Molotov Cocktail Hurled Through McKinney Planned Parenthood

By Matt Goodman, CBSDFW.COM

screen shot 2011 07 27 at 4 26 52 pm Molotov Cocktail Hurled Through McKinney Planned Parenthood

MCKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – Someone hurled a glass bottle topped with a flaming rag and filled with diesel fuel through the front door of the McKinney Planned Parenthood offices just before 10 p.m. Tuesday, a spokeswoman said.

The attack left shards of glass littered in front of the office at 1720 Eldorado Parkway and charred the metal door, but Planned Parenthood staffers hurriedly cleaned the mess and still saw patients Wednesday.

“Since we’re seeing patients today and trying to do repair and cleanup as fast as possible, you may not get an idea of the damage done if you go by there today,” said Holly Morgan, spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of North Texas.

The Molotov cocktail failed to make it into the actual clinic and no staffers or patients were there, Morgan said.

Though the McKinney location has been the center of controversy in the area since it opened in 2008, Morgan said the attack was unprecedented – none of the 28 north Texas locations have suffered something like this.

And though the McKinney Police Department still has not identified a motive, Morgan said the arson is even more upsetting because the targeted location does not offer abortion services.

“It’s really unfortunate because that site only provides preventative care,” she said. “But until we know from the police, until they figure out what happened, we can’t really say what the motivation was.”

The McKinney location offers preventive services such as breast and pelvic exams, as well as birth control, diabetes screenings, sexually transmitted infection tests, pregnancy testing and emergency contraception. News Radio KRLD reported picketers at the location earlier in the day.

McKinney police has not identified a suspect.

“Ninety-six to 97 percent of what we do –and that’s an audited number – every year for our patients is preventative health care. It’s breast and cervical cancer screening and well women visits,” Morgan said.

“We even give flu shots.”

  • lisa

    Oh yes and the right say that we liberals are violent.

  • rob

    Well Liberals do kill babies….

    • janey

      So what amounts to domestic terrorism is clearly an acceptable response? Uh.. no.

      This is terrorism, plain and simple.

    • whiterockfan

      The recklessly idiotic view that provokes such violence.

      • CSB

        I’m pro-life and I abhor this violence.

  • Brad

    Terrorists. Whoever did this deserves to be shipped to Guantanamo Bay and not have any official charges filed … or have access to legal counsel. That’s the way the Righties wantsterrorists to be treated RIGHT?

  • Jeff Hall

    Yeah Lisa, Just look at all of those videos of the Right attacking Cops….oh err wait…

  • Keystone Kop

    “And though the McKinney Police Department still has not identified a motive, Morgan said the arson is even more upsetting because the targeted location does not offer abortion services.”

    Cop 1: “Duh, you think the motive had something to do with the perp thinking they offered abortion services?”

    Cop 2: “Nah, probably someone trying to kill a June bug. Let’s go get some coffee.”

    • SKR7

      You’re a whack job…seek help!

      • Keystone Kop

        Darn. I already scheduled a therapy session! ;-)

      • SKR7

        Sorry, that was meant for Hortense.

  • Hortense

    Liberals did this. They know this clinic does not offer abortions so they are trying to destroy it. They want to kill anyone that does not agree with them. They kill babies because it interferes with their party lifestyle.

  • Rick McDaniel

    The religious fanaticism that would kill, rather than accept the idea that bearing children, or not bearing children, is an individual’s basic human right, to decide.

    Whoever did that, is a lunatic, and needs to be gotten off the streets.

    • 2sister

      I don’t approve of abortion, but I would never do something like that. Not everyone that disapproves of abortion thinks that this kind of action is okay. I agree that he needs to be caught.

    • Barney's Frank

      Even if he’s still on the streets and never caught, he’s not going to hurt anyone. The moron can’t even ignite an unguarded building at night with a gasoline bomb.

  • NiteNurse

    Planned Parenthood IS NOT all about abortion. It serves the community in so many ways. It teaches men and women who want to have sex how to prevent unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. It gives them advice should these situations happen including ADOPTION!!! Gives them access to health professionals that many have very litle means to get to them. For those who are interested Google the name Margaret Sanger.

    • Eli

      …and the Nazis weren’t all about eradicating Jews.

      • kevins

        Huh, that is a stupid comment.

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