Fort Worth Enforcing Seismic Readers Popping Up In Town

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The City of Fort Worth is enforcing new rules for operators hunting down natural gas deposits in the city.

The rules come following a month of complaints from residents, surprised to find cables and boxes strung through their front yards, and large trucks sending vibrations through the city’s east side.

Seismic testing operators have to have a street-use permit from the city.  But now those permits will require operators to notify residents before testing starts.

They will also have to provide contact numbers and emails, and stop operating on Sundays and holidays.  “We want to make sure that its part of the permit process that they let people know this is going to be happening, and they let the city know this is going to be happening as well,” said city spokesman Jason Lamers.

Resident Don Young, a critic of urban drilling, said the rules address the potential annoyance of the testing but don’t go far enough to address unknown dangers.  He is among those who have questioned the impact on home foundations.  He also wants to know more about impacts to water lines, which have broken several times in the last month.

City staff has attributed those breaks to dry ground and heavy water use.  “Like a lot of things with gas drilling it’s still rather new and there haven’t been proper studies done on it,” Young said.

Resident Ramon Graham though said the testing was not intrusive at all, and questioned the need for more rules.  “Let the people do the job they need to do,” he said.  “Wouldn’t hurt to drill for some oil either.”

City leaders have been told by staff that the testing is not dangerous, and is similar to seismic testing that happens on a regular basis for roads and utility lines.  But councilman Jungus Jordan said the council will not ignore the concerns.  “We owe it to the citizens of this great city to insure that it is,” he said. “And you will hear us continue to inquire deeper to make sure that it is safe.”

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One Comment

  1. Bill says:

    Meh. The company we signed our lease with sent out nice letters explaining the process and made sure their trucks were safely escorted through the neighborhood. As far as the vibroseis trucks damaging the water mains, foundations, etc…, I doubt it. We never felt a thing when they were operated in front of our house.

    1. Thumper says:

      Hello Industry Apologist or Industry Rep: It does “vibrate” and it can damage your home. And the meters and antennas are an eyesore in the neighborhoods. The trucks are ‘”safely’ escorted? What? You mean they are in some kind of danger? Hardly. We’re the ones in danger. Nice try.

  2. Thumper says:

    Just now, Fort Worth is putting in new rules? And the gas operators call these ‘unusual new rules.” Earth to Fort Worth City Council! They’ve been doing this for some time in your city. I love all the claims of “surprise,” about what’s going on. Where’s Tommy Lee Jones? Or former Mayor Moncrief? They for sure know. This stuff is not new. Only thing new is the media finally saying something about it.

  3. darrell says:

    if you believe a single word said to you by anyone connected to the enegy industry, you are a fool!

  4. NiteNurse says:

    All I know is the natural gas companies have uglied up everyone’s neighborhoods with their drill sites.

  5. darrell says:

    as is common with them, everything energy company’s do is on shakey ground.

  6. Tim says:

    I was at home when they did my street and it felt like something hit my house. At first I went out of my house (armed) thinking I was in danger. Every time they did it I thought something was going to fall off my walls. So yes it does have an effect on houses. It felt worse than an earthquake I experienced a few years ago and I was several floors up in a building that swayed from it. A few days later the water main on my street broke. On top of this I have not signed a lease along with several of my neighbors. I contacted Dawson and the state Railroad Commission about them trespassing. Dawson stop responding to the issue and me after telling me several things I knew was a lie and called them on it. The state told me yes they were trespassing but they would not do anything about it and I would have take them to civil court. I contacted the city and they told me they had gotten the permits to do the survey and to forget about it. We just got railroaded by the people elected to protect us.

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