Texas Jobless Rate Reaches 8.2 Percent In June

AUSTIN (AP) – The Texas jobless rate has risen to 8.2 percent for June.

The Texas Workforce Commission on Friday reported the state’s metro unemployment figure is a full percentage point behind the June national jobless rate of 9.2 percent. Texas unemployment was 8 percent in May.

Commission Chairman Tom Pauken says the state’s goods-producing industries combined to add 11,200 jobs in June. Pauken says new opportunities arise for job seekers as businesses continue to shift resources into Texas.

Texas has added 117,600 jobs since January.

The Midland area had the state’s lowest jobless rate for June, at 5.2 percent. The highest unemployment rate was 13 percent in the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission area.

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One Comment

  1. George says:

    Who cares we got our bonuses and lower taxes. Thats all that matters. Next year unemployment will be at 10% if I can help it. Less people to pay more money for me. More cars, more houses, more planes, and more food. As for the rest of the people who cares. They don’t amount to my Jaguar, damn peasents. Want to get paid for work, expect to make a living, think they deserve the American dream, they should just shut up and do what I ask them to so I can get paid. Rick Perry please ensure collective bargaining rights are not allowed in Texas if all possible I would like to start paying people $5 a day. Its either that or I will send the jobs to India. I need that new Boeing G-6 and the salaries of Americans are cutting into that. Or make sure you keep our taxes low so I can afford it. Again I really could care less about the people starving in Dallas, hopefully they will just die off. Hopefully we can get rid of the democrats to so we can stop redistricting each year to close elections. That and we can get the confederacy back together and re-enact slavery to all lower and middle class families. That would be so awesome. Profits would never be better. The Republican Dictatorship of America where the states are on there own and the people don’t matter only the wealth and the value of my dollar.

    1. C Bauer says:

      The “G6” isn’t made by Boeing, idiot. It’s made by Gulfstream and the actual model number is G650 (abbreviated as G6). It replaced the G550, which is the model my wealthy uncle owns. You’d actually know more about private jets if A) you really had a Jaguar and discretionary income, and B) spent more time and money investing in an education rather than wasting your time toking cheap weed and writing banal “sarcasm” to tout your dead-end class envy ideology.


  2. bry says:

    Rick Perry touts his jobs record yet the truth is finally coming out. The jobless rate is higher than 8.2 since they do not report under employed or those that have given up. The jobs added have been LOW paying job, not enough to pay the life sustaining bills. Run Rick Run! Just DON”T COME BACK!!! In his own redneck words, GO AWAY Perry, you “MO-FO”

    1. SK says:

      Hee…hee…hee! You are SOOOOO right! This man has done nothing for this state. If hate/laziness didn’t rule the day, he would have lost reelection. Yeah, those very low service industry jobs, puh-leeze!

  3. SK says:

    And this is the place with all the jobs, to be emulated. Low and lower wages, longer hours, with no overtime and reduced or no benefits. You need 2 of these jobs, at least, to break even. I can’t for the life of me, understand why people continue to buy into the illusion that some how someday, they will be the uber rich, so lets protect them from paying taxes, like the rest of us do. As long as hate and selfishness rule, things will only get worse. As long as the ruling class can keep the “subjects” fighting over the crumbs, they will continue to crush us. The is class warfare, and the rich have won it! And they are not the “job creators”, they are thieves, stealing our labor for peanuts. Small businesses, real small business are the job creators and they are being squeezed out by these conglomerates. Oh to have the mom and pop places to shop at all the time. But we have to have cheaper and cheaper stuff, because wages haven’t kept up with the rise in EVERYTHING else. I fear this country has had its better days and the downfall didn’t start with Obama, contrary to popular belief, especially in this state. Although, I am no big fan of his either, compromises everything away to the bullies.

  4. George says:

    Nope Obama had nothing to do with it. This is republican policy. This is what the country looks like under republican policy. It was like this under Reagan, It was like this under Bush Senior, It was like this under Bush Jr. The only reason its like this under Obama is because he can’t get anything changed with the walk out party in office. You mean compromise yea right, just walk out of work instead. Wish I could do that. I’d lose my job. This country is like this because of the republican policies. Lower taxes to where they dont cover day to day expenses. Place the overage on the deficit. Start two wars, Place those on the deficit. Have three natural disasters and place those on the deficit. When it comes time to pay the bill, lay people off and keep the taxes low on the wealthiest poeple that lied and did’nt hire when they said they would when the Bush extensions were signed not once, not twice but three times. 12 years you’ve seen the Bush tax cuts in action. 12 years we have not paid our bills,we have not generated enough revenue to pay our bills and the top 10% are not letting the wealth trickle down. We have had a 12 year test of the Bush policy era. Its time for the Obama policy because it most represents a Clinton policy that generated a surpus and posted some of the greatest growth periods in the history of our Nation. How can you argue with that especially when the 90’s is when Dallas experienced most of its growth, Hun Frisco, Plano, Allen, McKinney and Anna. The 90’s were pretty good to ya’ll wasn’t it. EDS, Nortel, Raytheon, Texas Instruments, Frito Lay, Jc Penney’s all grew in the 90’s and all of them moved to Texas in the 90’s. So I ask you. Which presidents policies were the best for the American economy. Not Regans, Not Bush Sr’s, Not Bush Jr’s Bill freaking Clintons. Wise up and use your heads Texans, Your being played. You can get that 4 bedroom house for $124,000 today. But that house costs $680,000 somewhere else today. In ten years, your houses are going to cost that much, but your wages will have stayed the same. Hmm. Keep supporting those that are not supporting you and the life you have to live.

