running behind, so more help is being called in. “We’ve actually reassigned 10 code compliance officers, folks that generally deal with substandard buildings, we’ve moved them over to animal care and control.”

A second dog, left inside the apartment, is expected to survive and is being cared for by Fort Worth Animal Care and Control.

Bennett believes the dogs, both pit bull mixes, may have been left alone for as long as six days. “The one on the porch it probably didn’t make it more than just a couple of days based on the information that we know right now,” he said. “This was just a very horrible way for this animal to die.”

This most recent incident is drawing attention to the issue of animal health during a heat wave. Maura Davies, with the SPCA of Texas, says it’s a problem they see often.

“Not only can they [animals] not escape, but there’s no food, there’s no water; so they’re starving, they’re dehydrated.”

Davies offered some words of advice. “Please everybody call if you see something and we also just beg people to not leave pets in hot cars.”

Police say if they can find the tenant that moved out of the Fort Worth apartment they could face criminal charges.

To contact Animal Control in Fort Worth, check out the city’s website: fortworthgov.org/animals


One Comment

  1. Bobbie Johnson says:

    I hope they find those people & throw the book at them! They can wait for sentencing outside chained up by the jail.

  2. potatochobit says:

    sadly, it is quite common for people to get a dog from the pound and tie them to a porch as a cheap security measure

  3. Incognito says:

    If they find them they BETTER face criminal charges!

  4. Charlie Brown says:

    Give these people the same treatment they gave these poor animals.

  5. Sharon says:

    The post office hopefully has their forwarding address, if not DPS should flag their drivers li ensue and when they try to renew; arrest them and put them outside the courthouse chained to a pole with a sign that let’s everyone know what horrible pos they are. When they moved they probably thought the landlord would come by and find the animals, hopefully neighbors did not see the dog outside and ignore it; if they did they need to be prosecuted too. The suffering that those dogs went through is unimaginable.

  6. 2sister says:

    What these people did was horrible. They could have given them to somebody like the humane society. My niece recently adopted a puppy that had been abandoned when the people moved out.

  7. TravlnTxn says:

    These people are just animals themselves!

  8. Ciel Bella says:

    Believe it or not KARMA will get them. The horrible things people do to animals will be done to them later in the future, and in greater proportion. When they are in the Dentist office, in the hospital having surgery, when they are old, fragile and vulnerable.

  9. NiteNurse says:

    May the horrible death of these dogs haunt their lives forever!

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