Flight Makes Emergency Landing At DFW Airport

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – An American Airlines flight departing from DFW International Airport for Sao Paulo, Brazil on Sunday night was forced to make an emergency landing just 14 minutes after takeoff because of an issue with the right engine, an airline spokesman said.

The flight left the airport around 8:00 p.m. Sunday night, and then started to have troubles almost immediately after leaving the ground.

The Boeing 777-300 plane began dumping fuel on its way back to the airport, said airline spokesman Tim Smith, adding that it was too soon to confirm the exact engine problem experienced on Flight 963.

The fuel evaporated before it hit the ground, but did not lighten the plane enough. The jet blew several tires upon landing. Rescue crews assembled around the plane while work crews and buses arrived, Smith said. The tires had to be replaced before the plane could be towed off of the emergency runway.

The Federal Aviation Administration said that one of the plane’s engines and landing gear had caught fire during the incident, but Smith later confirmed that to be false. A warning sensor indicating a possible fire on the plane, but there was no actual fire found.

CBS 11 News viewers Heather and Steven Paine captured video of the plane as it made the emergency landing, and said that they could smell fuel as the plane passed by in the air.

The 246 passengers and 14 crew members were bused back to the terminal and housed in area hotels until new flight arrangements could be made for Monday morning. Nobody was injured and there were no additional flight delays due to this emergency incident.


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  1. Robbi Hamida says:

    You mean 777-200. AA doesn’r have 777-300’s yet.

    1. Michael Misorski says:

      Yes, you are right. YET is the key word.

  2. Jim Walton says:

    Hooray! Another American Airlines pilot crew successfully flew a plane full of passengers and crew to a safe landing after encountering an unexpected engine malfunction to a safe conclusion where not one person was injured. Will the crew get a big bonus for saving the aircraft, crew and passengers? No! In fact the whole crew will lose about 1/4 of their monthly pay since they did not complete the flight. Please thank AMR management for their insight and tough negotiating so those pesky crew members don’t get paid for any flying they did not do! Oh yes, and give Bob Reding a bonus for having changed the maintenance philosophy at AMR to “fly it until it breaks”. Think about that the next time you purchase an airline ticket.

    1. Frank Tanner says:

      So are you advising the public to boycott AA? Sounds like a disgruntled union issue to me. I fly AA and only AA with elite status…I have found them extremely safe and reliable; but have had many issues with the cabin crew and thier attitudes as well as not policing the cabin as they should.

      1. Mitch says:

        As another AA Pilot I think you are jumping to the wrong conclusion about Jim’s motivation. In 20 years at AA I have never flown with a pilot who would put union politics above safety. Safety is the top priority for every pilot here! Jim’s point is that management has cut safety margins by delaying maintenance as long as possible. I am glad you have had safe flights, it is in no small part due to the professional pilots up front who fight for your safety every day. Also your 100 percent safety record is not statistically significant unless you are flying thousand of flights a year. As confirmation of what Jim said, today I returned from a trip where I had an emergency landing. The emergency was a malfunction that had been reported and resulted in another emergency landing on 7/19, four days before ours. The aircraft was not properly repaired and the malfunction repeated itself. The result of our emergency. Safe landing all passengers safe and the crew lost hundreds or thousands of dollars due to missing trips that left before we were able to return to our home base.

      2. Don "Crude" Craig says:

        Hey Whiney Bag (aka Frank Tanner) since you have zero idea of what is going on outside of the 1st class section keep your mouth shut.

        AAL (along with other airlines) and even the FAA are using the strategy of fly or use it “until it breaks”. Preventive maintenance was thrown out with the trash. Pilots, flight attendants, mechanics and controllers (union or not) know what is going on within the system. You are just another sardine in the sardine can and are absolutely clueless with what transpires outside of that environment.


  3. Ray says:

    WOW!! I seen this plane also. I knew it seemed weird that there was really dark smoke coming from it. I did not know it was actually fuel.

  4. BDK says:

    Unfortunately I was one of the people it dumped jet fuel on. We were having a pool party and it’s all over the house, in the pool, in our lungs. Fortunately it didn’t crash.

    1. allen says:

      Please email or call me at news@ktvt.com – 817-496-7711

      1. chuckz says:

        I took the dogs for a walk at 8:30 pm and noticed it smelt like a mosquito fogging truck went through the subdivision. Smelt petroleum based. We cut the walk short and went back inside. Didn’t notice any film on the ground.

  5. StoneSoup says:

    Last weekend I flew American out of Shreveport, LA to DFW and on that trip from hell, the AA flight immediately before mine caught fire and aborted takeoff, the flight into DFW was delayed by hours, and upon arriving at dfw, we sat on a plane at the gate for another 2 hours waiting for them to correct a maintenance problem. That plane was pulled from service, a surly, nasty gate agent screamed at us to leave one plane and board another. We finally left dfw and as we landed in Austin, TX we sat another 45 mins on the tarmac waiting for a gate to open. I fly frequently but will not use AA again, and this incident simply strengthens my resolve to avoid them at all costs.

  6. Allen says:

    “The fuel evaporated before it hit the ground.” You must be kidding. The plane flew right over my wife, me, and a friend while we were out for a walk with our dog in northwest Carrollton. Within minutes were breathing in jet fuel vapors as they stuck to our skin, clothes and hair. When we got back home we had to strip off our clothes, toss them in the wash, and jump in the shower to get the smell off. We even had to give our dog a bath because he was covered as well.

    I’m all for what they did (dumping the fuel), however, I was surprised Matt (the author) would contend that, “The fuel evaporated before it hit the ground.” If he were under the plane as it made its last, low turn you wouldn’t have said that.

    We prayed for the passengers and crew as the plane flew over because we knew a plane only dumps fuel in an emergency, and we are very happy to hear it landed safely and no one was injured. So I’m not complaining about the fuel being dumped . . . just noting that id didn’t evaporate into thin air and never reach the ground.

    1. et says:

      Please send an email or call news@ktvt.com – 817-496-7711

  7. Roger says:

    It seems to me that every flight going to or from Brazil has problems,is there a war between South and North Hemispheres? Excellent job from the flight crew,most import of all,they’re all safe.

  8. coguy5280 says:

    Great reporting. It wasn’t a 777-300 (AA has ordered them but
    hasn’t received them yet); it was a 777-200. Also what’s an
    “emergency runway?” Some strip of concrete set aside only
    for emergencies like this? Amazing how the media can never
    report aviation incidents correctly.

  9. Frank Tanner says:

    You said it all Don “Crude” Craig (can understand where you name comes from). We are just a bunch of sardines in a can. Looks like it might be a good thing for the entire flying public that you are an EX FAAer. I am sure we are all a lot safer and better off.

  10. clayton says:

    Well not really. I’m pretty sure it’s just another runway it’s just cleared of all inbound and outbound traffic in an emergency situation. No airports have runways just for that or they’d be losing money like crazy!! If a runway is built they better get their money’s worth haha.

  11. Octavio says:

    I saw the aircraft taking off as i was busy fueling another plane for US Airways seemed fine until it got in the air when i began to see all the smoke or fuel i advised my co workers and we watched it come right back to the run ways spitting fuel. they landed safely with no problems fire crews were on stand by the whole way down the runway.

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