    1. SK says:

      You tell it, George! These people are so delusional. This is what all those years of Republican policy looks like and it will get worse. If we had a real media, that wasn’t in bed with power/corporations, maybe we’d be further along. People are either, too busy, too lazy, hateful or apathetic. You have to realize this country can’t run itself, we have to mind the store, or this is what happens. These people are evil and greedy.

  5. C Bauer says:

    “The only reason its like this under Obama is because he can’t get anything changed with the walk out party in office.”

    Oh, really? A Democrat majority was in place during Bush’s last term, and Obama had two years of that Democrat majority (until the Fall 2010 elections) to get something done. You whiny libs will blame Bush 100 years from now, even if a liberal Democrat is in every seat of the government during the rest of this century.

    You did get one thing right in that sentence regarding Obama, though – “he can’t get anything changed”.

    1. DDT says:

      AMEN! Bush made some serious errors, but you’re right, Barry had a lot of time to get things fixed, or at least on the right track to being fixed.

      1. C Bauer says:

        Yes, Bush was an idiot (a COLOSSAL idiot), and by the way he spent money like a drunken sailor, he was no conservative at all in my book. Still, like it’s been pointed out, Our Lord and Savior Barack Hussein Obama, the Almighty Master of Hope and Change (or is that Smoke and Mirrors?) has had every opportunity to get his a$$ in gear and start repairing the damage. He has only proven to be a laughable and feckless “leader” thus far.

      2. SK says:

        Barack Hussein Obama

        The above tells us all we need to know about you. A mess made by years of Republican polices got this ball rolling. We have a REVENUE problem on top of spending on 2 unnecessary wars, along with the also unnecessary tax cuts and loopholes. It’s not simply spending and when you’re in a recession, that’s what has to be done to spur growth. Look at the Great Depression. The only reason this recession wasn’t worse is due to those safety nets…you know, all that unnecessary spending you’re talking about.

        This is a mess that took decades, sure it can be fixed in 3 years! That’s realistic! You people HATE and I mean HATE this man, you’d rather see this country implode, then the right things get done. I’m no fan of his, to be sure, but not for the stupid so-called reasons you all don’t like him. He willing to compromise too much with a bunch of petulant children, who couldn’t care less about resolving problems. They have their wealthy benefactors to pay them, they only need to keep us all grumbling amongst ourselves, while they continue to rob us blind. Get a clue, already.

      3. PBTEXAS says:

        It will take more that two years to fix the things Bush f’ed in 8+ years. American people need to realize that the mfg jobs are gone; you have to get a trade that is in DEMAND to make it now!!!!!!!

      4. C Bauer says:

        “‘Barack Hussein Obama’. The above tells us all we need to know about you.”- What did you mean by that?

        That IS his name, right? Am I missing something? What are YOU implying? Is there something WRONG with his name?

    2. sk says:

      That’s because the democrats chose to be weak, instead of stand up to the stupid bullies! You people haven’t a clue, seriously. Step away from Fox and the radio long enough to find out something on your own! When all the safety nets are gone and this country has been turned back to pre-depression are standards and you all are standing in the bread line, will you get what actually happened to you. You all are a bunch of feckless, intellectually lazy people. (Whiny libs, democrat majority, Barry, Barack Hussein Obama, really? Grow up!

      1. sk = stoogekraft says:

        Close your parentheses, use proper grammar, and stop being bitter that other people may be better than you. C Bauer is right. I don’t think he’s denying Bush was a major f-up, in fact, he said it himself. The guy doesn’t sound Republican, either. He actually sounds like he IS thinking for himself. Probably a Ron Paul kook – who knows? But at least he’s thinking for himself.

      2. sk says:

        To C Bauer…yes, that is his name. But you are indeed trying top use the HUSSEIN part as a slur and you know it! Grow up, already! So I am no longer implying I am straight up telling you that is what you are doing. Don’t be disingenuous and act as if that is not the case

      3. C Bauer says:

        You sure ASSuME a lot, sk. That’s why you’ll be forever stuck in the lower class “poor me” quagmire that you’re in. I almost want to feel sorry for you. By the way, I referred to Bush as George W. Bush, Clinton as “Bill” – only because I know him, and Reagan as Ronald Wilson Reagan. It’s called respect – and yes, I do respect the Office of the President, and the President himself, even though the last couple have been less than model leaders.

  6. sk says:

    Really? To sk=stoogkraft. That’s the best you can do? Um…I don’t think ANYONE is better than me, nor do I think anyone is better than the next person. I’m not writing a paper you idiot, I’m making comments on a website. You’re pathetic, you have nothing productive to say, so you try to call me out on grammar. Laughable…

    1. sk says:

      Yeah okay C Bauer, if that’s the bull you want to sell. My husband is an accountant (CPA) and I work in Pharmacy, not part of the so called lower class anyway. But you think anyone who may be a LIBRUL…(deliberately misspelled for the grammarl nazis), must be poor and stupid. You’re the one I pity, because once you feel it, it’ll be too late, if we keep on this course. You’re a complete idiot!

      1. You Two Are Clowns! says:

        You “work in Pharmacy”? LOL!!!! I never heard THAT term before. Are you a pharmacist or a sales rep for big pharma? Or do you just work in a pharmacy? Are you Russian and have problems with articles/determiners?

        GRAMMARL. LOL.

        HEY, BOTH OF YOU – sk AND C Bauer – are ‘t@rded! Yes, you’re BOTH babies and morons!

  7. sk says:

    And who are you? @ You two are clowns. Article/Determiners? We have serious problems in this country and the cracks are beginning to show. That’s all you have to contribute? Nothing productive. I guess Mommy better get you away from the computer. You sound like a 14 year old….

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